Saturday, December 31, 2011

Going to be a New Year

I promise next year will be a good year for blogging! Yeah we'll see about that ;)
I will have to post every new moon for TUSAL
I need to get my last pic of Jim up. I stopped posting around what June July? He looks to be a pretty good rectangular rainbow tribble but I think George from last year is a little bit bigger. I'm still debating on creating another rectangular rainbow tribble or filling an ornament that I got from Hobby Lobby for decoration next year.

I have signed up to do Measi's WIPocalypse
So during a break on my hockey game I found a little altered book that a friend had made me and I listed on each page 10 WIP's (works in progress)
1. Computer Dragon
2. Rivalry
3. Best Stressed - Dolly Mama
4. Merry Catmas - Dolly Mama
5. Have to Wrap - Dolly Mama
6. Mardi Gras Motif's (a 'feb' stitch from last year)
7. Wine Coasters (I don't even want to think about when I started these)
8. Welcome Friends
9. Dragon Wintzler (sp?) (also a feb stitch from last year)
10. Winter Snowman Bell Pull

When I got to Winter Snowman which was a bell pull series in Cross Stitch and Needlework 2010 that reminded me somewhere was the mag for Autumn that I didn't start. So I have 10 things I have to start this year too. It was almost 9 because I didn't have enough pages but I did front and back of the ornaments. Which should technically be WIP's because I did make them for my Mom, Dad, Granny and I did finish friend 2, and an aunt and uncle. The Aunt and Uncle I think need beads and finishing. One of the friends one I washed and the overdye ran so it's not good and the other friend that I made it for fell off the face of the earth. I guess if I ever see her or hear from her she'll get one but I've started communicating some more with my other friend so maybe I'll redo hers :p
Anyhoooo Here is the 10 things I want to start this year.

1. Autumn Snowman (if anyone has this it was Sept 2010 if I can't find my mag!)
2. Monopoly (remind me to send money I don't think I ever did!)
3. Ferret
4. London (to be Started May 18th when they start the marathon)
5. Ornaments Aunts
6. Ornaments Uncles
7. Tree of Stitches (get back on that site and find out how much it is!)
8. Wedding Sampler (there's a mag image somewhere I need to dig out)
9. Wine Apron
10. Wine Country

9 and 10 were my Christmas presents from my friend. I don't think the kit is called that but it's wine themed and last year she got me the apron and I just bought the thread over Thanksgiving. Everything else I pretty much have thread for, might need to get more fabric but I won't buy any new patterns! Now the hard part will not be dling free ones! London is a freebie pattern I will search for the link. I don't think I have anything for it yet. Ok that appears to be it I think I printed off Tower Bridge and one other one but I don't know which I will stitch yet.

Should I be crazy and do my own SAL (stitch a long) in May for the Olympics? Surely someone else out there has one all ready? Well I didn't find a SAL but I did find some patterns.

Ok this blog post is long enough. I'm going to take a picture of Jim and all the Christmas Decorations. I work from 8-4:30 tomorrow (cross your fingers for Early Release! No one call your cell service provider tomorrow :p ) so when I get home I hope to craft. My desire is to craft something every day. Even if it's just putting 10 stitches in a project.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Knit for Penguins

I follow Mental Floss on Facebook and they posted this. I don't know how to knit but if you do help save Penguins from getting sick!

Friday, September 23, 2011


Ok I promise to get on here more. I've missed several TUSAL check ins but Jim has been growing a bit. A little green with all the stitching from Joy and now I'm working on a sampler and had to tear out a lot of green. I had a friend buy the last skein of the color I needed last night and it's of course different than what I had. But ahwell that's what happens when you run out of over dyes.
I need to wash Joy and get it pressed and then I'll share the picture. Right now I have to run out and buy my friend a B-day present, then we're meeting for pedicures and lunch with the girls :)
Remind me to take pictures!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Works been crazy and I haven't been on here since June! No TUSAL Pics I'll get one after today's stitching. Today I need to wash and press Dora so she's ready to go off on Monday but I'm going to start another square! I'm insane I tell you! But the girl loves Hockey and I can't help it. Though I could not find a hockey pattern that would be 9X9 in my stash :( I did find these.
This is here theme at Love Quilts. She wanted lime green and navy. I can change the top joy to more lime green and navy. As well as the Joy Angel. Or I can do the Faith Angel with shades of green rather than red. Then there's the total rework of the music one. I did find one that said Beautiful and Smart in shades of red and pink but the same problem with the music one is changing those colors to the same values in lime green and navy.

