Sunday, January 8, 2012

No Pants Day 8

 A bit springy in this skirt.  It's the one where I hear Stacey London from What Not To Wear in my head getting me to try on polka dots.  Funny is I do have a polka dot top in my clothes that is really cute but when it was first coming out I didn't really like it.  This had a lot of other stuff going on besides the polka dots so I got it and this top and a blue one to match it.
When I got back in my room I realized I didn't have my scarf on that I found at Walmart for 3 bux.  Probably too graphic and competing with the skirt but I wore it any way.

 I took my stitching to work because Sundays are usually a bit slow.  I just had to do the border of the sign and the big border.  Once the major corners are counted I can just go at it and not have to worry about counting too much.  I might take it with me tomorrow I'm not sure.  Getting lots of complements from the other people I work with :) 
I need to remember tomorrow to renew my books at the library and mail off my Love Quilts Square so it gets there on time.  It's been done for months I just never washed it and got it sent off and now it's almost the last min again.

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mollycaff said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! Great progress on your WIP. I like the No Pants idea (although pants does have a slightly different meaning in the UK which got me a little worried LOL), I don't even own a skirt but maybe I should try one?!