Sunday, January 22, 2012

pics from yesterday and Friday

 He has a lot more body and the start of an ear.
 She's got the face stitched.  Still looking for those beads.
 Started on Merry Catmas so I could get to the border and stitch at work.
 Pretty Flowers my hubby got at Whole Foods.
Beige-d out with everything but my hose were cute even if you can't see them.  The top layer was a floral pattern and I wore regular hose underneath it.


demeter83 said...

Awww, so many pretty things

Topcho said...

The wips are looking great! And I love your next no pants outfit!

Mouse said...

oooo well done on the stitching front :) and I like your outfit today too :) love mouse xxx

Mangogirl said...

gorgeous stitching :D