Saturday, December 19, 2009

Darn Ferret

One of my ferrets knocked over my glass orts jar this morning and Steve had to clean it up. So I'll need a new container, preferably plastic, for the TUSAL 2010 :p

Hope to get crafty this morning and make somemore Christmas presents and cards.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More Cards!

I've gotten crafty in my new orange sparkly hat

I made 4 cards tonight! Silent Night was made yesterday before the game ;)


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Cards

Wholly cow I actually crafted!

I made some Christmas cards. One I didn't get a picture of but I made it from the Fiskars Monthy card sketch.

This House Mouse one is for their challenge to use nontradtional colors or Christmas paper and I used Cosmo Cricket Campy papers.

The other one is for my friend Donna. I think they are My Mind's Eye papers.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

stuck on the letter B

Started watching the Back to the Future series but then stopped at the 3rd one. I've been reading books and stitching a small project while listening to Hockey Games or watching TV.

Going to watch some scary movies and stitch though. Maybe I won't get too freaked out that way. Though the first thing I want to watch isn't that bad ;) Nightmare Before Christmas :D

Haven't taken a pic of the TUSAL either. I'll get on that after I finish the letter B!

Haven't scrapped either. I've been piling stuff in my room and it would need to be cleaned first so that gets me :p Then I have pics I need to get developed. ah well eventually I will ;)

Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween :D

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Brought to you by the letter A

This is the project after watching all the movies starting with the letter A.
after all the A movies!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

World Card Making Day tomorrow :p

Well Hubby asked if I wanted to go out with him to the car dealership and then we were going to meet some friends at a winery and come home. However the car dealership ended up being a 4 hr wait and of course I had finished my book on the way there :p At least all that wait and we drove out in an 09 Miata same color as what he had but a tan top with leather interior. The best thing I like is heated seats so my butt won't freeze when it's above 40 degrees and sunny out so the top will be down! :D

We were too late for the winery but we drove out to meet our friends and get some empty wine bottles so Steve can bottle some of the wine he's got going. Long drive home and I'm nuking dinner right now.

Tomorrow: finish laundry, clean ferret cage, stitch and make a card :D

World Card Making Day

Today I hope to make my Mom's B-day card and maybe some others :D

My friend J directed me to Unscripted Sketches so I'll see what they have going on.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Yeah it's the first day of October! All though this morning I wrote the 10th on the board because I was thinking this month was my Mom's Birthday :p LOL The kids caught it.

Waiting for Page Maps to load the new LO's. I haven't scrapped since August? Maybe next week I'll get to it when the schools are out for Fall Break :p I also have photos to get developed from Snap Fish it keeps reminding me to order! I missed the free shipping deal but I just made the account so I have free photos. Really need to get them done.

Still in the A's of movie watching. Watched Almost Famous and stitched a bit then ate dinner and didn't pick up the stitching. Hadn't seen the movie before so was enjoying it. I got a little out of order because Hubby bought The Wizard of Oz on Blue Ray so I watched the last half and some of the trailers. It looks great on Blue Ray and they left the grain in so it doesn't look too odd. It's a 70 year old movie I expect that to be there. It is a little weird to see the make up lines on the Lion.

I had a half day of work today and came home and waited for someone to get sick but as it's 12:28 I don't think that's going to happen so I'm going to eat something for lunch, take a walk, find something to do and maybe watch Always and stitch. I've had that DVD forever and I don't think I've ever watched it!

Friday, September 25, 2009

I need to make a post for September

Some Cross-Stitch I've done recently and what I'm working on now :D

Did this the first 2 weeks in August

I've done all but the casket in this Creepy Crawly set. I haven't taken pictures because the pieces aren't finished just stitch. I figure when I get tortured doing my huge project I will finish them up and they will make me happy and I'll continue stitching. That or just finish them up this weekend and I can use them the whole month of October :D

This is the project I started in FL when Steve and I had been married 2 years. I told him it was his 10th anny present. To which he replied "It's going to take you that long to stitch it?"
10 year anny present

This is it 3 years later after we've moved to a different state and I hadn't touched it. I started watching all the DVD's we own and this is it after the number movies (10 Things I Hate about you, 12 Monkeys, 13 Going on 30 and 50 First Dates)
10 year anny present.
My husband sees it but doesn't know what it is yet. The ladies I stitch with know because they've seen the pattern. So if you don't know what it is what is your best guess? I'll post another picture after I get done with the A's I'm currently on Akira and then after that is Alladin :D

Oh and I know I forgot my TUSAL pic :p I'll get it next month :D

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Procrastination Defeated!

