Monday, January 16, 2012


Sorry the pic is bad the camera didn't tell me it was blurry :p
Lots of time in between calls today so got a quite a bit of border done.  Then came home and filled in the sign, ornaments, earrings, mouth and then the present.  I also did the gold for the hat too.  I'll have to be careful stitching that left corner so I line up the borders and don't go past it.  Much too late to be staying up but I got on a stitching roll.  Once the border is done on here though I'll have to stitch some on the others so I can count out their borders and do them at work.  I don't think the backstitching will be an easy thing to do between calls.


robindefender said...

Looks very cute!

J J said...

You are making great progress, and it's turning out to be so cute. I got on a stitching roll in the morning and stitched until my eyes gave out. I am almost done with it and can't wait to frame it.

Ziggyeor said...

giggle did hubs have to carry you out? ;)
It'd be good if my stuff got framed. Mostly likely it will just sit there. I'm thinking when I finish the other two I'll have 6 done and I might make a big wall hanging or lap quilt.

Mouse said...

oooo well done on the progress and back stitching between calls nahhh not worth it love mouse xxxxx

Lynn said...

It's really coming along well! I hate backstitching and would do anything to avoid it.