Monday, December 31, 2012

Last post of 2012

Again like last year I am hoping to blog more. Will probably see like last year where I did really well the first months and then it bottoms out mid year. Tomorrow I hope to craft once a day. I think this was a goal last year but again tapers off. Nice to set the idea out there though. I need to get stitching on the Monkey so he can be sent out on time. I won't have to go in until 11 so I should have some time in the morning to watch Netflix and stitch before running by a friends to pick something up. OH but I should do a diff crafty project...ah well it will get done eventually :p I checked over my book list from the library. The library saved me 971.25 give or take a few because Sept I trailed off in recording so I think a few Sherlock books are left off. Then I have an audio book on my new nook and about 4 that I checked out. I'm reading one of them. I don't know if it should go on this list or next years. My idea to give 10% didn't come to fruition but I did donate 2 movies for the giving tree. I got the letter from them and now I need to find it again so I can wrap it up for my parents since I donated in their name. Couldn't think of another Christmas present for them since they didn't want us to spend any money on them. Other goals for the new year are to get back into shape. Though I'm pigging out on cookies and probably a Dr. Pepper later. Maybe not I'll be up all night. I'm still wearing dresses/skirts the beginning of the month but its a little cool for some of them. I might take pics of my new skirt since that hasn't been put up yet. I hope everyone has a Happy and Crafty New Year.

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Love the gif this year ;) We'll be running away with fun projects. Not quite sure what I'll do for Jan but I do have some word trees that I need to do. They were on my WIP list but didn't get done. My dragon doesn't have any trees and I'm stitching a monkey for a love quilts square. Maybe one of the book mark patterns will work too. Stitched tonight with my friends at Arbys. Our Christmas Party is this Saturday and I'll be making brussel sprouts with maple syrup I hope. At least me, L. Sully and B. will eat them if no one else will :) Had to open up the lap top today the letter c on my regular keyboard doesn't want to work. And the washing machine is damaged and needs a part. :p Was hoping to go shopping at JA's tomorrow for floss but the sale doesn't start till Sunday and by the time I can go it will probably be ran sacked. I had gotten an extra 15% off sale items but it's only good through the 30th :p Also, by now Hobby Lobby is probably out of Christmas Trees but I wanted to get the tall black one. But needing the part for the washing machine will probably limit me even if they do have one at this store. I'm trying to convince myself that I have SABLE in cross-stitch and scrapbooking supplies and I really DO NOT need a loom kit and yarn. I think I need to find a knitter or crocheter I can trade off with. Well geeky knitter that will stitch me a Doctor Who Scarf, Jayne hat and some other geek stuff (darn PINtrest) and I will cross-stitch something or scrapbook in return. Good trade off right? Well since I'm running low on battery life I will stop my rambling and get crafty. I'm floating on Dr. Pepper and probably won't sleep for a bit longer.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Reading Wednesday

Over on the Zachary Quinto Community Page I post what I'm reading every Wednesday.  Going to try to remember to dust off the blog and post here too, so the blog doesn't get so lonely.

So what is everyone reading? I got a nook for Christmas and found some free Isherwood books. I checked out a bunch of books from the library. I have a Graphic Novel by Neil Gaiman Signal to Noise, 3 nonfiction books one on guns and the other two are about nonreligious movement and ones a personal story from a FAiTHeist. I'm reading that one right now. It's not biography but it's about his personal religious journey from growing up with no religion, to wanting to join with a youth group and converting, then his family found a church and once he did find God he realized he was gay and that the God he found wouldn't love him. He did go to college for a Religious degree and on the way became an atheist. I'm just past where he graduated.
So that's what I'm reading how about you?  
I think the library should be starting their Winter Reads soon.  I Hope so anyway.  I'll hopefully craft some bookmarks to give away.  They had some hanging up over Christmas for people to take.  They were nice but not the best things, not sure kids could have helped.  I've stitched some in the past to give and I have two stitched ones waiting to be finished.  I bought a book of patterns to stitch too.
I've crafted some today.  I made a belated b-day card for a friend and found 2 other cards that will work for friends birthdays.  I made one more Christmas Card for the House Mouse Challenge.  I haven't listened to all my Christmas CD's so I think there will be a few more cards.  I'm still not through all my Christmas paper!  With only me and Steve there aren't a lot of pictures.  I still have my friends get together on Saturday where we'll exchange presents so I may have more photos then.  I haven't realized how much I missed paper crafting till I started making all these cards!  I need to find a scrappy/stitchy balance. 
I hope everyone had a Wonderful Wednesday.