I cleaned the ferret cage and the areas of the house they decided was their litter box when it wasn't :p

I cleaned up my room so you can now walk in without getting killed and moved in one of our end tables that was in the corner of the dining room to hold my albums. So the boxes and the luggage are now out of my room :D

I read Shakespeare's Counslor so that's only one book I have to read tomorrow before I have to take my books back on Tuesday. I need to make a new booklist.

I have now updated my blog :D

I have also cleaned the sheets and the comforter and been on my walk and gotten a shower :D

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tomorrow is Fight Procrastination Day

So before the blog goes a month without any new posts I'm making this one!

Tomorrow I WILL Clean the dang ferret cage!
I WILL pick up this craft room for the durration of one CD
I WILL Read a book (It's also read a book day and my books are due back at the library on Tuesday :D )
I WILL Update this blog

I WILL need someone to call me and make sure I'm working. Taffy you got my number still? LOL

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Scrappin Saturday!

I've posted a Steal the RAK over at Just Scrappin for the Endless Summer Crop

Steal the RAK

And here's what I did last night for our Pre-Crop sketch challenge and our Raspberry Pie Day Challenge
Cosmo Cricket Leave-it-to-Weaver Punch
Our House,Thickers

Friday, August 7, 2009

are you ready?

Trying to get ready for Janelle's and My Online Crop over at Just Scrappin

I keep getting distracted by facebook and the blogs that have been up dated but the first challenge is all saved on my computer and will be ready to go at 6 Eastern time :D

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Basic Grey Challenge Blog Candy

Checked out my friend Taffy's blog and the new Basic Grey challenge blog is up. They are giving away some cool stuff.

Now I need to check laundry and then figure out which challenge I'm scrapping next :D

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'm Late I'm Late!

Tusal June

There's my TUSAL for June :p ok someone buzz me on the next new moon LOL!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

House Mouse Challenge

House Mouse Challenge card using new Boyfriend Papers from Cosmo Cricket.
Cosmo Cricket House Mouse

Yeah another card for a birthday stash :D

Scrappy creations

opps forgot to take a pic of the ort jar! ah well I was excited I finally scrapped :D

Double page LO for Fiskars Crop
Photos from 4th of July.
left side
right side

Card for Fiskars Crop. Challenge was to use a new item and I used my new Cosmo Cricket Boy Friend papers that I won :D

card Cosmo Cricket


This makes sense of you do needlework and will probably go to one of my stitching friends.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Moon Forgetfullness

Opps I was at the Stitching Post last night for Moonlight Stitching and relized I hadn't posted my TUSAL! Yoyo was nice enough to post in my Cosmo Cricket win though :D Thanks!

Oh and I got my Cosmo Cricket papers the other day :D I just need to get some photos!


Friday, July 17, 2009

I Won! and not just for me :D

Wholly Cow!

I won Cosmo Cricket Boyfriend Papers I think cause it says the order picked coresponds with the paper as it's pictured!

It's also cool that my local scrapbook store won too! The Sassy Scrapper I just called them up letting them know I won and that I gave Cosmo Cricket their info.

Makes me feel better that I won for someone else too!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


anyone have some scrappy mojo they could send me?

or maybe some cleaning mojo?

My scrap space is the usual tornado like mess and I just don't want to sit down to do anything even if I could sit. :p

I haven't even done laundry yet.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Scrappy Updates

Things I have been working on for the Last Serendipity Scrapper Standing challenge 5 use household items.

Maybe I'll actually get my London album done before 10 years hits!

St. Martin

Buckingham Palace


Tower Bridge

TUSAL update

ok forgot to get a pic on the 22nd so got one today since I found the travel baggie :D


My lonely empty jar. It used to be so full of orts from when I started stitching! Didn't know what to do with the old stuff so I tossed it :p

Friday, June 19, 2009

Lots of Scrapping Going on!

Wow I'm doing the Last Serendipity Scrapper Standing at Serendipity Scrapbooks.

Then Treasured Scrapbooking is doing a Schools out for Summer Crop.

Just Scrappin is havin a June Buggin crop.

I will be one busy scrapper this weekend if the fly will just shoo!

