Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween and may you and your little Trick or Treaters be safe and get lots of goodies :D


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Watch where you roll

My Daily Spots LO had been leaning on some stuff by my computer I just moved my foot and felt something underneath it and discovered the LO had slipped and I had rolled into the middle of it :p At least I printed the photos on regular copy paper :p ARG though all the same.

Remember after totaling points and taking picture to immediatly put into album!!


13 Challenges 13 Days Mooo


LOL check out this website

They make mini cards which look to me about 1 inch to 2 inches in side so a little bit bigger than an inchie. Then they have a really neat Mosaic frame to put these photos in.

Your challenge is to make a LO, Card or project using the Mosaic Frame as inspiration. This would be a good one to use up those scraps or maybe not so good photos even where you got the person too far away ;)

Sry I didn't post this last night, Goat Cheese and Pino Gris called :D


Thursday, October 23, 2008

13 Challenges 13 Days Challenge 12 Witching Hour

12. The witching hour! Use time inspiration but NO premade clocks or items! You have to make it your self! (insert cackle here)Photobucket

I did the clock in the corner by using a brad template to mark out the dots for the clock and the arrows for the hands, connected them and added stickles. I hand wrote the numbers.


for 10 Things to See/Do/Eat challenge

In trying to think of a 10 things before I die list my first thought of places was Italy but there was a lot more to that. So sparcely listed 10 things I (and hubby) would do if we went to Italy.
journaling 10 things to do in Itally
1 find the sculptures of Bernini in Rome 2. Pluto and Persephone is in another city. (top left pic) The Vatican The leaning Tower of Piza Trevi Fountain, Venice, Wine Country Ruins anywhere Roman Holiday - visit all the places in the movie
For hubby Ferrari Factory tour if they do them
but first I have to win the lotto!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

13 Challenges 13 Days Day 11

In other scrappyness I did a challenge for Serendipity Scrapbooks and found it fit Just Scrappin's challenge too. (yeah I know I'm doing everyones challenges but my own :p )
I used all BG papers stickers and rubons even.

BG Hang 10 Malibu Scarlets Letter Repose (green) Revelation (journaling) Green stickers BG Celebration, Brown stickers Archaic rubons BG Archaic

This was for another challenge to sb your daily spots.
1. Wake up out of bed 2. or possibly just 1 3. MUST HAVE 4. Get breakfast for me 5. for ferrets 6. Check comp

NOW for my Challenge Day 11
11. Too many cool postcards to pick just one :D so go to the link and be inspired or even copy and print one to use in a project or LO As the Crow Flies

13 Days 13 Challenges 10 Card challenge

Page Map from Becky Fleck. Make a pretty card or challenge yourself to stretch it to an LO ;)


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

CK Easy pages challenge 1




From our Miata trip to Big South Fork River & Recreation. Used CK Mag's Easy Patterns

PP is from Scenic Route Paper Co. Rockland Winter Street


Challenge 9 Quote

A grandmother pretends she doesn't know who you are on Halloween. ~Erma Bombeck

Use this quote on any project :D


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Challenge 8

Use chipboard Or blackboard if you have it and try these ideas

If you're like me you have a ton of chipboard! I gave a bunch away and I still have more! The above link had lots of cute ideas for the new blackboard. But you could use regular chipboard or even paint it black first ;)


For my sticker challenge and serendipity recycle challenge


The Music City Miata club went out the other day to Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area so I took some of my pics and made this little album out of 3 Toilet Paper Rolls for a recycle challenge over at Serendipity Scrapbooks Challenges
Then I relized I had used 16 Stickers so Yeah the sticker challenge is out of the way :D

I next realized that I could use my little Halloween project that I did the other day as my Tim Holtz Challenge since I used distress ink and embossing powder.