Actually after posting this here I really don't want to do the music one :p pick between the angels and the other joy! :D

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Eek it's that time! Dusting off my blog a month later. I haven't been stitching much since I started a new job 4 weeks ago. I'll be doing call center stuff whoo hoo!
I took my stitching with me the other day to try and do during breaks but I don't think it's too feasible, not supposed to have paper on the floor :p But My Dora Square for Love Quilts did get worked on. Forgot Jim so the orts just got thrown in the bag ah well.

Tomorrow is my 7th Anny. Which reminds me some stitching needs to get in on the 10 year anny present if I'm ever going to get done in 3 years!

Friday, May 6, 2011


Well just barely making it but HEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeerre's JIM!

Well I hope to have more for you this Month. I've started a new Love Quilt. I told myself I was going to wait but it was Dora Princess and I found a pretty JPEG and made my own pattern so I hope it turns out OK.

My Birthday party is next Saturday. I had hoped for a Friday 13th party for my Halloween theme but I started a new job and work interfered.

Hopefully I'll have some awesome party pictures to show! Remind me to take pics people!

Now I have to run, get gas and head to my friends son's baseball game.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Love Quilts

Love Quilts has new children up for 2011.

I'm trying to print off an image of Dora with a grid playing around with photo size now so I can get the grid to cover the whole pictures.

The little girl wants Princess and Dora with orange and purple. I found a picture of Dora in a yellow princess dress with pink and blue trim so I'm going to make the trim orange and purple.

I might go really crazy and try to do 2 quilt squares by September 1st! The other theme is pigs and my friend, who's last name is Bacon' might have a pig pattern that will work.

There is also another child who wants a Precious Moments and little girl quilt.

If you love to cross-stitch please considering stitching a quilt for a child who would love to have one.

Friday, April 22, 2011


Here are 2 book marks I've made so far for Stitching for Literacy. I was working on the Sunflower yesterday. I don't normally stitch while I work unless it's planning but yesterday was like Friday because they are out today, also they had state testing so everything was a little more relaxed. The kids were playing games and I sat by the computer in case problems arose with the movie so I got out my stitching. Three of the students came by to see what I was doing and ask what I was knitting. ;) They all really liked it. One boys 1st asked if I'd make them one :D but I told them how long it took me to make and I wouldn't be able to make one for everyone. I explained what it was for and then he said if they did that here he would pick the one I was working on because he knew who made it. :D

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Page Maps Contest

Opps I had forgotten to make a blog post! I did a page about my Love Quilts Square for a TallyScrapper challenge and meant to post for the Page Maps Contest. I liked the sketch because it reminded me of a quilt. I used different scraps of Core'dinations paper for the squares and embossed them with cuttlebug folders.

Cross-Stitch and Cupcake Give Away

I promise that the next post will be stitchy or scrappy updates!

But for now another Give Away!

Cross-Stitch and Cupcakes is celebrating their blogaversary with 5 Give Away choices! Go check it out.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Auld Grey Mare: Catch up and a GIVEAWAY

The Auld Grey Mare: Catch up and a GIVEAWAY: "I keep forgetting to post a picture of my year-round tree in it's April finery - it's been like this since just before Ostara, and will be u..."

Auld Grey Mare is at it again and doing a great giveaway at her blog! A too cute biscornu for her followers.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

More Giveaways!

I found this foodie giveaway from the Auld Grey Mare's site.

Foodiacs Spring Fling Is giving away a Kitchen Aid, a years supply of King Arthur's Flour and $50.00. A very good deal. I know we all ready have a Kitchen Aid but hubs likes that flour and if we did get it we could probably sell it and then get the sausage attachment for our Kitchen Aid ;)">

When you click on the link I get a referral as well and then if you win I win too :D

I have been stitching lately too. I'm working on a bookmark for Stitching for Literacy. Just doing the back stitching right now.

Free Pattern over at Cross Stitch Collectibles I kinda like the smaller pattern over the large one. I printed this one out last night so we'll see when it gets done! Lots of colors in this!