Hope everyone else has a productive weekend!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Staycation Crop

All the challenges I did for Serendipity Stay-cation crop :D
Me and my best friend in the 7th grade singing (dang that's scary)

on my way to Mississippi for my Aunt Ouida's Birthday

29 Marc-Andre Fluery
Yes I quilled all 29 flowers :D

Stanley Cup Champions
Why yes I did use all of my star brad stash why do you ask?

You make my Heart Go Whrrr
My crush in the 8th grade during the 8th grade field trip to Big Kahuna's in later years he was arrested for drugs :p

I'll Miss U 2 Scraw Crow
Yes it's supposed to be misspelled. My friend Janelle and I meeting after 6 years of online chatting.

We Will Rock You
Wow I love Pittsburg but man I don't think I could do that in Detroit

We Are the Champions
Everyone go nuts :D well except for the guy in red ;)

Make a List and Print it 2X
I forgot one year to print out the xmas list and stick it on the fridge so I got a BAM Gift Card, The Nightmare Before Christmas on DVD and (open flap) A Viggo Mortensen Action Figure. Steve said he picked the Strider one because it looked most like Viggo. Imagining Steve standing in the Walmart Toy aisle deciding which one to get makes me SMILE. (hmm maybe this year he can pick between the Spock Action Figure and the Sylar Action Figure?)

Friday, June 12, 2009

sorry Larissa wait a minute no I'm not sorry!!



I'm so happy :D

poor Larissa :p

and I'm all ready planning a scrapbook page to do tomorrow when I can find pics online ;)

blogging and cropping

I was looking for some photos to do the Serendipity Sea Cruise challenge with and I looked through an old album. I found a pic from my 12th birthday and I'm wearing the same Pittsburg Penguins Shirt that I'm wearing right now! Weird!


Yeah it's Friday! I'm off work and I get to scrap over at Serendipty Scrapbooks Stay-cation crop :D


Well I will be until the Hockey Game starts at 7!! GO PENGUINS GO! :D

So far there's a whole lot of challenges over at Serendipity so I'm off to check. I'll post back later ;)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

House Mouse Challenge

House Mouse had a Wedding/Anny challenge so my hubby got two cards this year LOL

This one I had the little mice stamped, cut out and added chalk. Popped it up and the paper and frame is from Cosmo Cricket Story Book that I won on their site :D and the inside I used some Felt Thickers.



1st Annual 2 Sketches 4 You Ultimate Card Showdown

Here's my Entry. I made it an Anniversary Card and gave it to Steve last night.



Generic green cardstock for the card base, The tag is Basic Grey Scarlet's Letter the green paper on the pear is Basic Grey Perphery? I think. Some of the fiber was from the BG Scarlet's Letter and some from my stash. I used the Fiskars Effervesince Border Punch and threaded the fiber through and added brads. Flowers are Prima. The little paper is also Basic Grey from my 6X6 Scarlet's Letter pad and was cut with my cuttlebug a while ago and it fit perfect. The 5 is Grungeboard and I ran it through my cuttlebug with the flower folder from the Thank You set. I inked it and the edges of the tag and pear with Distress Ink Frayed Burlap. I also distressed the edges of the tag first. Not sure where the Pear came from it was in a kit I won. I had an apple and something else too with it.

Inside the card I cut the rest of the BG paper with my Fiskars Heart Template and Ultimate Shape Cutter. The black frame is American Crafts Thickers.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Go Penguins!

Yeah Penguins! I couldn't watch the game but I could listen to it on the computer so I also knocked out 2 cards. So now I just have to find my camera :p

go check out 2 Sketches 4 You

awesome prizes and a cute sketch. One of the cards I did last night was for the challenge.

Yeah the builder is here and going to fix my door handle to the scraproom. It works but it's upside down :p the only one in the whole house :p ROFL of course it's MY SCRAPPY ROOM LOL!

Ok lots of challenges at House Mouse and Treasured Scrapbooking and I posted a challenge at Just scrappin that I need to do too!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Yeah Computer Plugged in!

Yeah I finally got all the computer plugged in and hooked up so I'm just inches away from challenges and scrappy goodies!

Getting ready to start on some challenges at Treasured Scrapbooking. Pinky is making me use Pink!!! :p at least I can make a Baby Girl card and send it to someone it doesn't have to be something I have to put in an album! ROFL

This Friday will be my 5 year Anny! I guess Steve and I will go out for dinner! Not much else. It took us 5 years to get a house and that took some of the money :p I get paid that day so I'll have to go out to B&N and either A. pick up a gift card or B. the new book since it will be 40% off for Members I think!

I guess I should get to work on a card to huh?!

