Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dolly Mama one down 2 to go

 My progress yesterday.  I found the beads and added them and when I wasn't home I was stitching on Merry Catmas in the car.  Then I had a Dr. Who marathon and stitched until it got too late.
A little better picture of Best Stressed.  I'm looking around the web for wall hanging ideas and what fabric to use.  I know I want a checked pattern for the border, and one of the colors to go around the edge.  Trying to think of what a good middle fabric would be.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

TUSAL and Ferret Friday

Ferret progressing a bit slowly.  I had to take out a bit of the yellow of the box and redo it but not as bad as Monopoly.  I still haven't decided what to do for Monopoly.  My friend C gave me some of her orts she kept in a little altoids tin so I had to break them up to try to fit them in the ornament.  Something going to have to tamp it down really well or I'm going to need another one! 
We've had beautiful weather so hubs and I took a walk in one of the local parks.  My feet made it out better this time.  He's airing out the tent right now so in a few weeks we may do some camping for his birthday if the weather is nice.  We'll be going out soon so I'll have to bring one of my Dolly Mama's with me.  I finished the back stitch on Best Stressed and I found I had put the beads in the Ferret project so I just have to add those.  We'll be going close to a quilt store so I may bring all the ones I've done and find some fabric for my wall hanging idea.  Maybe they can help with some ideas on how it can look.  Of course it'd probably be cheaper to buy some of the fabric at Hobby Lobby when it's on sale.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

stitchy updates

 I finished up my Love Quilt Square on my Saturday stitch.  It was so close when I got home I sat until it was done and found a quick alpha for my name and city.  It's so dang long!  I just stitched each letter and didn't map it or I might have adjusted a tiny bit and it would have been centered 2 squares on each side.
Ferret Friday progress.  We went out to eat at Maggiano's and hubs wanted to stop a few places.  So I grabbed my stitching since I hadn't done anything on it all day.  Got a bit of the brown and some more of the jewelry box.

Yesterday I stitched on Monopoly finishing the bit of white I had left and filling in some orange and then realizing there was no way the orange was going to meet up correctly.  My options will be to rip out all the color entirely or rip out the bit of orange and see if the white will fit and stitch around it.  It won't be exact but as long as I can make the white square fit it should look decent.  I have to keep looking at it to decide what I want to do.

I was going to make brownies for Thursday because I had seen a recipe for Chocolate Stout brownies that looked very good. But they take 2hrs and 10 min :p  Might be the Duncan Hines out of the box again.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Dusted off and look what I found

My blog is always up in my website tabs and I realized it needed to be updated so I refreshed to see if there were any new comments and low and behold I won a Liebster Blog Award from Naughts & Cross Stitches.  So you'll just have to wait for my picture updates as I do all of this ;) 

Here are all the details about the Liebster Blog award:

Liebster is a German word, meaning favorite, dearest or beloved, and the Liebster is awarded by bloggers to other, newer bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers, to spread the word and help the new(er)bies gain wider recognition.  The award comes with four conditions that each recipient must satisfy when accepting:

1.  Choose five up-and-coming blogs (with fewer than 200 followers) to award the Liebster to.
2.  Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
3.  Post the award on your blog.  List the bloggers you are giving the award to with links to their sites.  Leave comments on their blogs so they know about the award.
4.  Share five random facts about yourself that people don't know about you.

So five up-and-coming blogs (this choosing is harder than you think!  I just went to a friends and she had hit 210)
1. Blissfully Stitching  Barbi's blog I love Sundays and the updates of the ladies she's stitching.  I didn't get to see the first one but I've seen the last two and she's on the 4th girl Suzannah.
2. Threads, Thoughts and Other Notions  If I love the ladies I can't leave out Kati who is her partner in the Sunday SAL.
3. Kerri's Kr8tions - I also do scrap booking and this is a blog I follow.  I met her on a sb board way back when.  She has a lovely card she did for a color challenge.
4. It's Geek to Me - I thought for sure she would have had 200 plus.  She's a geek and she cross-stitches and she has an awesome Theme-a-liscious going on!  (ok I don't update enough but I did finish my Love Quilt Square Saturday night and that was part of my Feb Valentine.  Only half the month left for March Madness.)
5. Bec's cross-stitch creations  a boost to her since he hasn't posted since Jan!  Loved watching stitch pictures of her German Shepards and now she's working on a pattern with Wolves.