Monday, December 24, 2012


Yeah for Sharing to Pintrest.  I have one min to get this posted before heading to work :p  Next time I will remember it earlier since I'm trying to get up earlier.  I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Looking over

Well "cough cough" excuse me while I dust off the site.  50 hr work weeks are not conducive to blogging even though I did get stitching in.
I remembered I made a little book of what I wanted to get done and what I wanted to start so just leafing through.
#1. Computer Dragon (maniacal laugh) yeah lets hope I get that done before my 10th anny.  I have to do well on it this year because it's 8 1/2 right now and June will be 9 so I have a ways to go.
#2. Rivalry - nope 3rd Christmas or so since I bought that piece and I don't know when the last time I picked it up was.  I dumped it out of its bag for another project.
#3 - #5 were the Dolly Mama's these I did finish!  Well the stitching they're still in a pile looking for something to finish them with.
#6. Mardi Gras motifis - I actually did make magnets
#7. Coasters - Wine nope never even got their bag out.
#8. Welcome - Wine I know I stitched some on this but not a lot
#9 Dragon - Wintzler is what I think it says.  No that kit hasn't come out either.
#10. Winter snowman - nope not out of its bag either!
So what did I do all year?  Well I did the little USA heart and I started the big London Project and the eyeglass case, and a lot of love quilt squares for children!  So at least someone gets to see and use my stitching rather then it be in a pile for me!
Lets see if I started the projects I said I was going to start.
#1. Autumn Snowman, never found this mag and pattern.  I swore I had it.
#2. Monopoly.  I did start this but Monday stitching fell by the wayside.
#3. Ferret - yes!  And I was debating on how to put name or something on it.  Also, looking for another ferret pattern because just yesterday I lost my Ponder and now I should do a piece for him.  I don't want to stitch the same thing but something about the same size for a white/gray ferret.
#4. London - Did a good start and got just over a page done.  My Mom bought me a pattern that I will use for the Winter Olympics in 2014
#5. Ornaments Aunts - uh no and #6 Uncles no too.
#7 Tree of Stitches - the threads are pulled still but never asked for the pattern though its clogged up my gmail with following the thread.  Ah I need to get in there and tidy up.  I still like that pattern though.
#8. Wedding Sampler - nope you'd think my project for my 10 year Anny should be that wouldn't you? :p
#9. Apron's - no this still has thread that I bought for it what a Thanksgiving ago?  One day I will get all of Donna's stitchy presents that she gives me done!
#10. Wine Country - no I think this was the big kit she got for me.  But I did start the eyeglass case in needlepoint.  I have to do back stitching and put the thing together.  Lets see if I get this done before our party next week :p

I agree that a lot of stuff on that list needs to be done.  But then I'll go to Love Quilts and see an adorable theme and have to stitch!  I finished a Noah's Ark and even though it didn't go to the intended child because I couldn't stitch fast enough (and I worked on London during the Olympics) It did go to a child who will love it.  So did several squares this year.  I think it's the most I've ever done in a year for Love Quilts.
I've also bought a great many magazines and more patterns!  We went to Cincinatti on our way back home from Thanksgiving and I stopped in an LNS and bought my letter M by Mirabella.  I'm changing out some of the colors because I don't like the greens in my M.
I think this year is going to be an owly year.  I found lots of cute owl patterns in magazines and on pintrest!  I think my X-stitch board has sable patterns on it already!

Merry Christmas to everyone and be thankful that you survived the Mayan Apocalypse.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Monday

OK I was going to post a pic of my Parlympic progress but the 3 photos I took with my camera phone are :p
So it will have to wait.  I didn't finish a full page like I did on the Olympics.  With it being online instead of TV I was sitting away from the computer getting distracted by the internet :p
Now I'm switching gears to get Noah's Ark done by Oct.
I have a crown to finish too by Nov but I used up my Krienik and none of the box stores in the area carry that blue.  ARG.
Then it will be on to the Monkey.  I stitch way to many Love Quilt squares! Na I love it.
At my job there will be no stitching time for me anymore.  I'll be helping people in the morning and phone time for 4 hours.  Hoping the boss can talk to the higher ups about letting me work a little bit longer so I can get out earlier on Thurs so I can actually meet my friends for dinner and stitch.  It'll be 10hrs a day 5 days a week, not that much time for stitching but the ot pay will be helpful.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Ok I said in last post that I was going to post on Wednesdays.
No pics of my stitching but a lot of blue is coming a long.
On Wednesdays I post a book post over at the Zachary Quinto Community page to see what everyone is reading.  I did a summer reading thing and am stitching a book mark for one of the ladies.  Now that I bought the thread I was using I need to get to it or it will be time for Winter Reading!
I've got a Graphic Novel about a clockwork princess to read and Tooth Fairy by Graham Joyce to finish on Friday before 5.  Might get to it or have to renew.  Hopefully it's not like the Doctor Who DVD's and are being held by someone.  I'll have to check them out later.
Been trying to watch the Paralympics but the beta of the Smart Viewer hasn't been too friendly.  Plus just so long.  I need little blips or just the one event race in chunks and not 4 hours of event.  Last night it would skip and play back the race I had just seen and not move forward.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Conglomoration Post

