Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Monday

Well it would have been fun if I could have stitched Monopoly on Monday while watching Margin Call, but I needed to get air in the tires and finally take An Object of Beauty back to the library.  The librarian was nice to remind me that Margin Call will be due on Wed to avoid late fees so maybe tomorrow morning I can watch it.
Neil Gaiman put a link to NPR on his facebook and I really enjoyed listening to The Magnetic Fields
Did some stitching at work to fill in more of the letter L heart and my friend remembered her stitching to show me her progress.  I had given her some little kits to start her with that used yarn.  She messed it up so she went to Michael's and bought fabric and floss but because she had used yarn she used all 6 strands.  She did buy 11 or some other really large count so it may have needed three.  It didn't look too bad though.  I hope one Saturday we can get together and I can sit with her and show her how.  I was missing my scissors though, not that I thought she'd make off with them but if my friend A's dog can destroy a project I didn't want her dogs destroying my mitten scissor fob that S had made me.  I'll get a pic of it later it's the cutest little mitten and she knit it herself!
I hope everyone had as a good as Monday as Monday can be.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

weekend progress

 I finally did spray adhesive George and Jim!  They're sticky now but at least they're stuck together and not losing bits of themselves.
 A LO I did for Friday Fast Track at Scrapping the Moments and Letter D for Colorful Creations.  Now I have to think of E and F for next month.
 Last night watched Star Trek TOS, Doctor who and did some back stitching.
 Friday I didn't stitch all day like I normally do but I did get a second paw mostly done.  Then discovered that some of the gray is out of place but I'll just have to figure out how to fill in around it.
Stitched a lot on the Love Quilt square.  Hubs is now to the same place where I was at in Bones so we watched that yesterday.  I quit on this when I kept putting the light yellow in the the V heart in the wrong place like three times!  Also had to redo some of the blue but fortunately not all of it.  Maybe on break I can either do the yellow right or fill in the pink.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

eek don't let me slip back into old habits! TUSAL Report

Ok here's my TUSAL for the month.  I like my orni.  It makes it look like there are a lot more orts than when I did my rectangular rainbow tribble maker.  They might need to get tapped down.

I was hoping to stitch with my friends at Shoney's but when I called at 7:30 they were leaving because there was some other group in the backroom doing a meeting and they didn't want to disturb them :(  Maybe next week.

Not blogged for a bit but I've still been stitching on my Love square though I haven't touched the Dolly Mama's.  On Saturday I bought the 18 count material to do my Monopoly board to scale.  I started on Monday which marked a year since my Granny had passed away.  I hope to find 3 charms to put on the board: her, Pawpaw and their son Brian who was 9 when he passed from Leukemia.

I don't have anything planned for this weekend.  Tomorrow I will stitch more on the ferret and maybe scrapbook.  My Aunt and Uncle and their kids went down to FL to see my parents and will be coming back this way on Saturday so I may go out to eat with them.

Since I broke down and got a can of Dr. Pepper I will now be up all night so I'm debating on scrapping or stitching.

Mental Floss magazine posted a brief article on their fb page of 11 people that overcame disabilties.  One was this woman, Peng Jiangya, in China who burned her hands as a child and with no hands has learned how to cross-stitch and is hoping to sell her pictures to tourists.  Amazing video of how she stitches.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Crafty Saturday

 This evenings stitching progress.  I'm leaving the green to fill in at work.
I went over to a friends to scrapbook and managed 2 pages as I forgot the printed journaling for the third.  Wish I had printed out my journaling for these as my handwriting is awful.  It got a little mangled when I had to slide it back in my cropper bag but it's still good.  10 Things I Love about Ponder for a challenge at Scrapping the Moments.
 Taffy made the puzzle piece in a swap I had joined in.  A picture of the two leashes still hanging on the cage and my journaling about how Pratchett was the only one who did well on his leash and I miss taking him to the pet store.  Ponder becomes a dust mop.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Ferret Friday Fast Track and Hockey Day