So whoo hoo I only have to do my own tag challenge, the page maps and the eyelets challenge (that was yesterdays that I sent the link to btw) I relized this morning that last night I wasn't too clear here on what the challenge was :D Sandra over on StartaScrapbook made a cute Christmas tree with eyelet ornaments. :D

Thanks for participating :D

Saturday, October 18, 2008

13 Challenge in 13 Days Tim Holtz

what think I have a crop and not be inspired by Tim Holtz!? LOL I was at an antique store today wishing I had his brain cause I would have seen awesome stuff to do with old post office box fronts LOL something Halloween themed ;) and be inspired by Tim ;)

I know we don't all have crackle paints or fragments or the cool stamp or at least paint and ink that match like that :p LOL But you can stickle some letters, if you don't have his Distresser for edging all it is, is a thread cutter! I got one for like 2 dollars at AC Moore just a one side so check out your sewing supplies or sewing section! Use regular paint if you don't have crackle. I know I did an old Bowling LO I colored some of the cirlcle tags with metal rims to look like bowling balls, punched two more holes did rubon letters and covered them with clear circle stickers to make them look like bowling balls. So take anything clear and stick it over a paper element to make it pop out more (also works with those marble things you put in fish bowls if you don't mind weight)

Hope ya'll SEE POSABLITIES! (lol sry referencing his shirts :D )


Friday, October 17, 2008

13 Challenges 13 Days Day 6

Project inspired by Luxe Designs Day 2 Halloween ideas Also used for Cuttlebug Challenges to use embossing folders for something other than a card. Also for Scrap Your Crap using up old Halloween papers. These papers are 1 or 2 years old. I just know I bought them when I was here in TN :p The pumpkins are Dover Sampler images that I had saved and inked. You can't tell but the top right pic I used a deco scissor of a picket fence that I forgot I had!

Also my friend Cristal has a giveaway on her blog for the same challenge :D

My Day 6 challenge also comes from Scrap Your Crap Challenge #33 But instead of 15 you have to use at least 13 ;) You may go over if you wish but not under ;) Do Card, LO or Altered project.

Hope you have a great weekend. I'll be out with the Miata Club at River Gorges & Wine whoo hoo! Hopefully I'll get lots of pics at least I'll get great ones from hubbys pics! (He's got the DSLR and it took me 10 trys to get the decent pic of my project just now) Then I'll be able to scrap on Sunday and do some of my challenges that I Haven't done yet! LOL


Thursday, October 16, 2008

13 Challenges 13 days Day 5


I was checking out some sites and thought this was a great challenge only instead of 10 stickers you have to use 13 ;) and no letter stickers! :D


Challenge 4

Use this sketch from Becky Fleck to make a tag, gift tag, card, LO or other project :D


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Challenge 3 Page Map Contest

3. Page Map Contest LO enter the challenge or at least do the sketch

I haven't done this one either so I'll have to get on it when I get home :D


Monday, October 13, 2008

challenge 2 Scrappy pieces

Start A Scrapbook Challenge

Challenge 2

Use up those scrappy pieces. Dig through those cropper hoppers, drawers or whatever you keep those little bits of PP and CS and use them on a new LO or Card.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

SAS Online crop

I'll be hosting on online crop. 13 Days 13 challenges at Start A Scrapbook.

My first challenge


like my pirate cards ;) haa haa I've all ready it done it! :D You may do a LO or other project and use basic materials like Cardstock and Patterned Paper but only rubons for your other embelishments.


Saturday's "work"

I had 3 LO's and 4 cards done today :D AND the laundry got Done and put away whoo hoo :p LOL


I need to start compiling addys so I have people to send all these fall cards too :p

Thelema and Louise Double LO

Read if you Dare I got the moths from a website and of course now I've closed it! Here it is

The book is Perdio Street Station by China Mieville

I still think the LO needs something

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Living Vicariously

I saw on Tim Holtz's blog that he was going to be in the Dallas area Michaels so I posted on Start A Scrapbook and Just Scrappin cause I knew two ladies lived near there :D

My friend Karen and her daughter Cait with Tim

Pics Karen got
Love the smile ;)


Karen got to meet my friend Taffy!