 oi, if I load the pics first I can't find where to type.  Ok first pic to get my London key chain in the pic.
2nd pic I managed to finish the 1st page and a bit of London during the London 2012 Olympics
3rd, just watched morning session of Athletics for the London 2012 Paralympics.  Hope to get another page done for these games.  Already took 9/9 off to watch the closing and catch up on things.  Haven't watched the Opening Ceremony yet :p
4th TUSAL it finally broke along the crack and I had to use epoxy glue to stick it back together.  What's with all my TUSAL's breaking?
The mound of floss in the back was for a stocking project.  Probably won't start it this year but the floss at JA's is on sale 4 for $1.  Then I checked Love Quilts and forgot I had signed up for another child so I'll have to check if I have all the floss for that one and make another run before Monday :)
I promise September to be a better blogger.  If I don't blog on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday someone come round to facebook and bonk me on the head ;)  or e-mail me

Friday, July 27, 2012

London 2012 Start

I started at 3 today when the Olympic Opening Ceremony actually started in London and did 100 stitches.  There is actually two different colors of blue but you can barely tell the difference between the 825 and the 517.  I'm really wishing the fabric I had bought had been big enough but it was an inch too short all around.  I had to cut a 22 by 18 piece of 14 count Aida.  So lots and lots of blue.  The resulting image will be Tower Bridge, I'm wondering how I can throw in the Olympic Rings like they displayed them on the bridge but the pic is at a bit of an angle.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Noah's Ark

Getting there.  I had dome some words at work but when I was stitching with my friends I found that it was in the wrong place so I had to frog.
Tomorrow I'll go to JA's and see if there is blue fabric in the size I need.  Other wise I'll be stitching a lot of blue!
Also, I put in to have Sunday the 12 off for the closing ceremonies so I have a whole day to sit and stitch and get progress on it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Conglomoration WIPacolypse, TUSAL and sorta Themealious post

Hi, I'm Ziggy and I'm addicted to Pogo.  If you don't know what that is I shouldn't tell you as games are really addicting.I haven't been neglectful of my stitching and did get the Love Quilt Square for Cristobal done and mailed.  I just uploaded pics and didn't realize it was tilted :p
 I had been doing it at work and I brought it around to show.  I told one of the guys that it was going to be a quilt square for a child and he started asking me how much it would cost me to do one.  I was thinking like others he wanted me to stitch something for him.  However, he basically wanted to sponsor me to do a quilt square!  I couldn't justify the price that I normally would have charged so I told him 20 and the cost of stitching and the 3 dollars for the donation.  (Which reminds me I forgot to send 3 bux for the other square.)  I was going to wait till the beginning of Aug when the new children were released but there was a call for stitchers to fill the last 2 quilts.  So I jumped on the chance to do a sports theme but I took the book for my coworker to decide and when I got back home it was too late.  The other square was still open so I jumped on that one and had to run to buy fabric so he owed me 7 more dollars.  The patterns have to be 9X9 and if I had used the fabric I had it was going to be too big so I had to buy smaller count but that's what coupons are for.  So here is the beginning of Noah's Ark.
 I got all the floss wound and it's in the box with my London colors  I was looking at the fabric to see what size to cut when I was going to do Noah's Ark and I realized then the blue fabric was way too small.  But I think the blue fabric only comes in 14 count at that size so I may have to use white after all.  I'll be putting a pause in Ark while the games go on.  I'm a little torn right now because the Opening Ceremonies don't start till Friday but some of the games have all ready started.  I guess I'll find the Olympic Colors in the pattern and stitch on  that.
Here is TUSAL, filling up nicely.  With so much floss in the box I don't have a place for orts so I'll have to bring it to work so it gets filled up with Ark and London.
I don't really have anything to go with the Jolly July Theme but the Noah's Ark is pretty happy. 
Also, did stitch on Computer Dragon on Saturday at my stitch with the girls.  I need to do something on it other than stitch across the top row I feel like a typewriter starting at one end and working my way across the top to the right.  I was saying 'ding' as I started over with a different color. 
I also finished my Ferret Friday over 4th of July weekend when we went up to see my MIL and family.  Her husband had fallen off a ladder and broke his pelvis in 2 places.
A friend suggested I put Pratchett's name on the piece and I think I'll do that so still have a little to do on the ferret that should have been done in June but I didn't stitch on it on Friday's :p
I'll keep better progress of my projects over the Olympics I swear!
Speaking of which does anyone know what happened to Milly?  I sent her my Olympic Relay Pattern and she got it and then when I had been checking blogs she's completely gone?!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Milly's Giveaway

