Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Technique and giveaway

I like my little blog roll on the side, it shows once they updated. So go click on Tim Holt'z blog and learn a nifty new technique and leave a comment for a chance to get a T-shirt!

Don't forget to check out Page Maps tomorrow and hopefully Mrs. Fleck isn't taking a Holiday and puts up the new September Page Maps!

Though I just bought her book today and I love it! Unfortunatly I told Hubby that I wanted it for Xmas and he saw the book and said so. Well turns out he bought it on Amazon and it's coming Tuesday or something! ROFL SORRY HONEY!


Do NOT where new clothes to a Drive In!

Ok yesterday I tidied a bit, started working on a Layout of something I found while tidying and then got ready to go to the Drive-In with the Miata club. Originally we werent' going to go but they changed the Drive-In because the other one was only playing Pineapple Express and this one had 2 tripple features: Kung Fu Panda, Iron Man and Tropic Thunder. The other one was a movie we never heard of, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 and The Dark Knight.

So we drove up to the mall, met everyone and then drove to lunch/dinner. There's a little 50's place and Hubby got a Big Bopper burger and I got my first Fried Bologna Sandwich. I also had a good butterscotch milkshake :D Can't remember the name of the diner right off, it's in Ashland City TN

Then we drove to the Starlight Drive-In and went to see the Kung Fu Panda side :D I played my friend Tim in chess and won by default, we were playing by someones car trunk light and they finally had to close it up but I was going to win eventually ;) During Iron Man I cross-stitched on a birth sampler I was working on.

While playing chess Hubby asked if I wanted something else to drink and I told him I wanted a snowcone. At the restaurant they had birthday cake icecream and someone asked about it, and I remembered a Wedding Cake Flavored Snowcone I had. Forgetting I did eat this while standing! I ate this one while sitting down and when I tilted while trying to bite into it, I got blue raspberry all over my skirt, found out when I went to the BR at intermission it was all over my shirt! I had gotten this shirt for my B-day and hadn't worn it because it had long sleeves, I figured I could roll the sleeves down if it got cold at night :p yeah second intermission I foudn out I had it on the corners of my mouth and on my chin too :p I was keeping my head down the first time.

Got home and the stain remover worked wonders and it's in the laundry now waiting to be put in the dryer. (Update! YEAH NO MORE BLUE!)

Yeah It was almost midnight when we were leaving so we didn't see Tropic Thunder and The Dark Knight hadn't started and that was a 3 hr movie :p But Kung Fu Panda was pretty cute and Iron Man was awesome, several times we had to remember it's a movie. Downey must have some awesome muscle to carry a car batter with one arm after being shot and weak after being hit by shrapnel :p Oh and they can't enginer the Jericho in the cave but they can retro enginer the first Iron Man suit? But it was still fun, lots of things going boom and the robots were funny :D

Friday, August 29, 2008

More Free Stuff

Another Awesome Giveaway

A lot of this stuff I like! The CM trimmer would be nice, I'd have to clean off a spot for that Desk Caddy and then fill it all right back up! Also, have to clean a spot for that Big Bite. I use my little one some, wonder if I'd use it more just to reach the middle LOL. The Fall album and papers are nice too, I'd have to use my stash first though! I've soooo much fall stuff it's ridiculous :p

So anyone have plans for their 3 day weekend? My hubby opted to work for some extra money so I'll be home. It actually would be nice if he came home to a clean house ;) Like that's going to happen in a day! ROFLMAO!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well if I do the name of one ferret I got to do the other one :D Not like they care LOL!

Used a sketch for a Creative Scrappers challenge

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yeah I did it!

Ok venting here and on two boards helped greatly :D

See what I can do in oh 4 hrs - dinner and reading :D

I used Cosmo Cricket Get Happy Papers, snagged the pic of Ponder off the web Thanks Google and Artist! Fonts are Kingsthings Willow, willowless and Whizzbang for the title. (The red stars come from a text box in word) Fiber is off a Making Memories Card. The star was done with a brad template and I had Making Memories thread I used to hand do French Knots (watched Ace of Cakes, good artistic inspiration there), the Dark Blue star brads were in a dollar pack at Target. The other brad?? probably MM. Used blue ink from Colorbox petal pad and my office depot corner rounder :D


Grr Arg That's one bad hat Harry

I feel like the little monster thing at the end of the Firefly Episodes going Grr Arg and stomping off :p

From my 32 min LO I've been working on this one since 6:00 :p well I did check the boards and post, and ended up reading some more of Hogsfather even though I relized the quote I was looking for wasn't in there. :p It's in another book that I checked out of the library.

Speaking of the library I got an e-mail notice saying I'm missing a book and it's due in 3 days and I"m sure it was turned in because I checked out about 24 and hubby has 1 so that would have been the total :p oh well I'll have late fee anyway because it's taken him all my renewals on the book he's on now! at least it's only 10 cents a day :D

Ok going to stare at this LO some more and home some Whizz Bang Muse comes my way.


More Family Fun Giveways

More Family Fun !

A lot of new stuff to be givin away at the Vanilla Joy site! Some of it awsome some of it ok. The cutter, chipboard book and punch would be nice. I have friends that could use the other stuff. Don't know about that ribbon box though, I've got wayyyyyyy more ribbon that that LOL.


Loopy Dreams

First part I was running around town with my Dad (he lives 7 hrs from me? not sure if I was there or here) I had to run in to a Kroger to buy some things and call him to make sure we had money but all I bought was two books and a candy bar and it was 3.19? weird

We also went to a garage sale and bought some scrappy supplies for me LOL

The next Loopy dream I was back in HS running around reading, doing homework, getting an e-mail addy of a guy from a friend of mine to send them their homework cause they were out sick or something but I really wanted to hook up with ROFL! I NEVER did that in HS well not really most of the guys I dated came from the same group of friends I never had to use that round about way! The Loopiest part of my dream was the friend I was getting the info from was actually someone I knew from HS! I hadn't talked to her since 10th grade. She had some really trippy stuff, at some point in the year she ran away from home. I'll have to look through yearbooks to see if she came back :p I don't remember having classes with her after 10th grade! Wonder if her life settled down for her.


Monday, August 25, 2008

When Gaiman's away

the webgoblins will play!

ROFL the Labels have gotten even funnier since Neil's been out and Dan Guy and Neil Gaiman's daughters have been posting. And Mr. Gaiman is pretty darn good at coming up with some funny labels.

Neil Gaiman's Journal

Wholly Cow!

My friend Cristal on sent me a link to

Well I got signed up and found out in 10 minutes they were having a 1 hr sketch challenge! in the 10 min I had I signed up for an album, found and printed a picture, and typed out a title and some journaling.

Then after seeing the sketch I threw this together in 32 MIN!!!!! whooo hooo!

oh yeah go Ziggy it's your birthday (picture little hop with arms going around in a circle!) ROFL

I should blog more often!

LOL I feel like Becky Fleck

Hmm she had a challenge because she ignored her blog for too long! Maybe I should do one too. To bad I don't design totaly awsome sketches :p

I'll think of something :D

Another cool blog with a Cricut Giveway! Woot!

Thanks vanillajoy for getting me back on my blog :D

Oh and too bad I don't get Internet at work or this would be great discipline for children”

Ok my dinner dinged and needs to be turned or stirred.