Wednesday, January 11, 2012

No Pants Day 11

 A Red day today.  A coworker came by and said I see you're wearing red.  I got the memo.  Looked up he had a red checked shirt on.  I said yes but you're not wearing an awesome hat.  He admitted he didn't have a hat as awesome as mine.
I love my hat, I love my jacket and my stockings.  The hat is from Charming Charlies, the Jacket I got from Lola Rocks Clothing (you can also see her blog in my side bar on the left under fun stuff)  I think the hose were from Target.  Skirt and Top I've had for ages from Dillards I think they're both Copper Key? maybe.

 Well work was work, they had us sign up for OT an hour after our shift or an hour before and after tomorrow.  So I worked an hour over tonight and will go in early tomorrow.  I guess I'm not getting off early for stitching, oh did I say stitching no I meant appointment yeah that's right.  :p  OH and forgot my lunch on the counter today so I bought yet another Dr. Pepper and had a meal at McDonald's for my lunch.  Also, the joke was afterwards we were slow and they put us in coaching and I got to stitch, yeah we have to work ot when the calls are 2 min in between?  At least they were about 2 min for me.  Didn't go to the gym since it was later I probably should have.  I'll do something Saturday.  Friday I'm hoping to go to Archivers in Franklin with a friend or friends :)  with a stop by Khols.  My MiL gave hubs and I gift cards.  Hubs couldn't find anything so I have his.  I think this means more skirts or dresses!  I have enough skirts and dresses for 2 full weeks.  Not including the skort which was for Halloween and  is much too short for normal day wear, the velour skirt which is on the snug side of the closet and may be too short and a bit formal, the formal dress I wore for my friends wedding and my wedding dress.


Topcho said...

The hat and the stockings are just epic!
And on an earlier note, I do hope they'll translate more soon too! They last published the Wee Free Man just before Christmas, so there are a lot more books to go! :D

Ziggyeor said...

Oh wow yes they have a ways to go then. I really enjoyed those books.

I watched Hogsfather on Netflix last night because it ends today. At least I got Part 1 done. I'll have to come home and watch part 2 before it goes away.