Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Love Quilts

Love Quilts has new children up for 2011.

I'm trying to print off an image of Dora with a grid playing around with photo size now so I can get the grid to cover the whole pictures.

The little girl wants Princess and Dora with orange and purple. I found a picture of Dora in a yellow princess dress with pink and blue trim so I'm going to make the trim orange and purple.

I might go really crazy and try to do 2 quilt squares by September 1st! The other theme is pigs and my friend, who's last name is Bacon' might have a pig pattern that will work.

There is also another child who wants a Precious Moments and little girl quilt.

If you love to cross-stitch please considering stitching a quilt for a child who would love to have one.

Friday, April 22, 2011


Here are 2 book marks I've made so far for Stitching for Literacy. I was working on the Sunflower yesterday. I don't normally stitch while I work unless it's planning but yesterday was like Friday because they are out today, also they had state testing so everything was a little more relaxed. The kids were playing games and I sat by the computer in case problems arose with the movie so I got out my stitching. Three of the students came by to see what I was doing and ask what I was knitting. ;) They all really liked it. One boys 1st asked if I'd make them one :D but I told them how long it took me to make and I wouldn't be able to make one for everyone. I explained what it was for and then he said if they did that here he would pick the one I was working on because he knew who made it. :D

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Page Maps Contest

Opps I had forgotten to make a blog post! I did a page about my Love Quilts Square for a TallyScrapper challenge and meant to post for the Page Maps Contest. I liked the sketch because it reminded me of a quilt. I used different scraps of Core'dinations paper for the squares and embossed them with cuttlebug folders.

Cross-Stitch and Cupcake Give Away

I promise that the next post will be stitchy or scrappy updates!

But for now another Give Away!

Cross-Stitch and Cupcakes is celebrating their blogaversary with 5 Give Away choices! Go check it out.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Auld Grey Mare: Catch up and a GIVEAWAY

The Auld Grey Mare: Catch up and a GIVEAWAY: "I keep forgetting to post a picture of my year-round tree in it's April finery - it's been like this since just before Ostara, and will be u..."

Auld Grey Mare is at it again and doing a great giveaway at her blog! A too cute biscornu for her followers.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

More Giveaways!

I found this foodie giveaway from the Auld Grey Mare's site.

Foodiacs Spring Fling Is giving away a Kitchen Aid, a years supply of King Arthur's Flour and $50.00. A very good deal. I know we all ready have a Kitchen Aid but hubs likes that flour and if we did get it we could probably sell it and then get the sausage attachment for our Kitchen Aid ;)">

When you click on the link I get a referral as well and then if you win I win too :D

I have been stitching lately too. I'm working on a bookmark for Stitching for Literacy. Just doing the back stitching right now.

Free Pattern over at Cross Stitch Collectibles I kinda like the smaller pattern over the large one. I printed this one out last night so we'll see when it gets done! Lots of colors in this!

I'm also working on M'lady's Strawberries.

This morning I'm getting ready for my MS Walk in Nashville. I have friends picking me up and we're meeting the Bacon part of Team Cook Bacon. It looks to be a beautiful day!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

TUSAL New Moon

It's that time in the Lunar Calendar!

Hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeee's Jim!

He's looking pretty good. Some orts were put in by my friend at the Thursday stitch and I need to get a little baggie for the bookmarks I'm doing because I keep that in a bag in my purse. So some orts have escaped the Rectangular Rainbow Tribble Maker.

I finished this in March on our way back up from FL.

This was one of the first patterns I bought when I learned to Cross-stitch and I'm glad it's done! Now it will just sit in the too be finished pile :p

I'm working on some bookmarks now for Stitching for Literacy. See stitching blogroll on the left for details. Their book this month is Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book. I love anything Neil Gaiman and have read this book multiple times all ready and listened to him read it via his blog. Also, to the left in the Fun sites ;)