Sunday, January 29, 2012


Last day to wear jeans.  We got to Business Casual tomorrow at work so I'll have to plan the Skirts and Dresses accordingly.  Didn't do anything crafty at all yesterday.  Went to a party with a friend and got to 'hang out'.  Not going into that loopy detail here :p

Did a little bit of border stitching at work today.  Tomorrow might get a little more done.  Then going out to the movies with a friend.  We want to see One for the Money.  She turned me on to reading the Stephanie Plum novels.  I've finished reading the graphic novel of Neverwhere and I sat in my car listening to the end of the next to last cd of Star of Dust so that should finish tomorrow.  I need to finish Object of Beauty.  I need to find the sheets to complete for the Winter Reads reviews and get them in this weekend.

I hope everyone out there is stitching or scrapping or at least having some fun out there!
Which reminds me I need to do my letter B page for Colorful Creations I went looking for pics last night and started sorting out the pic files on my comp :p

Friday, January 27, 2012

Ferret Friday

I got a lot done today!  We went to get my oil changed so I brought it along and stitched some in the car and while waiting.  Then later on I went over to my friend's house who was having other friends over for pizza and hanging out so I brought it over and stitched away while everyone chatted and the kids ran around.  It's looking a little creepy with the eye not there so I think that's where I'll start off next Friday.  It looks so much like Pratchett though!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Where George and Jim sit

George and Jim sit under my computer monitor with whatever other stuff wedged in like Oliver and Sinclair Chocolate, a fishy and shell turtle from friend who went to FL, Myrtle the turtle getting crushed by hubs' Valentine's card, some necklaces, a number for a dairy?, the book I was keeping track of my WIPocolaypse in, etc.
 The TUSAL's didn't get named until the start of Jan 2011.  I had been using a glass bowl from my wedding when I started TUSAL  in 2009.  At the start of Jan 2010 when I was trying to figure out what to do with the orts, my ferret Pratchett decided for me.  He finally got onto the couch and the end table where I had left it and knocked it over. :p  Bad Ferret!  So I dug through my stuff for something durable.
My next TUSAL container was this, it was meant to hold playing cards.  I had Monty Python Holy Grail game cards but as I was the only person with time, out they went and in went orts.  When I dumped the orts into a mug in Jan 2011 to start over they stayed clumped together in the shape of the container.  I immediatly got that Loony Tunes feeling when that loveable big off would find a wee little creature and say he was going to love them and squeeze them and hold them and call them George.  So George was named. 
After I set George on my computer desk I decided he looked like a Rectangular Rainbow Tribble (RRT).  I then remembered watching the new Star Trek movie and James T. Kirk's father was named George and his Grandfather was Tiberius.  So the RRT got named George, the old one got posthumously named Tiberius and the new RRT became Jim. 
I do not have a name for the ornament beyond TUSAL 2012.
Sadly I've only caught bits of the Star Trek episdoes.  I plan on stitching something appopriate and watching all TOS sometime on Netflix.
As of yet the RRT's have yet to be hit with spray adhesive but moving them to be photographed caught some bits coming off so they will need to be.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


TUSAL day!  On the left we have George (edit 2010) and on the right is Jim (2011).  Then my new TUSAL ornament for '12.  I think George needs some spray adhesive now, he's starting to lose some bits.
My interesting lasagna is baking away for work's potluck.  I say interesting because hubs said there was parm and ground meat in the fridge.  There was barely enough parm to mix in the bowl w/cheeses and the ground meat I didn't check the night before and it was still in the freezer.  The only meat we had then was smoked sausage.  So in went the smoked sausage w/zucchini and the thing got topped with 4 cheese Mexican Cheese Blend.  It's edible!  
Now off to find the beading in the couch that I lost the other day and maybe watch some Robin Hood and stitch before work.
Have a great day everyone!

Monday, January 23, 2012


yup that pretty sums it up right?
I did stitch some on the border for Merry Catmas and made sure it was in the correct location.
Nothing else crafty, I go to the gym Mon, Tues and Wed nights.
I did have to run out this morning to get gas in the car and take my books back.  My entire Winter Reads might be audio books.  I listened to Truman Capote's Summer Crossing, interesting and I was stunned at the end.  I picked up Issac Asimov's Stars like Dust and it's shaping up to be interesting.  I had to return Embassytown because someone put a hold on it and I hadn't even read it half way.  I still have Steve Martin's An Object of Beauty and the graphic novel version of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

pics from yesterday and Friday

 He has a lot more body and the start of an ear.
 She's got the face stitched.  Still looking for those beads.
 Started on Merry Catmas so I could get to the border and stitch at work.
 Pretty Flowers my hubby got at Whole Foods.
Beige-d out with everything but my hose were cute even if you can't see them.  The top layer was a floral pattern and I wore regular hose underneath it.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Well I never made cookies.  Maybe next weekend.
I helped a friend get her craft room organized since there was another person there with an mind for organizing and can tell me what to do!
Then went out stitching.  I took a picture of my ferret stitch from yesterday and the Dolly Mama's I'm working on, but something up with the computer and it won't let me load the pictures :( 

It was funny today too because my friend rarely sees me in dresses and both her and her husband commented that I was all dressed up.  I wore my gray and blue striped dress with a tan turtleneck and layered my floral hose with a nude pair to keep warm today.  Guess I could break out the DVD's to make my camera stand and make a quick picture.