 Friday Fast Track at Scrapping The Moments.  Quick LO looked for a pic and found my car and I don't think I had scrapped it yet.  I think of my car as my TARDIS.  I smiled all the first month every time I was thinking I didn't want to go to work but at least I got to drive my car!  The journaling is about how I'm contemplating getting it as my actual license tag.
 And he has a paw!  Will stitch a bit more on him later, got home and did the LO and had dinner but I took a picture since I was snapping the LO at the same time.
Today was wear your Jersey Day for Hockey in America.  Hubs was wondering why I was wearing it since my team doesn't have a game today.  Actually my team and hubs is playing tomorrow but as it's on NHL it's blacked out in our system so we'll have to watch it later.  Plus a friend invited me over to scrapbook and I have stitching later that afternoon ;)  So I'll be nice and busy and just crossing my fingers the Penguins beat the Flyers :D  (Yes I know we're fans of rival teams and if we had grown up in Pennsylvania this might have been a huge problem but we lived and met in FL and were happy to find a hockey fan!)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I made cookies!

I made cookies!  Still didn't have enough time to dip them in chocolate so I did that part at my friends house and I didn't take a picture of the plate and really out of 8 pics on my camera only 2 were of our stitching night and the rest making cookies.  I never bake or cook anything unless it's a box mix so I was rather proud of making dough and baking cookies that took 2hrs. 
Then at work today we had a training on a new system we're going to be using and that was from 2-4:30.  I had all ready asked off for 5:30 and the training in the middle of lunch I asked my boss so they said I could move my lunch to 5.  Ended up we didn't get out until after 4:30 and by the time I got downstairs there was 10 min left and by the time everything got up my sup told me not to worry about it.  So I stood at the desk while some people went over the new pay scale that's rolling out March 3rd.  Yes lots of new changes at work :p  The new pay will be good for me but my friend looked at it and she doesn't think it will be good for her.
Craftyness today was done at my stitching night with friends and I stitched some more on the Love Quilt Square.  Tomorrow I'll work on the ferret and maybe Saturday I'll start on the big project or get something done on the Dragon.  Feb 20th is when my Granny passed away last year and I think I want to start my Monopoly Stitch.  I'll need to find some game board pieces to stitch on there though my board won't be to scale.  I bought 14 count fabric instead of 18.  I'll do a quick check in the stores but I think 14 Aida is what they normally had.  I hope everyone has a nice hermit and stitch weekend.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dress Up Day 15

And now I am done for this unless I just really decide I want to wear a dress.
Can't really see how shiny the shirt is or the texture on the tights.
Tomorrow I get to go to a friends and have a nice day stitching.  Found out at work we have a training and since it falls in my lunch I'd have to go after it.  So hopefully they can push it up so I can leave at 5 instead of 5:30 since it makes little sense to go to lunch come back for 30 min and then leave. 
Also, this Saturday will be meeting them again so I'll seem to have the good start for the hermit stitch weekend.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dress Up Day 14

Did change out the black jacket for my red one and didn't wear the scarf out but I didn't get a picture when I bought it and I was cold this morning.   I hope everyone had a pleasant Valentines Day.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Dress Up Day 13 and crafty goodies

 I did put on hose, my nude fishnets.  They have holes in the toes now and might have to be got rid of soon :(
 My progress on my Love Quilt Square and I'll soon be done with the Dolly Mama border on Catmas so I'll have to plan out the border on Crap now I have to wrap.
Bad photo of my creative Lo :p which is a highly uncreative LO done really quickly to get it in before tomorrow.  Now I have no idea what I'll do for D.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dress Up Day 11 and 12