Oh relized I needed to check out Sheet Load of cards for their new sketch too! I've got my new/er pagemaps too LOL I still need to do all of May's sketches!

Everyone have some scrappy fun :D


Friday, May 15, 2009

I Officially am a home owner

YEAH We just got back from our House signing! Now time to pack the odds and ends! and get MOVING!

Pics to come ;)

I forgot to add that today is also my Birthday!! Yeah I'm cool I get a house for my birthday! ROFL

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yeah Pittsburg!

Whoo hooo the Penguins won 6 to 2!! So now Hubby will be routing for whatever team is going against them again! :p

and I still need to pack....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I haven't called my Mother yet!! My phone was almost dead so I'm letting it charge a bit first. :p

Spent some of the day organizing and going through my bankers box of scrappy bits!! Some of them have bit the dust. There were some swappy things that I put in a pile to go and some that I kept. Remind me DO NOT PULL OUT A FULL SHEET OF WHITE CARDSTOCK! OMG I have a whole ziplock packed with just white cardstock! I have very little red though! I guess I don't do red a lot :p I have two bags of patterned too :p

I went to the library today and checked out some organizing and designing books and some Hellsing Mangas. I read the Mangas all ready and started in on one of the junk books. If I followed this I'd have no crafty stuff ROFL well hardly any but maybe it would be a good thing? I don't think I can do it in GASP 4 days though! Then there's the boxes of stuff we moved with from FL that had no place to open in here. I know it's hard for me to open that and go ohh that's where that was!!! Do I really need to keep all my bunnies and Eeyores! OMG I won't be able to do it! But it would save me building shelves to show it all! hmmm tough descisions!

Ah well I have more packing calling me! Hubby bought me more boxes :D


Saturday, May 9, 2009

6 more days and counting

Wholy cow I had two comments and I feel like a rockstar! ROFL

The closing Day is my Birthday the 15th. :D so that weekend we will be moving in! and I still don't have my scrappy stuff or my books packed :p ug I'm slooowwww. Then I get distracted by the remodel shows on HGTV LOL. Did anyone see Rate My Space last night? I loved that table but I don't think I'll be able to make my own :p I'm looking at buying the one at Michaels but they never have enough of the cubes :p I tried writing down the inspiration rooms too but I'm having a hard time navigating that site :p I can't figure out what craft room would be, other rooms so far have entry ways and other spaces so far.

Well off to do laundry and pack and find more things to give away. Probably go out shopping for a friend since she lives out in the boonies and can't get to stuff ;)

I made cards with the kids yesterday and 3 altered note book covers for Mother's Day Gifts. I still need to sand the note books so the covers will stick better. So my Mother, Granny and MIL will have a belated M's day present. Ah well. I'm a little bit on the way to my 0/100 no buying challenge Whoo hoo!

Have a great weekend and a happy Mother's Day ;)


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Still packing

still packing up my stuff :(

Found another bag of stuff that I got on the trip so with that added and the LO's I finished subtracted I'm on a 0/100 no buying challenge :p Can't wait to get moved so I can start making stuff!


Friday, May 1, 2009

gr arg

ok why does the Blog List have to go away so I can change the Design? sigh I'll make the list again tomorrow.

May? really All ready

Bad Bad Blogger I know.

Well here it is May. I will turn 27 on May 15th. I have the day off from work and I will be closing on a new Town House :D whoo hoo!! I'll be closer to my scrappy friend and another interstate is close by so I'm not too far from work and my other friends :D

The thing I love about the new place is I will have MY OWN SCRAPPY ROOM!! Yeah :D I will paint it Lavendar :D There's a room in the Lowes or Home Depot Paint book that I'm going to copy. Then it will be a matter of saving money for a new craft table in the middle of the room :D No more Dining room for me!

The sad thing is trying to pack all of this stuff!

I got to meet some scrappy friends during the month of April and had a blast. I loaded up a bunch of scrappy stuff and let them have at it :D then I bought a bunch of stuff too!!! So with that and the new place I'm on a no buying until I use up stash! If I went by how much I spent on my vak that was 96.50 worth of scrappy stuff (well actually more because I went to a clearance place where it was 50% off and we hit a HUGE JA's Sale on the way back LOL so worth more yes) NUT it was stuff I NEEDED!! ROFL ;)

So my no buying LO's 8X8 and bigger count as 1, cards and smaller LO's count as 1/2, alterd items um things over 8 inches count as 1, under that 1/2 or 1/4 if they're itty bitty or I'll figure out something else LOL I'm only allowed to buy more adhesive, albums (trust me I just filled 2 these may be necissary!) and cardstock if I absolutly run out)

Serendipity is having an awesome May Mahem Crop so hopefully after I move I can catch up on all the wonderful challenges or I'll sneak some stuff in, keep a stash to the side that I can still scrap from :D maybe take it to work and pray all the kids fall asleep :p

Here's all the details on the May Mahem Crop
Serendipity Scrapbooks is pleased to announce our first ever month long CROP!

