Saturday, August 13, 2011


Works been crazy and I haven't been on here since June! No TUSAL Pics I'll get one after today's stitching. Today I need to wash and press Dora so she's ready to go off on Monday but I'm going to start another square! I'm insane I tell you! But the girl loves Hockey and I can't help it. Though I could not find a hockey pattern that would be 9X9 in my stash :( I did find these.
This is here theme at Love Quilts. She wanted lime green and navy. I can change the top joy to more lime green and navy. As well as the Joy Angel. Or I can do the Faith Angel with shades of green rather than red. Then there's the total rework of the music one. I did find one that said Beautiful and Smart in shades of red and pink but the same problem with the music one is changing those colors to the same values in lime green and navy.

Actually after posting this here I really don't want to do the music one :p pick between the angels and the other joy! :D