Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Where George and Jim sit

George and Jim sit under my computer monitor with whatever other stuff wedged in like Oliver and Sinclair Chocolate, a fishy and shell turtle from friend who went to FL, Myrtle the turtle getting crushed by hubs' Valentine's card, some necklaces, a number for a dairy?, the book I was keeping track of my WIPocolaypse in, etc.
 The TUSAL's didn't get named until the start of Jan 2011.  I had been using a glass bowl from my wedding when I started TUSAL  in 2009.  At the start of Jan 2010 when I was trying to figure out what to do with the orts, my ferret Pratchett decided for me.  He finally got onto the couch and the end table where I had left it and knocked it over. :p  Bad Ferret!  So I dug through my stuff for something durable.
My next TUSAL container was this, it was meant to hold playing cards.  I had Monty Python Holy Grail game cards but as I was the only person with time, out they went and in went orts.  When I dumped the orts into a mug in Jan 2011 to start over they stayed clumped together in the shape of the container.  I immediatly got that Loony Tunes feeling when that loveable big off would find a wee little creature and say he was going to love them and squeeze them and hold them and call them George.  So George was named. 
After I set George on my computer desk I decided he looked like a Rectangular Rainbow Tribble (RRT).  I then remembered watching the new Star Trek movie and James T. Kirk's father was named George and his Grandfather was Tiberius.  So the RRT got named George, the old one got posthumously named Tiberius and the new RRT became Jim. 
I do not have a name for the ornament beyond TUSAL 2012.
Sadly I've only caught bits of the Star Trek episdoes.  I plan on stitching something appopriate and watching all TOS sometime on Netflix.
As of yet the RRT's have yet to be hit with spray adhesive but moving them to be photographed caught some bits coming off so they will need to be.


Mouse said...

heheheh love how they got their names .... :)you will have to have a spock and a scotty too now you know love mouse xxxx

Topcho said...

Oh, I so love the story how they got their names! A Spock jar really sounds awesome as Mouse said, lol. I, btw, have never watched the Original series. I've seen TNG and now I'm rewatching it again. I'm up to season 7 and when I finish it I decided to start TOS or check some of the old episodes of Doctor Who, haven't made up my mind yet :D

Ziggyeor said...

oh dear that is a hard one, I know once you start Doctor Who you wouldn't be able to stop so going back and forth wouldn't be an option.
I was debating on making a collection of Rectangular Rainbow Tribbles but I had an extra ornament over Christmas this year.

Mercedes said...

George y Jim me parecen muy divertidos.