 Yesterday There was a Hockey game so I stitched some on Rivalry.  Realized that some of the 2 over 2 stitches were not done with 2 strands of krinek so tried to go back but couldn't really tell the difference.  Ah well.  Wore all black and it was really cold when I went out and I didn't get a scarf so bought one from Walmart for 2.50  didn't get a  pic but it's black with white and gray polkadots.  I actually wore a "pink" necklace!  A friend brought us these Rose Stone necklaces that only come from a certain place in Asia, it's very pretty.
 Today a little casual but it's Sunday, business causal is only Mon-Fri!  I did some stitching on my quilt square and watched an episode of Star Trek The Original Series.  Hubs is catching up on Bones so might join him and stitch some.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Dress Up Day 10 Ferret Friday

 Got a good amount of progress on the body today.  Getting really tired of brown, and I'm about to run out of one so will need to buy more.
Didn't go out anywhere today, but managed to look cute while cleaning the bathroom.  Stretched something wrong in my back though :p  Then hubs and I watched Bones while I stitched.  He's still catching up on the 2nd Season.  Tomorrow I might pull out some movies and stitch the Dragon.  I do need to read and get these books back to the library.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dress Up Day 9

Well can't see the hose but they're probably the same brown ones I wore last time. 
Didn't get to eat with my friends today, I was finishing some stuff up at 7:30 and didn't log out and got a customer that took a while so they were leaving when I called my friend.  So went to McDonalds and got home to find out hubs had made his lasagna :p   ah well I know I'll have good dinner tomorrow.
I'll stitch some of my Love Quilt Square since I decided I deserved a Dr. Pepper (way to undo the 2 days I went to the gym this week) and now I'll be up all night :p

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dress Up Day 8

I hadn't worn this blue shirt for a while.  The skirt has ridges in it and I didn't feel like paring up another pattern so just went for solid black hose. 
I finished the purple border on my Dolly Mama Merry Catmas and might finish the black border tomorrow.  I'll need to plot out the third border if I'm going to have to start that border at work next.  I have some progress on my Love Quilt Square now that a heart is almost filled in with purple.  At least now I'm using the correct colors.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

dress up day 6 and 7

 Yesterday I had to take my own pictures.  These hose can only be worn with this skirt because of a run on the side.  I keep my hose until I can keep them no longer!
I had set up the movies to take my picture but then heard the air compressor stop so I went out and filled my tire with air.  Hubs had come downstairs so I had him take my pictures.  Yeah don't let the man who stayed home from work because he has sinus problems take your picture.  Actually the picture when he felt well didn't come out either. :p  He's usually a great picture taker.
And now to find some little clips or something to watch or maybe play pogo games till it's time to go to work.

Monday, February 6, 2012

WIPocalypse 2

 Image heavy today.  The above is my Computer Dragon which hasn't seen a stitch this year.  I need to get some movies going and get at it.  It's much bigger but I didn't want to unroll and try to find a place to take a picture.
 Welcome hasn't had a stitch, I found it's bag last night.  I'm hoping the wrinkles will come out.
 A book mark I kitted, it will have a lizard and there was a quote about a tale.
 Dolly Mama's are coming along.
 I started a love quilt square.  Thought I would have time to stitch at work, my friend said last year no one called.  Well people called this year!   After a few false starts with the dark yellow I got it going.  One little mistake where I did a whole T at the top of the E but that's all it effects so I don't care!
 My London project which I will start in May.  I bought blue fabric but I think it may be too dark.  Maybe I need to find a lighter blue or maybe an overdye sky instead?
 My Christmas Present from last year to be a start sometime this year.
 My Christmas Present from this year.
 I did my #3 start for my Ferret and I've been stitching it on Friday's his face is good and now for the body and the jewelery box.
Rivalry hasn't been stitched for a while.  The games haven't been televised or I'm not home to watch them and it doesn't get stitched.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Catch Up