I'm also working on M'lady's Strawberries.

This morning I'm getting ready for my MS Walk in Nashville. I have friends picking me up and we're meeting the Bacon part of Team Cook Bacon. It looks to be a beautiful day!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

TUSAL New Moon

It's that time in the Lunar Calendar!

Hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeee's Jim!

He's looking pretty good. Some orts were put in by my friend at the Thursday stitch and I need to get a little baggie for the bookmarks I'm doing because I keep that in a bag in my purse. So some orts have escaped the Rectangular Rainbow Tribble Maker.

I finished this in March on our way back up from FL.

This was one of the first patterns I bought when I learned to Cross-stitch and I'm glad it's done! Now it will just sit in the too be finished pile :p

I'm working on some bookmarks now for Stitching for Literacy. See stitching blogroll on the left for details. Their book this month is Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book. I love anything Neil Gaiman and have read this book multiple times all ready and listened to him read it via his blog. Also, to the left in the Fun sites ;)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another Awesome Giveaway!

There's another Giveaway being hosted by the Rhode Island Stitchers. Some really great floss, patterns, fabric, Bunny thread holders!, scissors and finishing fabric.

poor blog

I wonder if blogs feel lonely? Haven't updated in a while. I finished one of my February Crushes while on the trip home from FL. Unexpected trip down this week but things seem to be going well.

I pulled out some colors to start stitching bookmarks! I haven't started the Stitch for Literacy yet but I have things ready to go now and some books on CD and self contained books to listen too.

Also, I have to wash my rocket and get it in the mail ASAP!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Pi Day

Happy Pi day! Hubs made apple pie yesterday and it goes great with the Dulce de Leche ice cream from Publix!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm on a scrappy kick it seems

I wonder what will happen to my stitching now :p The funny thing is Pratchett tried to take off with the LO I did of him with the plastic bag!

Here's one I did for a 70's TV show title challenge, a hybrid challenge and a sketch challenge.
My friends and I went to the free 'donations appreciated' Shakespeare in the Park last September. I used some Wilderness paper I won from Colorbok and by the time I got all the pictures on there it looked to busy with anything else.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

do you ever feel like a Plastic Bag

I was working on this page for Tally Scrapper's Baby You're a Firework Challenge. When I just couldn't get the elements moved around to my liking. So I went looking for a sketch and found Page Maps! This is a sketch for their Webster Pages Challenge. It even had clouds on it :)

Here's my Page. I wanted the first lyric 'Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?' Because I knew I had pictures of Pratchett in a plastic bag. I dug through the plastic bag and found one like he was in and Modge Podged it to some card stock. I used the letters from my Tim Holtz's Grunge Board to trace the letters. Then I cut out the rest for the background.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tally Scraper Love Quilt Stitcher

I finished a LO for Tally Scrapper's Survivor Challenge.
I asked the ZQC to do an orange picspam so I could get hotness photos :) I wanted to use my vellum quote I'm kind of a big deal but I should have backed it on orange rather than hope alcohol ink would pop that much, or put it over the grunge board maybe but once it was stuck it wasn't coming up. The background paper is from color bok I needed a tree and some buttons so this pattern worked out well.

Then I stitched my name on the love quilt square going to Alexander Y. This will be the third square I've done. I just need to get it washed and sent out.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fat Tuesday

Ok not really Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler over here but I finished another of my Mardi Gras themed stitching. I only didn't get the big mask done. Then I finished them into magnets. The Flur de Lis I did with my good magnet cartarage for my Xyron and the other 2 with the bad one thinking if I could peel off the laminate and just use the magnet it would be ok. Actually once I cut the Flur de Lis I was able to peal off the laminate just fine. Then I found out my mirror in the bathroom isn't magnetic :p I'm going to have to figure out something else to fix them on there with but I was able to put them on the fridge for a minute.

Well the Pittsburg Penguins are Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler because they just scored another goal! Whoo hoo.

Hrm maybe to put myself more in the mood I'll go up and get one of my feather boas and trail feathers all over the house ;)

Falling Behind

TUSAL report was last week and I just never took the memory card out of the reader until now!