Tomorrow is the New Moon so I'll be sure to take a picture of my TUSAL ornament.  My friend wanted to give me her orts but that felt like cheating.  But with the ornaments gone for the season I can't buy anymore to make her an ornament.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Moxie Fab Challenge

I did this page for the Moxie Fab  The Map to Your Heart Challenge.  I took an old TN 2004 map from our honeymoon and cut it into strips to use in my quilling comb and made the corners and the embelishment at the bottom.  I put a 7Gypsies brad in the center.  PP is Bo Bunny Mamarazi, the U is Making Memories, letters Paper Loft, vellum verse Deja Views that have probably been in my stash as long as the map :p  card stock is Die Cuts With A View and the border punch is In Stitches from Fiskars.
This page was done for Friday Fast Track at Scrapping The Moments (also used the U Drive page for a scraplift challenge over there)  I found some pictures of Ponder and realized most of the years were prime numbers, quite probably anyway.  The puzzle piece was from a swap long ago.  Thanks to the lovely ladies who made my pieces. Ferrets was probably the easiest theme I gave them!  Well besides FL my last one was Mardi Gras bunnies and I had the ladies scratching their heads!  The letters are thickers and I have no idea about the stamp anymore.  I bought it a few years ago at Hobby Lobby when my Aunt gave me some money to do a Life Book for her daughter.

Didn't go to Archivers today which was a good thing.  I don't need more stuff! :p  Well I at least need to do 4 more projects with the quilling comb as it cost 5 dollars and the Drive project was the only one I've done.  It's not so much the money as buying something I think is cute and then it sits never used.
I did stitch some on my ferret and last night I did some of the back stitching on Dolly Mama so I'll get pics of those when it's the Full Moon and I post my TUSAL.

Tomorrow I need to bake cookies (going to call a friend and see if I can bake there if she has cookie cutters, went all over the place and no one had plastic rectangular cutters you know if I do it w/a knife it won't look right) if not I'll be over there later to scrap a bit before Saturday Stitch night with my friends.  Not sure what project I'll bring.  I might bring Dolly Mama to finish her up and plot out the others borders so I can stitch on those at work.  Or I might bring my huge Dragon Stitch.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Progress Dolly Mama

Ok I got all the stitching done today.  Now I'll just have to prep a border on one of the other ones to do at work.  I just need to do back stitching and french knots, though there's so many on the ribbon I'm seriously thinking beads.
Tomorrow will be going out to Archivers with a friend.  If not then I'll be stitching Ferret :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter Reads

Today was the first day to sign up for the Winter Reading Program at my local library.   I thought it was the 13th but that was the day the Smyrna branch had a special event for the program.  Ah well.
I have this book sitting on my kitchen counter all ready renewed once so I'll have to stop stitching and start reading.  I love this author but this is no lazy read.  You need to concentrate.  Last year I read Kraken and though my head had gotten scrambled up like eggs but it was really enjoyable.  I can't describe how much I loved reading the book and enjoyed being challenged in my imaginations. (When I read I play a movie in my head so somethings are reread to understand what I'm seeing.)
 Embassy Town by China Mieville
while I was at the library on Friday returning hubs book, and I thought I was going to sign us up, I looked for a book that had been mentioned over at the Zachary Quinto Community.  An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin
I did buy a book at the dollar store on Friday.  I don't know if that will be my 3rd book or not.  It's about parents who commission a writer to write a book for their daughter that she will love and make her a reader.
I need to read 6 books for my Winter Reading Program.  Any other suggestions?

Monday, January 16, 2012


Sorry the pic is bad the camera didn't tell me it was blurry :p
Lots of time in between calls today so got a quite a bit of border done.  Then came home and filled in the sign, ornaments, earrings, mouth and then the present.  I also did the gold for the hat too.  I'll have to be careful stitching that left corner so I line up the borders and don't go past it.  Much too late to be staying up but I got on a stitching roll.  Once the border is done on here though I'll have to stitch some on the others so I can count out their borders and do them at work.  I don't think the backstitching will be an easy thing to do between calls.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

No Pants 15 last dress

 My new dress by Merona from Target and my new Vera Wang jeggings I got from Kohls.  Tomorrow is cold and rainy so I'll be wearing warm pants! 
My progress on Best Stressed.  I've done most of the border at work on breaks and lunch.  I did the hat and hair at home one day.  Some of it was stitching in the car one weekend.  So far so good it has some presents to go to her left, the rest of the border, the all the backstitching and the shiny gold thread.  Maybe I will have a finish this month. ;)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Trigger Tuesday done today and No Pants Day 14

 Over at Moxie Fab Blog they do a Tuesday Trigger to inspire your card making/paper crafting. This weeks was a quilted blanket with multicolored numbers and nearly everyone who had the embossing folder I used on the left used it ;)