On Friday we got rid of my computer tower and then got me a portable.  So changing everything around I didn't get the old hard drive loaded with my old pictures.  But it is nice to be able to take the computer out into the living room and be with my friend to look up quilling techniques.  I think we made more mess than anything and nothing was finished.  She took her pieces home to finish later and I was still playing around making spirals :p 
 Friday was a two skirt day.  I had originally worn my long denim skirt but selling my computer meant going up to Nashville so we went out to eat at Maggiano's.
 Then Saturday was the day I had my friend come over and we went and hit the craft stores and then came home to quill.  Or at least try to!  I was determined to learn to do a decent spiral and now I have to figure out what to do with all of them.  I also used my quilling comb to make an angel.  My friend laughed because I spent 5 bux and she said she could have given me her onion holder.  I told her I had looked for one of those but could never find one.  There were a few places that had it cheaper but whatever.  
This is also the last time I will wear these hose :(  I loved this pattern so much I kept it with holes but it go to the point where I was trying to pull them up every five seconds. 
 Today is Sunday so I can wear my other denim skirt as business casual is only Mon - Friday.  I'm taking my stitching to work because my coworkers say that last year on Super Bowl Sunday it was dead.  I'm bringing a little kit with me to reteach a friend.  She used to do it but she got frustrated when she would make mistakes and gave up.
Speaking of mistakes I'm about to hate my LOVE square!  Geometric pattern was kicking my butt I had started on the dark yellow color and kept going with it and trying to fix it and counting and recounting.  Finally figured out I had messed up where I started so the bottom parts of the rows had to go.  :p  So once I got the first row of diamond pattern figured out I switched to a different color and stitched in the light background and then the purple t pattern in the heart.  So hopefully now I have where everything goes!  I need to look through my bag and find another pair of scissors for my friend to use.  I hope everyone has a great Sunday.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dress Up Day Feb 2nd and cross-stitch

 My new dress from Target and my new hose by Vera Wang that I got at Kohls.  I layered them with my solid blue to make the pattern stand out a bit more.
A pattern that wasn't in my WIP but I decided to do a Love Quilt Square for a little girl that wanted Hearts, Flowers and the word Love.  Trusty stash of Calendar patterns to the rescue!  Couldn't find one with all three but I really like this one.  It's due July 1st lets see if I get it stitched and sent out on time.  Last quilt the Joy was done and sitting on the washer and was sent out right before the due date :p  I have a few min so I might have time to start going through floss before work.
Yesterday I did more of the border and marked on my fabric lightly with pencil to find the end!  I need to bring a little packet of pins or something to mark these things.  Especially the Crap now I have to Wrap one because that one doesn't have the same check pattern as the others.  It's solid then check and solid again.  I also did some back-stitching on Best Stressed while watching Robin Hood.  Still can't find the beading needle that fell into the couch.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dress Up Day and Progress

 First a page I did for the ABC's of Me challenge at Colorful Creations
 Since I was buggering people from the UK who thought I was going sans underwear I've changed my title to Dress Up Day ;)  black dress from Target, my epic stockings and a colorful headband.  Can't tell in the pic but it has some black netting.
 I was playing a pogo game and my Mom stopped in the chat to say there was a package for me.  OH that's what the box in the living room must be?!  Yeah hubs didn't say anything and I didn't investigate.  Here was this lovely warm jacket.  I couldn't fit the frame standing but it's nice and long and fits just right!  Thanks Mom!
 I sat with that box in the living room while watching Doctor Who and stitching a bit of the red sweater on Merry Catmas.  I don't think I've gotten anything else done on the Best Stressed.
Getting down all the DVD's to stack to take my picture reminds me I need to stitch on my big piece.  My friend posted that her 10th anny was coming up and mine will be 2 years from now and this piece needs to be done by then!  I started it around our 2nd anny, I don't think it got stitched on much when we moved to TN at first.
I haven't gotten any bookmarks or ornaments done but I guess with my other stitching it wasn't such a good idea to think I could get all that done.  Will try for at least paper bookmarks though to take to the library.  I have done something crafty all but one day of the month even if it is getting 5 stitches in during breaks.  I'll make a better round up list like I've seen others doing later, I need to get to work!
OH and on Monday I saw One for the Money with my friend from work.  Great movie.  If you've got $10.50 for the ticket go see it!