Here's Jim he's really looking like a tribble all rolled up in there.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Measi's Musings Blogaverasry Giveaway

Measi's Musings is doing a fantastic giveaway for her 10 year Blog Anniversary. Make sure you go and check her out!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Page Maps Challenge Basic Grey Sketch

Ok finally got a better picture of this LO before the deadline was completely up. I used American Crafts Shabby Chic papers, buttons, 'the' Remarks stickers and 'sky' Thickers. The yellow scalloped card stock is DCWV. The other scalloped border is done with a Fiskars border punch with some tape on some scrap paper. The butterfly transparency is Colorbok. I think the pearls might be Kaiser Craft and the 'in' is Making Memories. Felt butterfly from ? Quote is a sheet of stickers who's brand name escapes me now but they do a lot of sticker quotes in themes. (Not Quick Quotes I know that)
Picture is me from 1984.

For wanting to win Basic Grey I sure used a lot of American Crafts!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Looking for a Free Alpha pattern

Hey readers of the loopy trail. I have finished my space ship pattern for the Love Quilt! However they ask that you stitch your name and your city somewhere on the square. I'm looking for a free alphabet pattern that's small but has a little spacey feel. I know that's hard and can mean different things to people but not looking for a Times New Roman or old Gothic font. Maybe something like a digital read out? Any help would be appreciated.

I'm currently in FL and I've brought 3 other projects to work on. My two samplers that I started and the Cleaning the House one. However, the pattern for Cleaning the House is back in TN :p So I will have to e-mail my BIL and get him to find it and scan it. Also, was hoping to buy some threads for another project but I left that pattern and I don't know if I can accurately tell BIL where the book is in my room! So if anyone has the Leisure Arts Exotic Pets book and can find the ferret pattern I need to know what Krineks are required :D

I have some photos of my other projects that I did during my February Crush which I ended last Sunday. Just coming down to FL so quickly and then finding out I'll be staying all week I haven't had time to post pics.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sock Party

I almost forgot about the sock party!

These are my frog prince socks. They keep my feet nice and warm on a cold day.
Go check out Seasons of My Mind and join the crazy sock party!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A PSA to myself again.

Reminding myself yet again that it's called COUNTED cross-stitch and not Eyeball cross-stitch. I was working on the Dolly Mama Best Stressed pattern and I worked the red in the left and then counted down to the bottom and the right. However because this has back stitch I thought the back stitch was the grid and 10 stitches high but it's 9! So it's now one row too far down and one row too far to the right. Looking at it to figure out how bad filling in is going to be. The right might have to come out since its going to mess up where the torn paper is. I'm trying to figure out how much it will mess up if the bow is tampered with or the area around it.

What would you do? Tear it or Leave it?

Last night I started this pattern for a friend.

I decided to do it on 28 count over one.

Sunday's start and finish

Not showing Saturday yet as it's for a friend and she might stop by.

Friday's start

Monday, February 7, 2011

माय फवोरिते थिंग्स

I hope the title is ok? It looks really weird on the posting side?

Ok I found this blog which is doing a crazy sock party. Go to Seasons of My Mind on February 11th to post a link of your favorite crazy socks. I've all ready got a pair in mind!

Stitch related I did the crown on the Mardi Gras page and finished it! I'll get a picture later.

I also scrapped an LO for Tally Scrappers but the picture wasn't all that great. I'm going to try to go over to Pinky's to retake it but right now it is snowing.

Now for my Monday Favorite Thing


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend Update

All right continuing my Crush

February Crush

On Thursday I did the Fluer de Lis

On Friday I started the big mask but don't have a picture :p these will be magnets for my bathroom.

Saturday was National Stitch in Public Day. Instead of another Mardi Gras pattern I had bought a pattern on Thursday from the LNS because it was cute and for a friend. I never knew that a little 48X48 inch pattern could be so dang infuriating! (I'm not posting a picture yet because my friend sees my blog and would know it's for her.) However if you check out Hinziet the corrections for the pattern are now up ;) Yes at least the first problem was not mine! I was pulling my floss and I flipped open the pattern to check how much of one color there was because I didn't have the exact number. Then I see there are letters in the pattern that are not on the back!! I called the number and she answered quickly and said she'd get back to me. She called me back within the half hour with the needed corrections! Great service!

