Tuesday, January 3, 2012

No Pants Day 3

OK I need to get the Christmas stuff cleaned off so I can stack the DVD's and take pics on the stairs again. You can't really see my black skirt in the picture but you can kinda see the texture on the hose.

Last night I did some quick crafting and added the year to my ornament like Mouse
suggested. I think it looks good. I thought of doing TUSAL on it or 2012 but it was just a little too big.
Tonight I'll go to the gym and remember to take my clothes in with me to work so they aren't freezing out in the car :p Hope to get some other little crafty thing done but first I need to clean before getting out to work.


Mouse said...

oooo so far sooo good :) and glad to be of some help and when you at the gym do a round for me please :) love mouse xxxxx

J J said...

Love the blog and I look forward to each day to see what you are going to be wearing! Love all the stitching and crafts, please keep sharing, it's very motivating for me. Can't wait for tomorrow!