Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Late Wednesday Post again

And no I didn't take pics of the stitched bookmarks again :p I did finish my Press Your Luck LO for a Colorful Creations challenge that's due tomorrow and I will be at stitching. Appropriately It's about stitching. I titled it meta because the pictures are about the making of the background paper. I threw my needlework project materials on the scanner but used Aida cloth background instead of mesh for better coverage and the mesh is rolled up. I stamped around the edges and stitched a little bit of ribbon for embellishment. I didn't want to do too much else because I liked my background so much! My folded paper idea held 6 photos but I'm not so sure about the tabs I cut out. Ah well not going to open it that much I guess. I spelled Benedict wrong so I'll have to fix it. boring pic of the scanner so I put the world Exciting! and Benedict is watching the progress. ;) The other pics are everything on the scan bed, stamps that I tried out for the edging and the book I had from the library to figure out what I wanted to do and get stitching ideas. It was a great book and had good info on stitches and different fabrics and how to transfer the images and paint on the canvas as well. I have read a the graphic novel I got from the library and the other one I know is called Mr. O and it's very childish but darn if I don't laugh, giggle and stifle a snort. We also managed to figure out how to get the nook to recognize the darn gift cards so I dl'd the graphic novels Star Trek/Doctor Who 8 series cross over edition. Love it! I may have a little bit left on the gift card so I'll look into some of the Doctor Who books the library doesn't have. I hope everyone has enjoyed a good book!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Winter Reads Wednesday

Dang it I meant to take a pic of the bookmarks and postponed posting and then forgot the pic and almost about posting! I've finished the stitching on Dream and Topcho's Madam Name. I just need to do the finishing of the ends and some backing fabric and they'll be off. I've been listening to Middlesex on my Nook and I picked up 2 graphic novels from the library. What is everyone else reading this week?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday Reads

Drive by end of evening post. Today we went out and got hubs Valentines/Presidents Day Gift. A new 2013 Mazda 3 Sport? Still Hatchback but it's stick shift, key-less entry and a few other things he lost when he went from the Miata to the 3 hatch he had. We were looking at a 2012 thinking we'd get a better deal but the bank wouldn't do enough so the dealership looked at this one and managed to get the payment where I was happy. Gots to make the wife happy! We had a lovely dinner at Maggianos and we'll have lunch and dinner and lunch for a few days! Then we went to Barnes and Noble and I got The World of Cross-Stitching Magazine. Started on the little freebie card designed by Edith Holden who is author and illustrator of The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady. I haven't heard of this so I'll have to check it out and see if we have it at the library. Not too much on the unplug and read front. I actually plugged in last night and listened to the first part of Middlesex last night. I had tried to read it once but didn't get through much before it had to go back and it had a hold on it so I couldn't renew. It was on Oprah's Book Club probably around that time so everyone was wanting to read it. Tomorrow is stitch night so after tomorrow I'll take pictures of my stitching progress. We're going back to Opry Mills Mall since I pointed out that most restaurants and probably even fast food joints will be packed for Valentines Day. Then we will decide where we should go next but I kinda like the mall food court. Lots of choices (though the cheapest thing is Burger King) there's always seating and the light is good. Also, free wifi from the Starbucks when you need a stitch break or someone asks that question that we need the answer to now! Saturday night will be our get together and I'll be making a cake. Didn't have time to make it this evening. I guess I could have but I watched my Penguins Hockey Game thanks to the NHL Game Center on our PS3 and stitched. So hopefully Friday night it will get done! I was going to make a heart shape out of a square and circle but I don't think my cake carrier will be big enough so probably just circles. I hope everyone else is doing better on their unplug and read!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Slightly Unsucessful Unplug and Read