Then I was packing my materials and fabric when it hit me that I cut the fabric wrong! Luckily the piece I had used had come off the end of a much used piece but still. I had the design figured for about 3.5 inches and I added 2 inches for the extra but ONLY 2 inches I forgot it should be 4 for top and bottom :p So I cut another piece and another of the endy bits ended up being a 7X7 piece! So far so good.

I get to the mall where I'm meeting my friends and we have some lunch. Then we go around the mall trying to find a place for all of us to stitch comfortably. I moved another chair closer so we all wouldn't be squished. Only one gentleman stopped and commented because his lady did some stuff like that. So we gave him the information to get to the LNS. At least some people did see us and look down on us as they were going to the 2nd story in the Elevator.

After the hour or so I came home and put on Netflix and watched Bones and Jim Henson's the Storyteller. As I was stitching I started doing the border and noticed it didn't come out right. So I checked and the border was fine but one of the things I stitched I counted one up and over from where I was supposed to :p and of course I counted something else off of it so it all came out. It wasn't much so I thought it was fine and kept right on. Then I flip over the chart to check a color and realize I was supposed to do over 3 for the letters. I only have one letter and a bit done so I decided to rip it out and do it over three. I should have left well enough alone!! I got all the letters done and was stitching the rest of the bottom border and guess what. When I restitched I put the second letter over one stitch to the right :p Insert Charlie Brown ARG here. So I left it. I think I'll just have to figure out another border to stitch because I'm not ripping out all those letters!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Passing the Give Away love

I went checking the blogs of my commenters (you should check them out too ;) )
Bec posted about a give away on Nataly's Needle Creations so I'm spreading the love! Really cute things. I'm really eyeing the purple scissors. I think that would bring up my scissor count to five ;)

I hope everyone has a great day and makes time for some stitching!

If you're into scrapping Clear Scraps is doing a Friday Give Away too.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February Crush

I was too late for the January Crazy challenge so yesterday I remembered to start for February. I'm calling it February Crush Challenge but it's just me :p so just work on what you started in January or if you missed out like me you can start now and just start a new project until Valentine's Day :)

I bought these patterns and fabric back in 2004 when I first started stitching. I finally got most of the over dyed floss around my B-day when a friend game me a gift certificate.

February Crush

Here is my first pattern. I need to dig out my first piece ever to show just how much I Like the bunnies ;)

This is what I did last night watching Hockey (I did stitch a little of my Hockey stitch since I got in the floss I needed from Dimensions)

Day 1

Look Words! and not some blobby bit of a snow covered tree!

Tonight's pattern.
February Crush day 2

I see these are numbered or in a series so now I'm wondering if I started with one or two.

FC 2 start

More words! 3 words seems to be it for a hockey game though last night I did stitch some of the Hockey stitch but the game went into a shoot out so I had more time to stitch!

While I'm at it since I believe New Moon is tonight or tomorrow the TUSAL!

This is Jim in the making ;)
Jim in the making

Isn't he adorable! LOL. George is still sitting under my monitor if anyone is wondering. I need to carefully take him to a friends house and see if she has some spray adhesive I can use to set him.

And just because I scrapped today! This was for the Let's Scrap sketch challenge. The pictures are from my Aunt Ouida's 100th B-day. She passed last year at 101 1/2.
Most of the papers are by Colorbok Woodhaven. The gray papers sticking out of the photos are something else. The stamp that says Family is Colorbok Woodhaven, too.
family gathers

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

House Mouse Challenge Hearts

The House Mouse Challenge was hearts but I didn't feel like doing a card. Somewhere I have Valentine's Day cards I made last year stashed. So I decided to hunt for my heart shaped tins that I've kept for a few years now.


I decided to use some decoupage tissue in gold.

Getting all the edges

Drying on top of Granny's old sewing machine, while I fix up the front.

For the Front I stamped House Mouse Lilac Bouquet onto plain white cardstock in black Stayz On. I cut it out using Fiskars Shape Express 5 inch heart. I trimmed around the image so the background L would show. I colored it in with Pebbles Inc. I Kan' dee Pearlescent and Regular chalks. The Purple Heart is made from Core'dinations white wash cardstock, embossed with Cuttlebug alpha and sanded with Tim Holtz block sander (I <3 that sander) I attached the hearts with glue dots and then attached it to the still drying tin with some Glue Arts cut it yourself foam squares. I <3 those too because you can cut them to size so you don't have to use a bazzilion squares to stick something big down.