I was neglectful of blog following and I almost missed Milly's Giveaway.  Go check it out for the most adorable bunny.  When you check the rest of the blog there's some pretty fabrics and patterns the bunny is bringing too.  My colors too!  A lavender, yellow and green color which is what I painted my new storage cubes (ok hubs helped and his look better than mine)  Also, love bunnies ;)  I have a nice bookshelf that could hold craft stuff that instead holds a plethora of Eeyores and bunnies.


 I've been working some overtime instead of blogging.   This first pic is my Dad's card that I quickly stitched for him and then sent out late.  Last years was early so this one makes up for that :p
 TUSAL for June.  I cracked the tribble maker but it's still good to go.  Plastic is the way to go people!
 Theme update, working on my dragon still, it's a bit of an animal.  I feel like a typewriter, I go across the top filling in the top square in the first row so I can try to roll down the piece and I keep going back and forth.  Oh and I found another spot I messed up on near where that big blob of blue is and it's part of the dragon face too. :p  I hope it turns out OK if I work around it, I'm not ripping anything out of this!
Close up of the corner where you can see I filled in.

I feel so bad, I haven't been paying attention to other blogs and the Traveling Pattern is with Kay.  It went with her to Italy and she's taken some fun pics of her trip and with the stitching, who ever thought the Traveling Pattern would actually get to Travel!

Milly, has posted that she has received the Olympic Relay Pattern.  No posts yet but she had some gorgeous needle rolls on her blog you should check out. :)  Today at work there was a TV near by and I got to see some of the Olympic Trials in diving and track.

Besides OT I've been trying to put together my craft room which looks like Dorothy Gale came through in her house.  I hope I don't get squashed with my feet sticking out from under the mess. 
How do you store your floss and patterns?  I would like ideas because throwing it all at the shelf won't help. :p  I have the floss sorted in baggies (mostly) and then in a large black bag that I have to dig through and then most of it doesn't end back in the baggies.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Traveling Pattern Goes too...

Kay!  of Kay's Random World!  Is next in the Traveling Stitcherhood.  Sorry Gray Tail you'll have to stalk her blog now, the random number generator chose comment number 5.

Monday, June 4, 2012

June WIPocalypse

Some progress in May I started an Olympic Relay Stitch that is now on it's way to Milly.

I also received the Traveling Pattern Thankful for Ewe from Geeky Heather.  You have until Thursday if you want to be the next person here's the link to the post.

I have a pattern that I want to stitch for the Olympics but I like Measi's Olympic Stitching too.  We'll have to see how crazy I am.

Along, with mailing off the Olympic Relay Stitch I mailed off my Love Quilt Square for Caitlyn Z.  I'm still working on the UFO for Cristobal.  People at work can now tell it's a UFO.
If you're participating in Jumaji June or thinking about it (Geeky Heather's Theme-a-licious) There's an any child theme for wild animals of Africa, South America and Southern Asia.
 I've been stitching on my Computer Dragon.  I moved it to the living room so I can stitch and watch TV.  I've been watching Stanley Cup Playoffs lately and Star Trek TOS.
 Look the corner is almost filled in!  I want to get the top row done so I can roll the bar up some and not have to roll back.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Olympic Relay Pattern passes the torch too..

Milly's Stitches 

I used a random number generator to select out of the 3 comments.   Please, e-mail your snail mail address to ziggyeor @
I'm so tickled this is making it's way to England.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ginger Snaps Scraps Give-away

Though stitching has taken over the blog I also scrap.  (It would help if I cleaned my dang room so I have space to scrap)  So trying to win some new stamps from Lawn Fawn to motivate me ;)  If you like to stamp or stitch cards and want a little extra oomph check out Ginger Snap Scraps.

Thankful Time to Travel

I had done a few of the letters last night and today I mostly just sat and stitched.  I stitched all morning and in the car on the way to meet my parents for lunch as they were driving back through town.  Even stopped by a quilt store to see if I could find a backing fabric.  Debating on if I should frame it or make something else out of it. Tomorrow I will have to clean something out in the dinning room to appease my husband. ;)   Had a tiny frog appear when I stitched the h a half stitch too far over but everything else seemed to go well and I had just enough Old Oak Tree.  Which was the only color that the chart called for that I had picked out even before the pattern had arrived.  I changed the color of the flower because my sheep loving friend is fond of blue. 

