Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Reading Wednesday

One bookmark done and the other one started. That one will be The Book Witch is In. I've gotten a message that Glass Menagerie is due back already. I've gotten over my headache from this morning so maybe I can get it read before the library closes at 9. I'm guessing since I've only had it a week some student needs it for a class. I've checked out a great many books I just haven't been reading much :p I've gotten some needlework books to look through the patterns and yesterday I went back by to pick up Jasper Fforde's The Last Dragon Slayer because it came in and I had it on hold. I haven't even gotten half way through the Grow Your Blog Blog Roll! I'm happy to have the new followers though and I'm up over 100! So thanks for everyone stopping by who likes my loopyness, stitching and reading :) In other news I borrowed a friends alphabet book and still figuring out how I'm going to do the Madam Name. I'm wondering if I should do it as another bookmark so Topocho can hide it away and not have to explain it ;) If you're to the east of me I hope the storms coming through leave you unscathed. I was woken at 3:30 am to the weather alert saying we had tornado warnings. I went back to bed around 4:45 and then had another nap that I just got up from. The storm has mostly passed over so my sinuses are a little less poundy. Not helped by my husband putting the risers in for the stairs :p but hey they are looking good.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Reading Wednesday Again

I picked up The Glass Menagerie from the library last week and have only read the intro. I've got Dodger that I'm still trying to read and still I picked up about 4 books from the library :p Most of them are needlework because I wanted to look at the patterns and different types of stitches. I also got a short story collection called Chicks kick butt or something like that ;) I also had audible on accident when Neil Gaiman's short story was free (still haven't listened to it) there was a free trial but I forgot to exit out of it and then it charged $15.99 or something to us. So hubs told me and I got my 2 book credits and got The Berlin Stories and Christopher and His Kind by Christopher Isherwood. Though I'm looking at it now and it says I have part 2 of and his kind :p I did finish listening to The Berlin Stories last night and they were wonderfully read by Michael York. It was kinda funny hearing his voice but I kept picturing Matt Smith as Christopher. It did occur to me that it would be really lovely if they were in something together. Michael York is still working according to IMDB and that's where I saw he was in Cabaret. Cabaret is based off some of the elements of The Berlin Stories. I'm a little tiffed though that Netflix only has the movie on DVD and my library doesn't have it. I checked Best Buy and sometime Feb or March it's being released on Blue Ray and DVD. Would it be worth the money to buy it if I've never seen it before? Has anyone else seen it? Remember when you comment on this post I'll enter you in a drawing for a stitchy bookmark. I'm almost done with the pirate book mark. I haven't taken a picture this morning so I may update the post later :) For another chance at a bookmark you can scroll down to my Grow Your Blog Post and enter to win that giveaway on Feb 1st.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Madam's name is...

So into the epic red hat... then back out because I folded the postits sticky side out :p then shaken above my head so I can reach in and grab the name.
Topcho (I keep trying to add an extra o in there) is getting Lady Lacey Dukes immortalized in cross-stitch. :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Grow Your Blog

Hi new people I'm Ziggyeor: aka Melissa Cook! My name I made years ago when I first started on the internet. Think of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh with Ziggy Stardust red hair and that's what I was thinking of.
You have come to a very loopy place. One day it will be scrapbooking, another stitching, a few photos of orts, reading, maybe some beer and wine making and whenever we get the new pets I'm sure they'll be in there too. There maybe posts of my dresses and skirts and my obsession with pretty tights and hats. Sometimes there will be long stretches of nothing because I've looped somewhere else in the internet. But I'll get a few people to message me and ask what's up when I don't post so it will hopefully be a good blogging year for me. Other things I love are: Eeyore (obviously), bunnies, David Bowie (so excited he has a new album coming out), Zachary Quinto (yeah had to buy the Spock action figure with removable hand for $5 just cause :) He'll look good next to my Viggo Mortensen as Stryder figure), getting into Star Trek, Whovian, Sherlockian (Steven Moffat ruins my life), Graphic Novels, Neil Gaiman, Carson McCullers, Dorothy Parker, and the colors yellow and purple. Was that eclectic enough for you? Things I have going on currently to keep me posting is a Winter Reads program. You have to read 6 books by March 6th and comment on the current weeks blog posts (I went on vacation last Wednesday and forgot to post!) You will be entered to win a stitched by me bookmark. Also, a friend on facebook posted this fun make your Madam Name So if you have a good or terrible (as mine was) Madam name you can comment there and I will enter you in the drawing to see who's Madam name I will stitch for them. Trying to find my Mardi Gras Themed mini patterns from one of my Cross-Stitch and Needlework Mags. My loopy sense of humor thinks it would be hilarious to stitch up the name, especially mine in a sampler pattern or some such :) For The Grow Your Blog - Blog Hop I will stitch yet another thing! LOL all this stitching but I will get it done! Comment on this post and I will stitch you a book mark of your choosing from Stoney Creeks X-marks the spot book.
All the bookmarks are on the front cover and you can tell me your color preference if you want something changed and I will see what I have in my sprawling stash. This post will be updated Feb 1st with the winner. Thank You for coming by my loopy trail and I hope you enjoyed your stay! UPDATE True Random Number Generator Min: Max: Result: 7 Powered by RANDOM.ORG THE 7TH PERSON IS EMILY C! So dream bookmark with the butterfly it is. Do you like those colors? Thanks for everyone who stopped by my blog. I never made it through the whole blog list but I had fun stopping by what I could and I'll try to keep blogging through!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winter Reads Week 3!