A close up so you can see the shine of the chalks. I did the background in white so some of the purple picked up on the bottom but eh whatcha gonna do.

And now this crafter is missing her hockey game! I hope you enjoyed my tin.

Monday, January 31, 2011

My Favorite Things

My friend Adrienne at What Lola Wants is doing a Monday post on her favorite things and I decided to copy that idea ;)

Looking through my pictures I found something that made me smile and worry! I love Cake Wrecks and their mithpelllings but this was on the board when my Granny got put in the hospital Christmas Eve!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stitching for Literacy

Well I blew some dust off my twitter and saw this link from Emma the DMC girl Stitching for Literacy

I also checked out the Stitching for Literacy Blog The link will take you to an update for the Stitching for Literacy and if you click the regular blog they're having a book club and there's updates on the book they are reading. It's The Immortal Life of Henrietta Slacks which is on my too read list but right now I have other books calling for me!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday update

With Versus carrying a hockey game tonight I managed to get some more done on the tree. There are also carrying a game tomorrow, Wednesday and the All Star Game this weekend so I'm wondering if all the tree on this side will be done :) Maybe I can get this thing done by Stanley Cup Finals? Unless my team gets knocked out again and I don't want to see Hockey for a while :p

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stitch Saturday and Hockey Afternoon Sunday

After a few snow days I finally got out to see my friends and do some stitching. I finished up the star and have some more of the rocket done. I think I'm going to run out of 797 but my friend checked and she has a lot so yeah!! I just hope it matches close to what I have because I'm using some old DMC.

Today my hubby's team (Flyers) played hockey on NBC so I watched the game with him and did some stitching. I got some blue in the tree and found a spot of gray that had to be frogged. On the Rocket and some of my other stitching I make mistakes and go 'eh I'll fill in around it' but this one bugs me and I take it out and redo. I just hope I have enough thread!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stitching Tonight!

I will be stitching later this evening so I will have some stitchy updates! Still trying to figure out what project I will bring with me. Debating on my big project or or one of my smaller ones.

I have some chores to take care of around the house and then I have to go out to buy some food for the stitching later because I'm also doing a Pampered Chef party.

I hope everyone has a good productive stitching day!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hockey Stitch Progress

This was my progress last night while I watched the pre-Golden Globes show and flipped back and forth from the Golden Globes to the Nashville hockey game. I stitched dark and light gray on the tree and then since I didn't want to move my hoop I worked on the white.

No stitching done today. I'm just not feeling crafty. I think I'll go pick a book off the pile and read for a bit.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

No Stitchy or Scrappy updates but I am going crazy.

I planned on some stitching today but instead I tidied up around where all my stitching stuff is. I put all the stuff that's done stitched and needs to be finished in one bag. I set up floss for a little project and started gathering floss for my winter snowman pattern. Cross-stitch and Needlework magazine had put out patterns for snowman themed door hangers for the four seasons and I've stitched the spring and summer one. I bought fabric for the fall and winter ones and I can't find the pattern for the fall snowman. I did find the summer snowman bag of floss which had the krienik I bought to jazz up the words for the fall snowman but I can't find the magazine! I think I took the whole thing because it was September issue and it was a lot of Halloween stuff. When I was stitching the spring one my friend had a subscription to the magazine so she gave me her magazines or for the winter one I tore out the pattern because other people wanted stuff that was in it. It's just bugging me I don't remember where I put the magazine! It's probably like the orange in my pattern staring me right in the face.

Friday, January 14, 2011

What the? Well at least half the blue is done.

I stitched the little star and asteroid over Christmas and you would have think I would have looked the picture of my pattern and the stitching and realized I had stitched the wrong color? I looked at it today and said to myself why isn't there a orange dot? OH it's supposed to be BLUE or blueish gray like what's on the left of the bottom flame. Apparently I read the numbers to the left side of the symbol :p I guess the star and asteroid that will be on the left side will have some extra orange and a dot spaced out there somewhere just to balance it out.

