Sunday, February 27, 2011

Page Maps Challenge Basic Grey Sketch

Ok finally got a better picture of this LO before the deadline was completely up. I used American Crafts Shabby Chic papers, buttons, 'the' Remarks stickers and 'sky' Thickers. The yellow scalloped card stock is DCWV. The other scalloped border is done with a Fiskars border punch with some tape on some scrap paper. The butterfly transparency is Colorbok. I think the pearls might be Kaiser Craft and the 'in' is Making Memories. Felt butterfly from ? Quote is a sheet of stickers who's brand name escapes me now but they do a lot of sticker quotes in themes. (Not Quick Quotes I know that)
Picture is me from 1984.

For wanting to win Basic Grey I sure used a lot of American Crafts!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Looking for a Free Alpha pattern

Hey readers of the loopy trail. I have finished my space ship pattern for the Love Quilt! However they ask that you stitch your name and your city somewhere on the square. I'm looking for a free alphabet pattern that's small but has a little spacey feel. I know that's hard and can mean different things to people but not looking for a Times New Roman or old Gothic font. Maybe something like a digital read out? Any help would be appreciated.

I'm currently in FL and I've brought 3 other projects to work on. My two samplers that I started and the Cleaning the House one. However, the pattern for Cleaning the House is back in TN :p So I will have to e-mail my BIL and get him to find it and scan it. Also, was hoping to buy some threads for another project but I left that pattern and I don't know if I can accurately tell BIL where the book is in my room! So if anyone has the Leisure Arts Exotic Pets book and can find the ferret pattern I need to know what Krineks are required :D

I have some photos of my other projects that I did during my February Crush which I ended last Sunday. Just coming down to FL so quickly and then finding out I'll be staying all week I haven't had time to post pics.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sock Party

I almost forgot about the sock party!

These are my frog prince socks. They keep my feet nice and warm on a cold day.
Go check out Seasons of My Mind and join the crazy sock party!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A PSA to myself again.

Reminding myself yet again that it's called COUNTED cross-stitch and not Eyeball cross-stitch. I was working on the Dolly Mama Best Stressed pattern and I worked the red in the left and then counted down to the bottom and the right. However because this has back stitch I thought the back stitch was the grid and 10 stitches high but it's 9! So it's now one row too far down and one row too far to the right. Looking at it to figure out how bad filling in is going to be. The right might have to come out since its going to mess up where the torn paper is. I'm trying to figure out how much it will mess up if the bow is tampered with or the area around it.

What would you do? Tear it or Leave it?

Last night I started this pattern for a friend.

I decided to do it on 28 count over one.

Sunday's start and finish

Not showing Saturday yet as it's for a friend and she might stop by.

Friday's start

Monday, February 7, 2011

माय फवोरिते थिंग्स

I hope the title is ok? It looks really weird on the posting side?

Ok I found this blog which is doing a crazy sock party. Go to Seasons of My Mind on February 11th to post a link of your favorite crazy socks. I've all ready got a pair in mind!

Stitch related I did the crown on the Mardi Gras page and finished it! I'll get a picture later.

I also scrapped an LO for Tally Scrappers but the picture wasn't all that great. I'm going to try to go over to Pinky's to retake it but right now it is snowing.

Now for my Monday Favorite Thing


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend Update

All right continuing my Crush

February Crush

On Thursday I did the Fluer de Lis

On Friday I started the big mask but don't have a picture :p these will be magnets for my bathroom.

Saturday was National Stitch in Public Day. Instead of another Mardi Gras pattern I had bought a pattern on Thursday from the LNS because it was cute and for a friend. I never knew that a little 48X48 inch pattern could be so dang infuriating! (I'm not posting a picture yet because my friend sees my blog and would know it's for her.) However if you check out Hinziet the corrections for the pattern are now up ;) Yes at least the first problem was not mine! I was pulling my floss and I flipped open the pattern to check how much of one color there was because I didn't have the exact number. Then I see there are letters in the pattern that are not on the back!! I called the number and she answered quickly and said she'd get back to me. She called me back within the half hour with the needed corrections! Great service!

Then I was packing my materials and fabric when it hit me that I cut the fabric wrong! Luckily the piece I had used had come off the end of a much used piece but still. I had the design figured for about 3.5 inches and I added 2 inches for the extra but ONLY 2 inches I forgot it should be 4 for top and bottom :p So I cut another piece and another of the endy bits ended up being a 7X7 piece! So far so good.

