Sunday, June 16, 2013

Walking progress

Didn't post anything Wednesday. Mostly today I sat with hubs and watched Doctor Who while he brewed beer. Went out for a walk and it started to drizzle so had to come back before making 2 miles. I know the challenge was a mile per day but since I started late I had to get at least 1.3 and I missed a few days to rain. So far I have 14.6 miles. I've got 24.4 miles to go and there's 18 days to the 4th of July! (arg thought I had caught up and then checked 39 miles so not caught up yet.) I'll need another walking challenge after that or something to keep me motivated. And keep me away from chocolate and Dr Pepper!

I haven't crafted much. I need to do things as gifts so I can clear out my stash. Hubs is looking to move and we'll need to start packing things up and I need to get this room clean if its going to sell.

And yes I still need to work on getting the book marks out! I was trimming one in green and then I don't have the green and one is half done. The other I just need to back and mail off to Emily.

I did get books for my library's Summer Reading program and all signed up. I read a Graphic Novel of Macbeth the other night. It was OK. It was meant for getting kids interested so unlike the Merchant of Venice it didn't keep the original words and translated and had * for some other words. I guess you can understand the plot and what's going on better within the story but it lacks the elegance.

The other one I got was on Sherlock Holmes and forensics. I had gotten the Great Illustrated Works before and didn't really get to look at it. I hadn't realized I hadn't read so many of the Holmes stories. I'm enjoying reading this, it's a good nonfiction on how Doyle created the character of Holmes and it goes into detail about each of the characters. Right now I'm on a section of how fingerprinting, foot prints and there was another method that went out of fashion of taking measurements. I remember reading that bit but I didn't know what it was on about in the stories and I never went looking. The only bad thing about all this is wanting to watch Sherlock or the Jeremy Brett series and no longer having Netflix to watch it on.

My other book that I checked out was another non-fiction from the LGBT Pride Month display. I can't remember the title right off, it's a memoir of a woman who's husband is transgender. Which reminds me there was a good one I read a while back Straight: The Surprisingly Short History of Heterosexuality by Hanne Blank. It was very informative on how the term came, the history behind it and some very personal stories of her life.

The book that is still sitting in my room that I got from Target last week is Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend a novel by Matthew Dicks. Haven't started it yet but it's told from the view point of the imaginary friend of a child on the autism spectrum. It sounded like a good read and I love anything with imaginary friends to remind me that I wasn't the only one who had them and had to tell teachers to save seats for them.

Maybe Wednesday I'll have some craftings to post. I hope everyone had a good weekend and a Happy Father's Day.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I need another Wednesday theme

I need to do something else to get me to post on Wednesdays so my blog gets something on it!

Today is my 9th Anniversary. Hubs got the day off and is currently making cookies. I'll get dressed up and we'll drive around for a bit and spend the day together.

I was perusing my blog list and Blissfully Stitching posted about a walking challenge she was doing.
Summer Walk Challenge Button
I decided to join though I'll have to catch up on a few miles. As its raining today I may have to wait a bit.

I applied for a new job that will require me to be more active and lift stuff so I went back to the gym to do arm exercises yesterday. Yeah muscles missed that :p Its hard when it's still light when I get out of work to not just go for a walk but lately I've been getting home and not going back out on the bike or walking.

I need to get busy stitching the new Summer Reading Program started at the library and I don't have all my bookmarks done! I did too many bookmark prizes at once and they weren't as quick as I thought. Also, had some love quilt squares that needed turn in.

Well that's enough random thoughts. Everyone have a Wonderful Wednesday.