Sunday, January 29, 2012


Last day to wear jeans.  We got to Business Casual tomorrow at work so I'll have to plan the Skirts and Dresses accordingly.  Didn't do anything crafty at all yesterday.  Went to a party with a friend and got to 'hang out'.  Not going into that loopy detail here :p

Did a little bit of border stitching at work today.  Tomorrow might get a little more done.  Then going out to the movies with a friend.  We want to see One for the Money.  She turned me on to reading the Stephanie Plum novels.  I've finished reading the graphic novel of Neverwhere and I sat in my car listening to the end of the next to last cd of Star of Dust so that should finish tomorrow.  I need to finish Object of Beauty.  I need to find the sheets to complete for the Winter Reads reviews and get them in this weekend.

I hope everyone out there is stitching or scrapping or at least having some fun out there!
Which reminds me I need to do my letter B page for Colorful Creations I went looking for pics last night and started sorting out the pic files on my comp :p

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Meari said...

I wondered why you were doing dress up days ;-)

For business casual, are you allowed to wear slacks?