So far this pattern has traveled from Geeky Heather, Sharon (Daffy Cat), Mouse, Anne, Gracie, and it started with Tricia.

If you'd like to stitch this pattern, please leave a comment on this post saying you want to be the next person in the stitcherhood.  If you're chosen, you promise to stitch it right away and pass it on as soon as you can.  I will mostly likely draw on Thursday June 7th.  I took the day off from work because my anniversary was on the 5th and I wanted a long weekend.  I will probably sit and stitch my dragon pattern since my husband was getting low on days he could take and we're saving for something down the road.

Also, don't forget I have my own relay stitch that I will draw for on Sunday before I go to work.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Traveling Pattern

Ferret Friday will have to wait, I received the traveling pattern Thankful for Ewe today.  I'm smiling because I had looked at the pics to see how many colors I needed and actually picked one of the listed threads.  I don't know if I have enough so I do have a back up.
May get started right now.  My other BiL came in on his way through to pick up his son and they are now rooting his phone.  Joy of tech people. :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Progress on my Love Quilt Square.  I still need to mail my other one off.  Last night and today at work I've been working on wrapping my floss on cards to store in a tackle box.  It was taking to long to sort through the things and 2 of them lost their numbers so I had to remember what those were anyway.  Then it looks like I bought the wrong color, I'll need to look back through my stash to see what I have.

Don't forget if you want to have the Stars & Stripes pattern relayed to you to comment on the post below.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


If I had stitched at all on Friday it would have been done then too.  Instead just over  a week on the relay.  I was hoping I could get the video of Matt Smith running the relay, thanks You Tube since BBC is slow..  (For those of you that don't know Matt Smith plays the 11th incarnation of Doctor Who)

Ok I know you really just want to see the picture of the finished project. 


I haven't finished, finished it yet because I'm not quite sure how to make a heart shaped ornament.  The model at the store was just framed flat.

So now to relay the pattern.  Not sent with charms or anything so you can pick out your own so if it goes to someone not in the USA they can pick their own charms and colors.  I'll leave this open till next Sunday June 3rd and then pick a winner to mail to.  It will probably be 7:30 or so in the morning Central time when I pick in hopes the person can get their addy to me and I can mail it on Monday.

We'll do this like other traveling patterns, follow the last person who stitched/is stitching it, post your progress, relay it on to the next person in a timely manner.  Lets see how many get this done before A. the relay is over and B. before the Olympics and Paralympics are over.

Friday, May 25, 2012

It has some back stitching and a few more beads and then  I just have to figure out how to finish it.  Any suggestions?  It's Friday so the first thing if I stitch today is going to be the Ferret project.  Once I've got the back stitching and the beads done I'll open it up for relay :)
My suggestion if you stitch in an over dye like I did is not to start a new row with endy bits.  Save them all up for the hearts down there and maybe you can get a better stripe pattern.  I tried to get the blue and and red as best I could but there isn't a lot of white before it fades to light blue or pink.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yiota's Cross Stitch Kits  I love these kits and Jo who can't think of a clever nickname is having a giveaway over at her blog Serendipitous Stitching  Leave her a comment on her amazing Dark Alphabet too.  I'm envious now.  I wasn't thrilled with A-D but now that I see the whole thing I wish I had started.  She got a pretty prize pack too for finishing before the designer!

Now to the heart of the matter ;)  I added the beads and charm as it said in the row, maybe should have waited on the charm.  Then did the next band of weaving cross-stitch and started on the large cross stitch.  I was using up the endy bits and I'm thinking I should have waited for the smaller stitches at the end but ah well.
Ok last night I figured out what I think I was supposed to do for row 4 and then I did the Stars.  The next row was the same as 4 so I did that and stopped there.  There are supposed to be beads and the charm goes in the center.  I didn't have my beading needle.  I'm thinking gold beads.  I didn't do gold thread in the weaving but I think I should be going for gold not silver ;)

With the time difference I could watch highlights from the days torch relay but there wasn't a live feed so I searched around the net.  I thought the 30 Olympic Moments was something on NBC but apparently it hasn't aired yet?  But they did have Leno and he interviewed Hugh Laurie and found out that his father was an Olympic Gold medalist.  However it was never mentioned in the house.  He didn't find out his father was a rower until he and his parents were getting into some boat and he asked his Mom if his Dad knew what he was doing.  They got home and his medal was kept in the sock drawer!  Hugh says he has it in a safe now.  It was from 1938 (I think) and they didn't use all gold it's mostly tin and the gold has worn off.  I think I've heard that happening to some other medals too.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Ok copied it from my Google +  I need to spend more time figuring that out but I used the google account instead of yahoo so I can't sync the thing over here :p

Besides not figuring that out I can't figure out Row 4 on this thing.  I did the xstitch row and finished and then I did the stitches on row three and did the weaving of the blending filament which gives a tiny bit of sparkle but I didn't want to go too bold with the gold, red or blue that I had.

