Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter Reads

Today was the first day to sign up for the Winter Reading Program at my local library.   I thought it was the 13th but that was the day the Smyrna branch had a special event for the program.  Ah well.
I have this book sitting on my kitchen counter all ready renewed once so I'll have to stop stitching and start reading.  I love this author but this is no lazy read.  You need to concentrate.  Last year I read Kraken and though my head had gotten scrambled up like eggs but it was really enjoyable.  I can't describe how much I loved reading the book and enjoyed being challenged in my imaginations. (When I read I play a movie in my head so somethings are reread to understand what I'm seeing.)
 Embassy Town by China Mieville
while I was at the library on Friday returning hubs book, and I thought I was going to sign us up, I looked for a book that had been mentioned over at the Zachary Quinto Community.  An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin
I did buy a book at the dollar store on Friday.  I don't know if that will be my 3rd book or not.  It's about parents who commission a writer to write a book for their daughter that she will love and make her a reader.
I need to read 6 books for my Winter Reading Program.  Any other suggestions?


Mouse said...

mmm it depends what you like to read to be honest ... I'm reading the final book of eragon at the mo ... so if you give a few pointers may be able to suggest :) love mouse xxxx

J J said...

I'm doing a lot more reading this winter too. I got a Kindle Fire for my birthday and have been getting a combination of free books and buying a few. Right now I am reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. It is an amazing book that I highly recommend.

Ziggyeor said...

I started reading Henrietta and I didn't have enough time. I think I had it the 2 weeks and couldn't renew because it was on hold. Steve's got a tablet with nook app so I'll have to see about him getting it for me.

Mouse - I read Eragon and I think the 2nd book, I'd have to reread the series before I read the other book.

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