Are you ready for a Hair Raising Event? I know we are. And we have so much in store for you for the month of May. Every Design Team member has 50 points to give away during the month and even some RAKs for you. There will be challenges, loads of games, Deals of the DAY, secret hiding places in the store, and best of all Blue Light Specials available to each and every one of you.

This will be a non stop event starting May 1 - May 31st! So join us every day because you never know when points will be handed out to add to your total which will put you one step closer to being our May Mayhem Queen!

Now the Rules:

- Only newly created layouts will be accepted for the month long crop.

- No combining of challenges.

- Please keep track of your points in the POINTS THREAD! This crop is way to long to add them to your signature so I will have a points thread available for you. Grab your spot and start adding up the points. With each challenge or points that are give out, the DESIGN TEAM will let you know who won. Oh and don't you worry, the Design Team will be keep track of points also because they are going to be throwing them at you all during the month.

- We will not be counting posting in the forum for this crop, UNLESS one of the Design Team members offers it up for the challenge.

- For layout challenges that are posted, you will recieve points from our Design Team. Most of the layout challenges will be worth 10 points but the Design Team will prompt you on how much the challenge is worth. This is why it is so important for you to keep track and name each point in your point thread.

- BLS will not be announced to the public but put in the forum here. They can and will pop up at any time. Please follow the BLS rules when placing your order. No other discounts will be applied other than the normal BLS discount.

- Other than the May Mayhem Queen of the Crop prize, Serendipity Scrapbooks will also be giving away not one, not two, but THREE $10.00 Gift Certificates during the month of May. Your name will be entered into a drawing for completing 10 in 10 challenges, number of orders in May, and Create A Kit (more information will follow for each)

- You can not combine challenges but may do our REGULAR Set Layout challenges more than once for extra points. All of our Regular Set Layout challenges will be worth 10 points each.

- As usual, always ask questions if you need help.

- Huge thank you to our sponsor for this Month long Crop goes to Pink Paislee. They will be providing the Queen of the Crop Prize

Now hold on to your seats and get ready for our Hair Raising Event..............MAY MAYHEM

And isn't this guy too adorable?! He's kinda how I feel among all the scrappy stuff!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Scrappy Sunday

Wow I got a lot done today!

Just Scrappin is having thier Month long Birthday Crop so I have 5 LO's and a card done for that and 1 other LO for a TS challenge. (Lucky me was able to combine the LO's with other TS challenges whoo hoo :D Janelle says this is cheating but there's only enough scrappy time in the day!)








Recent work

It's a new month and that reminded me I haven't updated anything for a while :p

This is my friend Jason's Wedding He's the one pointing at the ring ;)

Me and my honey. The pic was takin when we were visiting Jason, his wife and new baby. This was done for a Who would you Miss challenge. Journaling reads I 'heart' you and when I go to my crop in April I will have fun with my scrappy friends but I will miss you.


Serendipity challenge: had to use 3 PP, 3 photos and 3 of anything else. I looked through my photo album and found these photos my Mom took of me to finish up the roll. I kinda miss doing that :D


A pin I made for a prechallenge crop at Serendipity. I used some flowers I was given, inked one with alchol ink and added a button from my Granny's Button stash.


I had a challenge to scrapbook my favorite movie. I had all ready done a Coraline Page and a top ten page so I did movies that came out the year I was born.


Over at Just Scrappin we are doing a Secret Sister All About Me swap. My SS made me the groovy altered 45!! I also incorperated some prima's, brads, she typed and matted the songs. There was a challenge at Serendipity to sb a song title, use a clock, a sketch and there may have been one other requriement.


All right well I've watched I'm Not There interesting movie LOL Not my favorite but it was good :D

Becky Fleck has put out new Page Maps! and Card Maps :D and Tim Holtz has new videos out. Serendipity still has their flashback crop music up so I'm grooving to tunes and I'm going to go be inspired and get some scrappy stuff done today :D Have a great day.