So someone explain Row 4  Couching: using 6 strands of DMC floss come up from underside of the fabric at the beginning of the row and go back down at the end of the row leaving several inches of floss at each end on the underside of the fabric.  Floss must lay flat on the upper surface.  Then stitch over with 2 strands of DMC floss as sown in diagram below.  To anchor floss tails left on underside of fabric wave them carefully through the over-stitching on the underside of the fabric.

Of course this gave floss numbers but I'm just using the overdye or at least I think I will.  What I think this means is starting from where the left side just under the staggered x's are, I insert the needle and then go all the way across to the other side and poke it back through.  Then make sure that huge line lays flat.  Next I take 2 strands of floss and I'm making a straight line up and down in 2 places and an x (that's what the diagram looks like, the actual grid on the front looks like boxes adn then an x and then three boxes and an x but I'm guessing the top bars are just to show where the thread goes and then you're doing two lines an x three lines x   |  |  x  |  |  | x |  |  | x until I get to the end.)  Then when I get that done I take the endy bits on the back and attach it to the border stitch?  or did the crazy stitching on the top leave something to run it behind?  Some said they had this pattern Help ME! :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Stitched and TUSAL

 I managed the border, band 1 Herringbone stitch and some of the cross stitch before running out of the second length that I cut.
My TUSAL with my project.

I've also been working a bit on a Love Quilt Square that will be a space ship and a Princess crown square.  I think my Ferret Friday I just don't want to finally finish.  If I had sat down and worked on it all day last Friday I know it would have been done but I just did a little bit.

Just got scared by some noise on my computer.  I sat and stitched while watching some of the pre-videos on the Olympic Torch Site and then watched some You Tube.  Apparently though the live coverage has now started.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Start

Still using my phone to take pics.  I cleaned today instead of hermit ing so haven't started yet.  Tonight my friends and I are going to see a play.  One of ours stitcher's is an actress too so we decided tonight will be a goodnight since it's when we usually met to stitch and it's my Birthday weekend ;)  Just remind me to put the sd card back in my phone!  I keep trying to use google plus and forgetting that I made the blog before I had my gmail account and they don't seem to talk to each other.  Either I need to figure out how to sync the e-mails or if I can keep the blog but change the e-mail I use to sign in.

You can kinda sorta see in the picture that its cross-stitch around the edge and a little on the insides.  There's a Herringbone stitch and something to do with weaving that they did with some metallic but with the Weeks Dye that I'm using I'm not sure if I want to do metallic?  If I do I might do Gold. I think when I get to the bottom hearts I may get out the regular dmc so the flags on them will look right.  This came with a Silver USA charm.  Of course if I stitch it I'll not have one to give away when I relay it.  Should I supply another one or let someone pick their own charm?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Olympic Torch Relay

The Olympic Torch Relay starts in a few hours

I have a small project I found that I had bought who knows when at the LNS.  Though I did find a bigger project I was going to do during the games.  I'm going to try to do this little project during the relay.   Now the project is The Sweetheart Tree's Stars & Stripes Heart.  I cannot find a picture of it anywhere though the site still sells the charm.  It has several bands to make the inside of the heart and I'm already confused at band 4.  It's also supposed to use some blending filaments and beads it looks like but I have a skein of Weeks Dye Works Independence that color changes red white and blue so I am going to try and use that and see how it goes.

I'm going to post a pic of the pattern tomorrow.  When I get done with it I'll 'Relay' it to the next person.  I guess if the person needs the charm I can get one to mail?  How should I handle that best do you think?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Birthday Present

I saw a link to this Fossil Bag on Facebook, I don't remember where, and decided I had to have it and customize it.  I messaged my Mother who works at Dillard's in FL and asked her if they got it in to let me know how much it was with her discount.  She said my Birthday was coming up so she'll see :)  It arrived on Thursday evening and I went back to the instruction site after some digging around for it.  Since looking at it the first time I had changed computers and not all my book marks came back.  The instructions look easy enough until you look at the bag at the top of the page and then the third picture of the bag with the finished stitching.  The grid is not a grid.  It makes a nice diagonal pattern and I have no idea how they stretched it out to a grid because even with a water bottle and then the contents of my purse in the main bag I couldn't get it to stretch out for perfect X's.  They really do look like crosses.

oh blast it all.  I was trying to add pics from my phone and you can do it with a Google plus account but of course I created this site before my gmail account which is what the Google plus is attached to.

