Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dress Up Day and Progress

 First a page I did for the ABC's of Me challenge at Colorful Creations
 Since I was buggering people from the UK who thought I was going sans underwear I've changed my title to Dress Up Day ;)  black dress from Target, my epic stockings and a colorful headband.  Can't tell in the pic but it has some black netting.
 I was playing a pogo game and my Mom stopped in the chat to say there was a package for me.  OH that's what the box in the living room must be?!  Yeah hubs didn't say anything and I didn't investigate.  Here was this lovely warm jacket.  I couldn't fit the frame standing but it's nice and long and fits just right!  Thanks Mom!
 I sat with that box in the living room while watching Doctor Who and stitching a bit of the red sweater on Merry Catmas.  I don't think I've gotten anything else done on the Best Stressed.
Getting down all the DVD's to stack to take my picture reminds me I need to stitch on my big piece.  My friend posted that her 10th anny was coming up and mine will be 2 years from now and this piece needs to be done by then!  I started it around our 2nd anny, I don't think it got stitched on much when we moved to TN at first.
I haven't gotten any bookmarks or ornaments done but I guess with my other stitching it wasn't such a good idea to think I could get all that done.  Will try for at least paper bookmarks though to take to the library.  I have done something crafty all but one day of the month even if it is getting 5 stitches in during breaks.  I'll make a better round up list like I've seen others doing later, I need to get to work!
OH and on Monday I saw One for the Money with my friend from work.  Great movie.  If you've got $10.50 for the ticket go see it!


Topcho said...

Great outfit, love the pretty dress wnad the fancy stockings. And just looking at the jacket makes me feel warm, which is good, because it's about -20 C here and looking at people in dresses makes me feel cold,lol. Merry Catmas and Best stressed are looking good and good luck with your big project!

Carla said...

nice dress
your stitching is looking good

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

"Since I was buggering people from the UK who thought I was going sans underwear "

You do realise that's a rude sentence in England too. ROFL!!

I think have a Dress Up Day is a great idea, I get fed-up wearing jeans all the time too. We used to have "Casual Friday" at work and I would wear my usual clothes but my maddest shoes and boots.