Yes I forgot last weeks post since I was on vacation. Topcho remembered and posted in my original Winter Reads post! Good going! The library just posted they are doing theirs. At least I give a little longer to read 6 books! I forgot about the sign up until I was walking out of the library but they have the forms to print off this year. For Winter Reads instead of doing a list they have you write a review of the book you read. Since it's only for adults and teens over 14 it's not so hard. I guess they figure all the other kids are reading a bazillion books in school for reading programs they don't do a kids thing. I did get a book mark started while on the way home. I bought a piece of fabric for $1 since it was cheeper than the predone bookmark and I could stitch more. Of course the one I cut out was too small! I had to stop and start on the edge to get it in the right spot and then I'll cut it out and finish up the edges. Also pictured, is the book I checked out and my new orts container that I got for Christmas. My friend S made it for me. She kept seeing the Eeyore at the store and wanted to get it for me but didn't want to just give it to me as it was so she took some fabric and edging and glued him to the top. Its adorable! I guess if I fill it up I can dump them into the RRTM (Rectangular Rainbow Tribble Maker). I still haven't hit up last years Rainbow Tribble with spray adhesive and I need to do research on what Jim Kirk's sons name.
So what has everyone else read? How many books are you up to? Anything you started 2 Wednesdays ago counts, I take ebooks, audio and children's books you've read to your kids for bed time too ;) What is everyone crafting? We went out today and I spent $51 and some change on a new needlework project that I had gotten the pattern for at Christmas. That's not counting the bit of floss and pearl cottons I had managed to get at Michaels and a few other stores. So I'll be working on that, the book mark and I need to get some scrapping in.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Saints and Sinners Madam Name

Someone on my facebook posted this game. I found the original link to Saints and Sinners blog It looks like a very nice restaurant in New Orleans. The food and atmosphere looked really interesting ;) On Monday's if you go in with your Madam Name your cocktails are only $3.00. I'm kinda glad though that I don't live there because my Madam Name has to be the most horrid combination ever!
Big Boozer SwampAss? Seriously who is going to come to my brothel with a name like that? I guess I had too many $3 cocktails. So anyone have a worse Madam name? Or is your Madam name particularly good? Leave a comment with your Madam name and post about the contest on your blog and I will hold a random drawing on next Tuesday 1/22/2013. The winner will have their Madam name lovingly stitched and sent to them. :) In a fairly timely manner anyway. Maybe let me know your birthday and I can set myself a time frame.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Vacation and blogger party

Well I'm on vacation so forgive me for not posting a Wednesday book review post. I posted something over at ZQC but if there's not a post then there's no comments. So every things about equal on the comments still. I'm signing up for a blog party at 2 Bags Full You have time to sign up until Jan 15th so hurry over. Then the 19th we'll be posting and doing a rather huge blog hop to gain more followers and connect with people. I found this over at Daffycats page so go over and leave her some love and follow if you don't follow yet. Anyone wondering about the first part of this post I'm doing a Winter Reads I'll be stitching a book mark for the giveaway so my Blog Prize for Jan 19th will probably be another one since they are flat and easy to ship. Ok we're going out to eat dinner so I'll compose another post tomorrow when we're on the road or back home. Need to charge the battery too :p

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Guilty as Charged.

Topcho was very nice in sharing my Winter Reads link over at her Bla Bla Bla Books Blog and she has a Reading Challenge of her own: Guilty readings challenge. At first I thought this was those books that you hope no one sees you read but not necessarily. It can be those books or the books that someone gave you and your thought "Why in the world?" or that author you kept meaning to read that everyone talks about and you just read the cliff notes for so you could past the test or join the conversation. I think I will use it to read the stack of books I bought a few years ago in FL from the Clearance Book Store. They're still in a stack on the shelf of my night stand. So go over to Topcho's blog and see what it's all about.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter Reads

Jan 2 – Mar 6th Winter Reads There’s not any word on my library’s Winter Reading Program so I will start my own here. Read 6 books from Jan 2nd to March 6th and participate in the Wednesday Reading discussion. Comments will be counted as one entry in the drawing. On March 6th you will post a list/picture of the books you read during the reading program. Then put your link in the comments here on my March 6th post so I know to go find you and leave you a comment. Everyone who reads 6 books will have earned two entries and posters of any book will receive one. I will tally everything and produce the winner by the 13th. Probably because I haven’t stitched the prize yet ;) Ok some adjustments to my ZQC community post and we've got one that works for the blog. Happy reading. I got the library notice saying my books are due back today and I haven't even finished the one! So some quick reading of that one and then I can probably knock out the graphic novel and I'll renew the other 2 on Friday. Only my graphic novel will count since I started the other book before Jan. I guess that should be a note, all books should be started now and not something you're finishing up. It can be something that you read before and I'll take books you read to your children as well.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas at the Clubhouse

A most awful photo but hey I scrapped a page. If I didn't I wouldn't scrap tomorrow and try to do a page a day. I'm sure I can find photos if I run out of Christmas ones from the club house. This was for the foil challenge over at Colorful Creations. I used foil from the kitchen and embossed it with my cuttle bug and then colored it with Alcohol ink. The stickers I had with the paper but I don't know what paper company. A friend gave me it a few years ago. I need to find my camera so I can take pictures without my phone. I think the megapixles are about the same but I think I could have managed better with the actual camera. Didn't stitch today. I need to look through patterns and find a free fairy or a fairy alphabet for a friend. I'm trying to stitch the name Ava. Found some images on google but they were part of books and rather expensive. Trying to keep this as cheep as possible for her. Also, I need to start stitching a bookmark for a giveaway I'll be doing on my Zachary Quinto Community Facebook page. Deciding how I'd do it for the blog too.