And who's bright idea was it to put the sd card in the back of the phone instead of the side?  Now it's getting a billion things off the sd card again.  Eventually we will have progress and done photos.

 original purse
 matching wallet Mom found :)
 First key I wanted to go along the bottom of the bag but the grid threw me off and it got very truncated. 
 Second key, they suggested putting something in the bag to mimic the weight so I had put a water bottle in like they did but without it , the top part of the key is off like in the next pic.
 Third key not quite far enough down but I thought I was going to make it longer and then decided not too.
 That left a big gap in the middle so I did my initials but my M is always bigger than the C so after a few tries I and pulling out I got the L and C to look right.

and I did the wallet with another key design.  had to fill some of it to make it look right at the top.
The only time you have to go through the lining is the first and last, you can guide your needle under the leather to make the stitches which means you can't run through if you're tying to get the other row :p   I tied knots at the back but I couldn't get all of them to go down to the lining so I pulled them tight and taped the backs.  

I got the patterns from a card book and I used over dyed threads because it's my 30'th B-day and I felt like it.  Hoping the colors don't run off on it but if need be I could take it out or clean up the leather a bit.   I'll find the book later with the stuff getting the pics loaded its now time for me to head to work.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

WIPoclaypse April

 I finished Merry Catmas!  Now working on Holy Crap now I have to Wrap.  Headless, handless and footless thing she is.

Ferret Friday.  I did a little bit of backstitching.  We went camping and I grabbed him to take a long and got a little bit done.  I realized when trying to stitch the string I somehow added another pearl in there so it's 2 stitches further down :p  Ah well.  Still debating to put the words in there or not.  Above him should say Curiosity killed the cat, but it motivates my ferret.

I did get 2 other book marks done but I don't know where I put the pieces to Book, Book, Book.  I used Read More Books  freebie pattern I got from mr.xstitch's link.  I'll have to locate the link again for ya.

I did do a little bit of Amazon April and stitched one color on my Dragon piece last Saturday at my friend's house.  It's such a little bit here and there though that you can't really tell anything changed.  I will work on it more in May as it's my husband's 10 year anniversary present.  On June 5th I will have 2 more years to get it done!

On the 15th of May it will be my 30th birthday.  I've already made sure I have the day off at work and plan on spending time with my friends.  

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Good News, Bad News and ARG!

 Good News I finished my bookmark at work today.  Deciding how I want to finish him so I can give him to the library.  I think I have Xyron sticker maker with sticky to laminate so I could laminate and stick it to card stock.  Or could just stick it to card stock.  I mainly want to protect the back of it, but since it's being given to kids I want it durable.
 Bad News.  When I went was going out to my car I didn't have the pouch my project was in deep in my purse because I brought my umbrella with me.  So I swung the purse getting into the car and it dropped shattering my Ort Ornie.  However the Orts slid right out from under it and the pieces were pretty large so I still have that unlike when my first TUSAL Jar broke.
The ARG is my work mandating OT.  We're supposed to do our week day off but of course this is the 2 weeks where I actually have stuff I planned for Friday.  So I'm working one Sat 9-2 (they agreed to a 5hr rather than an 8hr because it was too short notice for people to work I guess)  Then next week I'll just do 4 10hr days and a regular day on Thurs so I have my weekend plans.
So now to hunt down the Rectangular Rainbow Tribble Maker while I contemplate a different Ort container.  must remember that  plastic travels better :p

