Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Monday

OK I was going to post a pic of my Parlympic progress but the 3 photos I took with my camera phone are :p
So it will have to wait.  I didn't finish a full page like I did on the Olympics.  With it being online instead of TV I was sitting away from the computer getting distracted by the internet :p
Now I'm switching gears to get Noah's Ark done by Oct.
I have a crown to finish too by Nov but I used up my Krienik and none of the box stores in the area carry that blue.  ARG.
Then it will be on to the Monkey.  I stitch way to many Love Quilt squares! Na I love it.
At my job there will be no stitching time for me anymore.  I'll be helping people in the morning and phone time for 4 hours.  Hoping the boss can talk to the higher ups about letting me work a little bit longer so I can get out earlier on Thurs so I can actually meet my friends for dinner and stitch.  It'll be 10hrs a day 5 days a week, not that much time for stitching but the ot pay will be helpful.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Ok I said in last post that I was going to post on Wednesdays.
No pics of my stitching but a lot of blue is coming a long.
On Wednesdays I post a book post over at the Zachary Quinto Community page to see what everyone is reading.  I did a summer reading thing and am stitching a book mark for one of the ladies.  Now that I bought the thread I was using I need to get to it or it will be time for Winter Reading!
I've got a Graphic Novel about a clockwork princess to read and Tooth Fairy by Graham Joyce to finish on Friday before 5.  Might get to it or have to renew.  Hopefully it's not like the Doctor Who DVD's and are being held by someone.  I'll have to check them out later.
Been trying to watch the Paralympics but the beta of the Smart Viewer hasn't been too friendly.  Plus just so long.  I need little blips or just the one event race in chunks and not 4 hours of event.  Last night it would skip and play back the race I had just seen and not move forward.