Monday, January 9, 2012

No Pants Day 9

 Oh goodness late post.  Ah well.  Today at work was team day.  Some football game was on so we were prompted to wear our favorite team colors so I decked myself out in the Pittsburgh Penguins gear.  Tried to get Ponder to pose with me but he didn't want to.

Better picture.  I layered the tights again with some footless ones to keep warm.  Did my denim skirt so I would have some variation but also because I had all ready worn the long black skirt.  I think I have one black skirt left I'll have to run through the pics and see what I've worn all ready.
How I manage to take pictures of myself in the morning Seasons 1-3 of LOST all the editions we have of LotR and some other L movies thrown in for good measure.
  I did some stitching on break today at work but it was just a little bit of the border since I got it where I don't have to worry about counting.


J J said...

I don't even own that many dresses or skirts! You go girl!

Topcho said...

Hi and thanks for the nice comment! Yup, I'm so stitching the Terry Pratchett's Hogfather! This is the exact pattern I'm going to use - I got it as a present some time ago and as thus year I joined a Pratchett reading challenge it just seemed the right time for it! I love your Wipocalypse works too, and the "No Pants" idea is awesome!

diamondc said...

I think team spirit is a gas what agreat idea at work.
Happy day to you.