Wednesday, January 4, 2012

No Pants Day 4

OK a little awkward on the pose because I was trying to get my hose to show. But much better than the pic I took of myself on the couch! My friend gave me the headband for Christmas and I love the colors but it's also the colors of the company I work for so I decided to go all out today. Yesterday some of my coworkers joked that I looked like I worked for the client. So my headband if from Target, silk shirt is Sag Harbor bought from JCPenny probably, skirt My Michelle so Dillards, plain black hose and layered with yellow fishnet. Not sure they were yellow and fishnet so I grabbed them. Could have been Hot Topic because I think I got it the year I went as a yellow goth girl for Halloween. No I don't think I have a pic of that. My dayglow orange and yellow wig from Target was awesome though!

This was my crafty endeavor yesterday. Made a quick belated b-day card. It will be further belated because we still don't have enough stamps! I'll need to make another one for my MiL too. Her birthday is this month.

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Brenda said...

loveee that paper you used!!!