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WIPoclaypse April

 I started on the Iguana bookmark yesterday.  I found out I won a free pattern from Funk and Weber and it's the week to donate bookmarks.  So I better get busy!  I did a lot of that at work today, I had this piece so I'm stitching over one and I think I need to find me a smaller needle.  I also need to get reading with them!  I still haven't participated in the book group except I think when they were discussing The Graveyard Book.  I had all ready read that one.  Right now they're reading The Help, that may be on the Hot Reads at the library so I may have to pay for it.  Currently I finished a book about Glock, I'm reading a book called Moby-Duck.  It's about how the author tried to track down a lost shipment of children's toys.  Then I have the Graphic Novels Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi.  Even if you don't think you're a Graphic Novel person you should read these, they are an autobiography of her life growing up in Iran during the revolutions and the wars.  I think the last book ended in the 80's when she was being sent away and then Persepolis 2 is about her return, I finished the first book but haven't started the 2nd.  Tomorrow at work my friend is bringing me a copy of The Hunger Games since I don't seem to get around to reading it on my husbands tablet.
 I've stitched a bit on Dolly Mama.  I was hoping to do Amazon April over at It's Geek to Me's Blog and stitch on my Dragon piece but the best time to do that is weekends and it looks pretty full.  I may need to work ot hours on this and next Friday.  Saturday is the MS Walk if anyone would like to donate to team Cook Bacon I'd appreciate it.  My friend Bacon and I will be walking 2 miles because that's her limit ;)  I also signed up for the one in my town but I found out that's the weekend that hubs and I were going to Chattanooga for a special event at the Aquarium.  A new exhibit is opening and they are having a member event.  We don't have to stay Saturday but I don't want to feel rushed getting back and I don't have anyone else walking with me in that event anyway.  Bacon's not going to drive that far, it's far enough to get to Nashville.
I haven't been posting Dress Up Day pics because they are too repetitive.  I did like this outfit though with my layered stockings.  You can see a bit in the picture that the fishnets are shiny.  I needed a purple shiny day to give me a boost.  Work is :p and it's my fault, I failed two of my surveys.  Bah humbug but it'll get better.  OH and last weekend we went out to Opry Mills because they had just reopened and I got a dress at Old Navy so I'll take a pic when I wear that but it's too casual to wear to work.  Granted I'll end up wearing my plaid baby doll dress to work if I go in on Friday 13th ;)  Also, some women need a memo that leggings are not the same thing as pants.  I was complaining to my boss but they aren't enforcing the dress code as strictly as they said they would.  Then some of the people on my team were wearing them too and even though they were curvy it still looked OK, but there was someone I saw today that I just thought "Did you look at yourself in the mirror before you went out?"
Ah well, It's also the start of the Stanley Cup Finals, in Hockey.  First game was tonight and my Penguins lost to hubs Flyers in ot 4-3.  Which wouldn't have been so bad if they hadn't been up 3-0 at the end of the first :p  We need to do better!!  I should be stitching my hockey stitch while watching the game then huh?  I think it's been two finals that I've stitched through now and the thing still isn't done!
Well goodnight and sorry for my rambling ons.  I need to get better at posting so I don't have so much to say in one go!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools!

Well more like March Fools!  I hardly got on in March.  I did all my Dress Up Days but I just didn't get pictures and its all the same outfit over and over.
However this Saturday I went on a little spending spree and got some hose clearance on Target, sweater ones for next winter and some solid ones.  I paired it up with the purple hose I got from Charming Charlies a few weeks ago.
Then I did stitch on my ferret on Friday while watching The National Parks documentary on Netflix.  I ran out of brown and had to go to Michael's to pick one up.  I thought I had a 50% coupon at home but I guess it expired and I didn't print it in time.  Did get 40% off another box to organize my room with, when I went to Hobby Lobby I found the same thing but cheaper :p so I got a different style.

Today starts Script Frenzy, I'm debating still.  I've done NaNoWriMo where you write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November.  This is a 100 page script for anything, movie, play, graphic novel.  I only seem to write in November, between the cross-stitch and the scrap booking (which I haven't done much of) I don't make time.  I've made more time for riding the bike since it's nice out in the morning and I go to the gym after work Mon-Wed.  I now have one of the guys helping me with exercise so maybe I'll actually lose weight rather than stay the same. (probably help if I stopped drinking Dr. Pepper)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dolly Mama one down 2 to go

 My progress yesterday.  I found the beads and added them and when I wasn't home I was stitching on Merry Catmas in the car.  Then I had a Dr. Who marathon and stitched until it got too late.
A little better picture of Best Stressed.  I'm looking around the web for wall hanging ideas and what fabric to use.  I know I want a checked pattern for the border, and one of the colors to go around the edge.  Trying to think of what a good middle fabric would be.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

TUSAL and Ferret Friday

Ferret progressing a bit slowly.  I had to take out a bit of the yellow of the box and redo it but not as bad as Monopoly.  I still haven't decided what to do for Monopoly.  My friend C gave me some of her orts she kept in a little altoids tin so I had to break them up to try to fit them in the ornament.  Something going to have to tamp it down really well or I'm going to need another one! 
We've had beautiful weather so hubs and I took a walk in one of the local parks.  My feet made it out better this time.  He's airing out the tent right now so in a few weeks we may do some camping for his birthday if the weather is nice.  We'll be going out soon so I'll have to bring one of my Dolly Mama's with me.  I finished the back stitch on Best Stressed and I found I had put the beads in the Ferret project so I just have to add those.  We'll be going close to a quilt store so I may bring all the ones I've done and find some fabric for my wall hanging idea.  Maybe they can help with some ideas on how it can look.  Of course it'd probably be cheaper to buy some of the fabric at Hobby Lobby when it's on sale.