I get to the mall where I'm meeting my friends and we have some lunch. Then we go around the mall trying to find a place for all of us to stitch comfortably. I moved another chair closer so we all wouldn't be squished. Only one gentleman stopped and commented because his lady did some stuff like that. So we gave him the information to get to the LNS. At least some people did see us and look down on us as they were going to the 2nd story in the Elevator.

After the hour or so I came home and put on Netflix and watched Bones and Jim Henson's the Storyteller. As I was stitching I started doing the border and noticed it didn't come out right. So I checked and the border was fine but one of the things I stitched I counted one up and over from where I was supposed to :p and of course I counted something else off of it so it all came out. It wasn't much so I thought it was fine and kept right on. Then I flip over the chart to check a color and realize I was supposed to do over 3 for the letters. I only have one letter and a bit done so I decided to rip it out and do it over three. I should have left well enough alone!! I got all the letters done and was stitching the rest of the bottom border and guess what. When I restitched I put the second letter over one stitch to the right :p Insert Charlie Brown ARG here. So I left it. I think I'll just have to figure out another border to stitch because I'm not ripping out all those letters!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Passing the Give Away love

I went checking the blogs of my commenters (you should check them out too ;) )
Bec posted about a give away on Nataly's Needle Creations so I'm spreading the love! Really cute things. I'm really eyeing the purple scissors. I think that would bring up my scissor count to five ;)

I hope everyone has a great day and makes time for some stitching!

If you're into scrapping Clear Scraps is doing a Friday Give Away too.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February Crush

I was too late for the January Crazy challenge so yesterday I remembered to start for February. I'm calling it February Crush Challenge but it's just me :p so just work on what you started in January or if you missed out like me you can start now and just start a new project until Valentine's Day :)

I bought these patterns and fabric back in 2004 when I first started stitching. I finally got most of the over dyed floss around my B-day when a friend game me a gift certificate.

February Crush

Here is my first pattern. I need to dig out my first piece ever to show just how much I Like the bunnies ;)

This is what I did last night watching Hockey (I did stitch a little of my Hockey stitch since I got in the floss I needed from Dimensions)

Day 1

Look Words! and not some blobby bit of a snow covered tree!

Tonight's pattern.
February Crush day 2

I see these are numbered or in a series so now I'm wondering if I started with one or two.

FC 2 start

More words! 3 words seems to be it for a hockey game though last night I did stitch some of the Hockey stitch but the game went into a shoot out so I had more time to stitch!

While I'm at it since I believe New Moon is tonight or tomorrow the TUSAL!

This is Jim in the making ;)
Jim in the making

Isn't he adorable! LOL. George is still sitting under my monitor if anyone is wondering. I need to carefully take him to a friends house and see if she has some spray adhesive I can use to set him.

And just because I scrapped today! This was for the Let's Scrap sketch challenge. The pictures are from my Aunt Ouida's 100th B-day. She passed last year at 101 1/2.
Most of the papers are by Colorbok Woodhaven. The gray papers sticking out of the photos are something else. The stamp that says Family is Colorbok Woodhaven, too.
family gathers

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

House Mouse Challenge Hearts

The House Mouse Challenge was hearts but I didn't feel like doing a card. Somewhere I have Valentine's Day cards I made last year stashed. So I decided to hunt for my heart shaped tins that I've kept for a few years now.


I decided to use some decoupage tissue in gold.

Getting all the edges

Drying on top of Granny's old sewing machine, while I fix up the front.

For the Front I stamped House Mouse Lilac Bouquet onto plain white cardstock in black Stayz On. I cut it out using Fiskars Shape Express 5 inch heart. I trimmed around the image so the background L would show. I colored it in with Pebbles Inc. I Kan' dee Pearlescent and Regular chalks. The Purple Heart is made from Core'dinations white wash cardstock, embossed with Cuttlebug alpha and sanded with Tim Holtz block sander (I <3 that sander) I attached the hearts with glue dots and then attached it to the still drying tin with some Glue Arts cut it yourself foam squares. I <3 those too because you can cut them to size so you don't have to use a bazzilion squares to stick something big down.


A close up so you can see the shine of the chalks. I did the background in white so some of the purple picked up on the bottom but eh whatcha gonna do.

And now this crafter is missing her hockey game! I hope you enjoyed my tin.