Tuesday, January 10, 2012

No Pants Day 10

Aww how cute I looked today as I sit here in my work out clothes.  I go to the gym Mon-Wed I might be able to start going on Sundays.  I think when I first started I worked so late they were closed but now that my schedule is 11-7:30 I know I see cars there.  Can't wear a skirt, I think I've only seen tennis outfits with a skirt and you can't do some of those machines in a skirt :p
Dress by Old Navy that I bought with my b-day money.  I've had the scarf for a while I think it came from Dillards.  I know the tights did I got them last year on clearance.  The jean jacket is a little bit warmer than the turquoise top I bought to go with it.  It was a freebie from a neighbor I traded some other stuff to go in the yard sale they were going to have. 
I did get my Love Quilt Square to the P.O. today and mailed it off.  Since I had time to kill I couldn't resist going to Sonic and getting a .99 large soda :p yeah I worked it off so I guess I balanced it out.  Except we went in for Pizza at work today ;)  Then I sat in my car while I waited for time to go in and stitched on my Dolly Mama piece.  Got the shoes done so I could find the bottom border so I could do the mindless stitching during breaks or if the calls were real slow but they weren't that slow today.  Lets not think of the callers, I got a real doozy.  I'm glad they're not all like that.


Brenda said...

ohhh howwww cute!!!!

diamondc said...

You look so cute I love the jacket I think I need to shorten one of mine.
Happy Day

Topcho said...

Hi again! This the blog that hosts the Terry Pratchett challenge - I really liked it because rereads are ok, and you set your goals. When I set mine, I saw I have only 4 Discworld books I haven't read yet, so my challenge is to read them. But quite a lot TP books are not translated and published here, so I have to wait *sob sob sob* But from the bright side, if I'm lucky and they publish some more, I will have more to add!