On a good note the blue on the right side is done. I'm hoping I have another skein of it though because it's looking mighty skimpy!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

scrappy Squee

I'm a Fiskateer, even though it's been ages since I visited the forum!, and when Fiskars was still carrying paper lines I signed up for surveys to say what I liked and didn't. They also have them for their tools. Then Fiskars dropped the paper lines to just focus on tools so the paper lines went to Color Bok and now I do their surveys. If you do the survey within a time period are in the first 50 or 100 whatever requirement they give you they send you stuff! I had actually gotten a box a while ago and I have some of it to a friend and kept some stickers and stamps for myself. However this is all MINE!

It's an album kit with papers and punch-outs. I remember when this came out and I wanted it so bad but I kept myself from buying it because I couldn't think of anything I would scrap with it. Now I'm going to take pictures to scrap with it! Or make cards, or just make something for the heck of it!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today's Stitches

My friend had Cabin Fever so I had her pick me up for lunch today because I figured she had a little more experience driving on ice than I did. Not really but she wasn't freaking out like I would have been. We went out to eat sushi. Here's my yummy bento box.

Then we went 'window' shopping. Yeah there might have been an oops on the look but don't buy but my friend made sure I'd use it and I made sure she'd use her stuff too ;)
After the 'window' shopping she had to run by my place so I could get my stitching so I could stitch while we watched a movie at her place. I forgot my scissors so I had to use giant ones and also got into the fact that I had three pairs of scissors for Cross-stitch. She was like you need 3 pairs of scissors for cross-stitch? I told her no but explained the three scissors I had and that I used to have 4 but one got lost (and it had a big fob on it too I was mad!) I also had to explain fobs to her and she didn't get that either. She had to look it up on the after I told her it wasn't any more pointless than tea cozies or knitted ipod covers! (Yeah she had to look up both of those too :D )
So here's what I got done on my Love Quilt Square while watching Easy A (hilarious btw) and half of Despicable Me! (also, hilarious and family friendly!) {We watched half of the movie because my friend likes the It's So Fluffy! line where they 'win' the Unicorn}

Then she dropped me off back home and later on was the hockey game so I went back and did the top of the tree that I had to frog yesterday and started on some light gray too. My team won 5-2 so I'm taking that as a good sign that I didn't mess up anywhere else.

Tomorrow is yet another snow day :p I'm going to try to clean some of the house before I watch movies and sit on my butt. Maybe I'll even clean my craft room and scrapbook! (gasp my other friend will do a happy dance if I scrapbook!)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Spreading the Word and I hate Frogs

Blu is doing a give away on her blog Therapy by Thread Go there and comment for a chance to enter.

I was going to post a picture tonight but I realized I have only 2 movies in the C section and then I'm done so I'll wait a bit on showing the big piece. Then I was taking out my stuff to continue my hockey stitch while watching his team play. Not only did my team lose last night but they gave me a frog. So I had to undo the gray at the top of the tree. Luckily that's the only bit on that piece. I have a few frogs sitting on the big stitch but I'm ignoring them. It's just background wall and who cares if a stalactite is crooked. A tree might look discombobulated or about to fall on the kids or the house or off put how to frame the darn thing so that frog was a bright red amazon tree frog that had to be dealt with and now I don't feel like stitching.

Tomorrow is yet another snow day. So I'll be doing some cleaning since I've been mostly sitting on my tush and stitching. Then I'm going to brave a bit of street to get to a friends house who is suffering cabin fever.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

Snowy Day today so getting ready to watch Close Encounters and stitch my big piece. Later this evening my hockey team will play so I will stitch on my Hockey piece. I think the snowy tree will be a good thing to continue today.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bit's of My Own Blogaversary

Bits of My Own

Blog hopping my way through the TUSAL stitchers 30-39 and I found this. Erica is giving away the pattern to make the lovely stitched piece she has pictured. Go to the site to see her lovely work and comment on the post if you would like to have a chance to win the pattern.

I wonder when my blogversary is? I've been blogging since 2008 but you see how well I keep up with things :p
Ok just went and checked it was Jan 1st of 2008 to do the picture a day that I finally stopped :p Hrm I'll think of something to giveaway this month then since its' been going on since four years now!

Hockey Stitch 2

Here is the Christmas Stitch from last year in February. The only time I actually posted that month! That has the picture of what the project will look like.

Last night I stitched while watching my team lose :p No Hockey today. I have to finish reading a book to get it back to the library and then I might go over to a friends house so she can help me sew something :)

If you can't tell a bit of the tree limbs got done this time.