Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Post of 2012

I took pictures yesterday so I have some of Jim and George. Jim is much smaller but in May of this year I took a new job. My hours cut into going stitching on Thursdays and much of my other stitching time.
So here's George and Jim side by side

And my friend had given us little ornaments with her orts. Which I almost thought of doing myself and then I was glad I went with tinsel since she gave us these. I have a big square one though that I think I'll put my orts into rather than make another rectangular rainbow tribble.

Here is a picture of me today. As the first day of the month I follow along with No Pants and wear my skirts and dresses. I put her Veel Liefs blog in my Fun Sites list. I did have hubs take a picture of me but he failed to get my stockings so I took this one on timer function.

It's just now 8 o'clock. Finally caught up on the Dr. Who Christmas Special so now I just have to wait for next season. Still enough time for me to get crafty tonight so dragging out some stitching and watch something else off my Netflix queue.


diamondc said...

You look very pretty, I am loving your stockings.
Happy Newyear.

Mouse said...

ooo hellooo *waving small paw and wishing you happy new year :) the orts look lovely in them baubles are you going to put a wee date on them so you no which year they are from ??? love mouse xxx

Ziggyeor said...

oh I should get some rubons and put tusal 2012 on it shouldn't I!

Great idea Thanks!