5 things that you don't know about me.
1. right now I will be late to work if I don't leave so the comments on their blogs will have to wait till I get back!  Sry.
2. I hurt my toe over the weekend.  Supposed to be a 3 mile walk and we left my car at the end and I left the keys in the other car :p
3. Maybe you knew but I don't think I've mentioned it for a while I LOVE DR. PEPPER.  It is my downfall.
4. I accept payments for things in comic/graphic novels and Dr. Pepper. {like my friends coming to use my pool ;) }
5.  We have a very nice town house but are looking for one closer to Nashville where we work.  This way I'd have enough time to leave messages on everyone's blogs!
Ok darn getting a fun award that makes a bigger blog post than just the quick picture update I was planning.  Had to rush to work and post when I got back home.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

When we were headed back home there were 3 Balloons.  I tried to get pics, at least hubs' car has a moon roof so I could get a better shot.
How was your Spring Forward?  I woke up and was hitting my snooze button and then realizing that I hadn't moved my clock so it wasn't an hour ahead.  At least I wake up with several hours before I had to get to work.  Had 2 calls today where peoples phones wouldn't auto update.  Everything else in the house was fine except my alarm clock and the big wall clock, not sure if hubs had changed it I hadn't looked yet.
I'm doing a project for my MIL and I was trying to get friends to help me.  I didn't want to post the pic to facebook on the off chance that she would see it but no where on Hobby Lobby's site or The Paper Studio did they have a picture of this object :p  I got the paper in it and was hoping to do more but since I checked out Pride and Prejudice and have only a week from the library I need to watch it.  Of course the 2 days I have the most time to watch it I didn't :p
Work has us staying an hour late and it's updated in our schedules that way so I can't do a half hour early and half hour afterwards like I wanted :p  I'll have to find out what to do about next Thurs when I took sometime off and see if I need to put in for that hour or what.  Don't they understand stitching time with friends is important too ;)
And tomorrow I must remember to leave early to get to the pharmacy and get my allergy meds.  I thought I had some more somewhere and I was wrong :sniffle:

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Room pics

These are not the most current pics but will give you an idea on why this room needs to be organized!
Which a little of may happen today but first I need to clean Ponder's cage!

Now you see the round table in the top pic, I've boxed all the LO's and then moved that out and a 6 cube one will take it's place, I moved the albums to the coffee table but the shoe organizer I bought for my stamps to hang on that door can't be reached.  So that will have to move to another door.  I have a circle to walk in the room because I have my black crop bag, the box of LO's and something else in the middle of the floor.
The brown ferret in the pic is Pratchett.  The pics I think were taken early June of last year right before he stepped on the Rainbow.  The white one Ponder is the ferret I have left and his cage has not been cleaned since Atlanta!  So now that he's out running around I'm going to tackle that.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WIPocalypse March

 More blue in my Love Quilts Square
 Some progress while driving to Atlanta.
Did a little bit of backstitching on Best Stressed.
Monopoly hasn't changed since the last time I stitched on it and haven't worked on anything else.  Also, forgot to take a pic of myself but did wear the black dress with sleeves with my stripped leggings.  Got to the gym today, I skipped Monday because I forgot shoes.  Tomorrow though my stitching friends are at Fazoli's so if I don't get a call where I'm having to figure out someone's bill at the end of the night I might go and eat. 
This weekend I hope to make more headway on this crafty room.  I cleaned out a spot of floor to move in a shelf and then discovered it won't hold my albums like I was hoping but it should hold some other stuff from another shelf that supposed to hold CD's and then I can get rid of it.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dress Up Catch Up

Hubs and I went to Atlanta over the weekend and even though I brought the portable with me I didn't up load pics :p  Also, the only pic taken of the 2 of us was when we went to the Aquarium and we didn't buy the pics.  The only pic I got of hubs was a weird shot when I got him petting the sharks and rays at the Chattanooga aquarium.
So here's Friday, Sunday, Monday and Today

 I wore that hat all weekend. I had my butterfly dress and jeggings with a brown turtleneck for Friday.  Also, wore my yellow sketchers for comfort rather than my sneakers.  Think I got some odd looks but :p on them ;)
 New hose that I bought on clearance at Charmin Charlies.  Which reminds me I have pics in my phone of some necklaces that I liked.
 bad photo :p

Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1st Dress Up Day and Monopoly

I wore my blue dress from Target today and my black stockings.  Found my Owl necklace in the car later so threw that on too.

I stitched Monopoly while watching Margin call on Tuesday and Wednesday (with audio commentary)  I had most of the blue done so I had done blue on a little bit of the edges and then did all the black.  The second time I started filling in the Jail to have something other than blue and black to stitch.
I liked Margin Call, you may have heard of it if you watched the Oscars.  It was nominated but I heard Woody Allen's movie won.  Margin Call was an interesting story about a trading corporation in the hours that it realizes that everything is about to go to pieces.  Before the Door productions produced it and the writer and director was JC Chandor.  Zachary Quinto is a member of Before the Door and got it together and was one of the actors so I kept looking up and staring at the screen while I was stitching ;)  They had a great cast for this movie, everyone did a superb job.