And Taffy got to meet Tim :D Aren't their signs cute! (ok had to resize pics and now you can't read it :p Tim's Sign: Hi Ziggs Taffy's sign: From Tim & Taffy and they drew clouds around it.

I was jealous of a lady on Serendipity that had a pic of her and Tim as her avatar so I made Taffy and Tim into an avatar to live vicarioulsy :D

Thanks ladies for running into town and letting me live Vicariously through you :D I think I'm going to figure out how to make those cute make and take it's ya'll did. (You can see Karen wearing hers in the pic with Taffy :D )

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pirate Cards

For a rub on only challenge at Serendipity Scrapbooks. Gave an excuse to use the pirate rubons from the DCWV stack.


Page Maps Contest

There's a new challenge for THINK PINK! Go see what you can do! and if you're like me it doesn't have to be pink ;) LOL


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

1 hr sketch challenge

My friend Cristal had a 1 hr sketch challenge at her site
Just Scrappin
This is my submission :D Done at about 7:40 :D Though I was scrounging up supplies I thought I'd need and pics about 15-30 min before and typing the journaling when I decided my subject so an hour fully to create :D





That's scary for me!

I had gotten some stuff from my friend Cristal on the condition that I had to partipate in BOO and give stuff to 2 other people. Was supposed to do it in 24 hours but opps I did it yesterday! I was using pink for practice boxes but there are girls next door and across the way so I just used up some swappy stuff :D I put in some Hello Kitty Stickers I had, some of the Halloween stickers and a funpack of Skittles. I was about to put some flowers but I relized they weren't stickers they were brads and don't want the kiddies to hurt themselves LOL :D

To make my self feel better I scrapped some Halloween! Granted another EEEKKK (literally too LOL) is that one of my guy friends had gone as a 3 year old and was in white bikershorts and a pink tutu I think he had combat boots on too LOL and my other friend was "my girl" and I was the gangster. I need to fix the year because I put 2001 and I relized on the way home today that it was still 2000 cause they were wearing their costumes from the Renfair and hadn't graduated HS yet LOL The papers are Cloud 9 the rub-ons from DCWV Fall Stack 07 and Grungeboard from Tim Holtz YEAH I GET TO USE THE SKULL FINALLY :D

Oh and something else worthy of an EEEKKK
My scrappy space!

Now to brave the labrynth to produce more scrappy stuff :D

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cuttlebug contest


This card used wavy squares to cut the grungeboard and I saved it to use later. For the card I ran it through swiss dots embossing folder and chalked it lightly. Then I ran the card through with birds and swirls and chalked with white. The piece through the window is bird call and chalked with many colors. The Soar Sticker from Chatterbox Descriptives.

More Craftiness!






Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I couldn't let my friend Pinky be the only one to post her boobs in the crop for Breast Cancer Awarness month! Someone has to represent the small girls! ROFL

In all seriousness get a mamogram and take a friend!


More Week Long Crop

(arg screwed up and lost my post :p )

Ok I'm doing a weeklong crop over here It's about to end.

Why is it when I go over to Cristals for a few hours crop I end up bringing most of my stash (acutally it's not most which is all the more sad) Photobucket

The Maniquin is for Cristal so that didn't come home with me but she did pay me back and THEN took me and the other lady at the crop to a scrapbook store where I spent that and my last dollar and a cool sticker used on this LO Photobucket
and another really cool stamp which I'll have to use soon!

I also did this for a challenge to use Pink, Glitter and Bling. There's a pink bow in the picture, pink on the PP, glitter on the cupcake sticker and stickles on the grungeboard

This was for a challenge with a pic taken at night so I had to find this pic from my 24th B-day of my Best Friend and I going to see Inside Man for $1.00 Photobucket

Then I did this one at home of my family eating Breakfast at Cracker Barrel when we were in Biloxi (actually this was in GulfPort oops LOL) Photobucket

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Friday, October 3, 2008

It's a new month

So I should post something right? LOL

I've been using my blog to just check the other blogs on my roll over there. 2 of my scrappy friends just created blogs though so maybe I should get with it more.

Go check them out :D