Friday, January 13, 2012

No Pants Day 13

 Today is Ferret Friday.  I got this mug from my friend Flossy Lady for Christmas.  The scarf was also a Christmas present from my friend Pinky.  Her husband helped her pick it out for me.  It came with a matching pair of gloves too.  Sweater is from Dillards, just realized a Christmas present too from 3 years ago, and the skirt is from Old Navy that I bought with Birthday money.  The tights were last years Christmas present from Adrienne over at Lola Rocks.
Since today was Ferret Friday I post a picture of my ferret over at Zachary Quinto's Community page.  If I forget one of the members gets rather cross with me ;)  I posted a picture I captured of Ponder when he was resting on me.  He never stays anywhere very long and that day he was really content to lay about so I snapped a few pictures.  One because he's cute and two I was afraid he was so out of character that it might be a sign of something else.  I lost his brother Pratchett in June of last year.  I decided that it was finally time to stitch the ferret pattern in Jeanette Crews Designs The OmniBook of Exotic Pets.  I bought the book when we still lived in FL and we had just gotten the ferrets.  The owner and I were crossing our fingers there would be a ferret because we couldn't tell from the cover.  Luckily their was and it looks almost like Pratchett did.  I got a good start on it while watching my Pittsburgh Penguins break their losing streak against the FL Panthers 4-1!  Yeah Go Pens!  Then I wanted to finish out a color so I watched a bit of Dr. Who.  This is where I finished off and will leave it for the next Ferret Friday.


Mouse said...

ooo you are managing to keep up with the skirts rule and awww he is cute and well done on your start mouse xxxxx

Dani - tkdchick said...

Great new start!!!

OMG when am I nor wearing pants? I just don't feel comfortable in skirts or dresses

Topcho said...

Oh lol, may I say that I love the names of yoru ferrets? xD The new starts lookd really good! Nah, I sure miss Doctor Who and can't wait for the next season to start!