Saturday, January 21, 2012


Well I never made cookies.  Maybe next weekend.
I helped a friend get her craft room organized since there was another person there with an mind for organizing and can tell me what to do!
Then went out stitching.  I took a picture of my ferret stitch from yesterday and the Dolly Mama's I'm working on, but something up with the computer and it won't let me load the pictures :( 

It was funny today too because my friend rarely sees me in dresses and both her and her husband commented that I was all dressed up.  I wore my gray and blue striped dress with a tan turtleneck and layered my floral hose with a nude pair to keep warm today.  Guess I could break out the DVD's to make my camera stand and make a quick picture.

Tomorrow is the New Moon so I'll be sure to take a picture of my TUSAL ornament.  My friend wanted to give me her orts but that felt like cheating.  But with the ornaments gone for the season I can't buy anymore to make her an ornament.

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Mouse said...

oooo hope you had fun organising :) and oooo must remember to take photo too :) love mouse xxxx