I have made progress on the Dream bookmark for the Grow Your Blog prize. I have charted Topcho's Madam name, maybe since Tuesday is Mardi Gras I will be inspired to stitch Mardi Gras colors. Though not while drinking. Having a beer while watching hockey and stitching resulted in the off placement of part of the stem on Dream but it's not going to effect the placement of anything else so it stays! The TUSAL jar is hiding it a bit. ;) I swear the widgit I have on here has the wrong moon phases is today really the new moon? Also this is the start of Unplug and Read. I pledged 7+ hours and I read for about an hour and 20 min today. I had a Doctor Who due back at the library that I hadn't listened to the audio commentary or the special features on so I did that first while stitching :) The I read some crafty books and through some food magazines. Wrote up my reviews for the Library Winter Reads. The books were Eco Books by Terry Taylor and Art at the Speed of Life by Pam Carriker. Really great craft books to get you thinking. Though I did think what on earth would I do with all those books if I were to make them though it has given me second thoughts on throwing out my cereal boxes and I do have a huge bag o plastic bags. The Art at the Speed of Life was good on advice to get yourself creating everyday even if you don't do mixed media art. I did like the little art journal so there's one book I could make for myself. I haven't started the art journal challenge over at Flying Unicorn's forums though it looks like a fun challenge. I have journals but ones you write in and the pages are normal weight so a bit to flimsy. Tomorrow after work and gym I hope to get busy on some cards. I need to make a Valentine for hubs and then I had done some other bookmarks with paint chips again for my stitchy friends. Like they want another one after the Christmas ones but they were too fun not to. I missed my Aunt and Uncles Anniversary and one Aunt is about to have her 60th birthday and my other Aunt and Uncle's Anniversary is this weekend too. (For some reason they thought it was a good idea to get married on his sisters birthday but it works) I should also make a friendship card for a good friend of mine who even though we're in our 30's is still being bullied by people. It's just not right. I hope everyone had a nice weekend and makes time to read and craft this week!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Winter Reads Wednesday

Well She's almost done. I just have a bit of back stitching. Then I will need to plan Topcho's Madam name and work on Emily's bookmark. I ran out the other day to buy the floss colors I didn't have. I finished reading The Glass Menagerie and took that back to the library Sunday. I picked up some other books and a Doctor Who series with William Hartnell. I'll have to watch that so it goes back to the library on Sunday. I finished reading The Magic of the Angels and the Graphic Novel Doctor Who/Star Trek cross over on my Nook. I need to fix it so it will take out of my gift card and not our credit card so I can buy the rest. Also, I've been listening to Christopher Isherwood's Christopher and His Kind while stitching. The week of Feb 10th is Unplug and Read. You pledge to forgo your computer and your TV and unplug and read for however long for the week. I ambitiously put 7+ hours hoping I could read an hour a day maybe longer on Sunday and Wednesday.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Snow Day

UPDATE True Random Number Generator Min: Max: Result: 7 Powered by RANDOM.ORG THE 7TH PERSON IS EMILY C! So dream bookmark with the butterfly it is. Do you like those colors? Thanks for everyone who stopped by my blog. I never made it through the whole blog list but I had fun stopping by what I could and I'll try to keep blogging through! I had updated my Grow Your Blog post but in case you didn't see it. So I'll be working on another bookmark once I know what colors yet. I did e-mail Emily today. Today its snowing. I was brave and tried to drive to work and then said Screw This! I had to go up two exits because the fist exit takes me to another interstate bypass until I could turn around. I checked out my car when I got parked but I don't think anything happened after getting on the ramp to turn back home, I had kinda coasted into the curb and then the squilly lines with the car came up and I'm like "NO YA THINK?" I called my sup since I couldn't get a hold of workforce. Woke some poor man up I guess because I had the number in wrong? Which is weird because I know I've called workforce before. So I am staying in today and being warm. I will either scrapbook or stitch.
Speaking of stitching on the last day of Jan I finally stitched something with a tree/flower for Jardin January. This months theme is people. I guess that means I can work on my The Book Witch is IN bookmark some more.
Also, at Mr. X stitch's site its NSFWS todays post contains language. I am so stitching this bookmark though. It makes me laugh.