 This Bingo card is a Tim Holtz's Embossing Folder and I liked it because of the numbers.  I had done a birthday card with brads for a bingo and wanted to do something different so I got out the brad template to make a heart and used red rhinestones.  I didn't have enough smalls so I had to go back and use the medium and big.  Then I inked it with Festive Berries.
 Next the Cuttlebug Die everyone loves.  I chalked the numbers 143 and then because I'm crazy I poked holes around the numbers and stitched with green thread like on the quilt.  The inside says I Love You with the numbers 143 underneath their words.
 Another Tim Holtz's Embossing Folder.  I chalked the edges and the #4's there's one that got cut off a bit in the pic I see.  I couldn't decide what to do with it because I liked the ledger so much so I just found a velum word, cut it out and stapled it on.  I didn't want to mess with glue on the uneven surface.
This would have been the last day of my No Pants for January since I had worn each dress and skirt that I had owned. (Minus the wedding, formal and 'snug' skirt)  Yesterday I went shopping at Khols hoping I'd find another dress or skirt but they were meh so I bought stockings instead.  I have discovered I have more tights/hose to wear than I have dresses/skirts to wear them with.  Today hubs wanted to go to Super Target so while he shopped I went and looked at dresses and found a new one I will wear tomorrow.  So now I can go half a month without wearing a pair of pants. :)  So now after Sunday unless I just really want to I can wear pants.  It's nice  just knowing my stuff is getting worn rather than sitting on the hangers like they were before I discovered Amber and the No Pants Blog.

Friday, January 13, 2012

No Pants Day 13

 Today is Ferret Friday.  I got this mug from my friend Flossy Lady for Christmas.  The scarf was also a Christmas present from my friend Pinky.  Her husband helped her pick it out for me.  It came with a matching pair of gloves too.  Sweater is from Dillards, just realized a Christmas present too from 3 years ago, and the skirt is from Old Navy that I bought with Birthday money.  The tights were last years Christmas present from Adrienne over at Lola Rocks.
Since today was Ferret Friday I post a picture of my ferret over at Zachary Quinto's Community page.  If I forget one of the members gets rather cross with me ;)  I posted a picture I captured of Ponder when he was resting on me.  He never stays anywhere very long and that day he was really content to lay about so I snapped a few pictures.  One because he's cute and two I was afraid he was so out of character that it might be a sign of something else.  I lost his brother Pratchett in June of last year.  I decided that it was finally time to stitch the ferret pattern in Jeanette Crews Designs The OmniBook of Exotic Pets.  I bought the book when we still lived in FL and we had just gotten the ferrets.  The owner and I were crossing our fingers there would be a ferret because we couldn't tell from the cover.  Luckily their was and it looks almost like Pratchett did.  I got a good start on it while watching my Pittsburgh Penguins break their losing streak against the FL Panthers 4-1!  Yeah Go Pens!  Then I wanted to finish out a color so I watched a bit of Dr. Who.  This is where I finished off and will leave it for the next Ferret Friday.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

NO Pants Day 12

Bleh bad pic ah well.  Red skirt today with layered tights to keep warm.  It snowed today.  Luckily I had taken sometime off today.   However, because of snow no one wanted to go to stitch so it was cancelled.  Been sitting here at home deciding what I was going to do for dinner and watching the ends of Hockey games.  Hubs team won.  Yeah for him :p  my team has been on a loosing streak.  Going to go stitch some and watch the end of Hogsfather.  I have until tomorrow the Netflix says. :p

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

No Pants Day 11

 A Red day today.  A coworker came by and said I see you're wearing red.  I got the memo.  Looked up he had a red checked shirt on.  I said yes but you're not wearing an awesome hat.  He admitted he didn't have a hat as awesome as mine.
I love my hat, I love my jacket and my stockings.  The hat is from Charming Charlies, the Jacket I got from Lola Rocks Clothing (you can also see her blog in my side bar on the left under fun stuff)  I think the hose were from Target.  Skirt and Top I've had for ages from Dillards I think they're both Copper Key? maybe.

 Well work was work, they had us sign up for OT an hour after our shift or an hour before and after tomorrow.  So I worked an hour over tonight and will go in early tomorrow.  I guess I'm not getting off early for stitching, oh did I say stitching no I meant appointment yeah that's right.  :p  OH and forgot my lunch on the counter today so I bought yet another Dr. Pepper and had a meal at McDonald's for my lunch.  Also, the joke was afterwards we were slow and they put us in coaching and I got to stitch, yeah we have to work ot when the calls are 2 min in between?  At least they were about 2 min for me.  Didn't go to the gym since it was later I probably should have.  I'll do something Saturday.  Friday I'm hoping to go to Archivers in Franklin with a friend or friends :)  with a stop by Khols.  My MiL gave hubs and I gift cards.  Hubs couldn't find anything so I have his.  I think this means more skirts or dresses!  I have enough skirts and dresses for 2 full weeks.  Not including the skort which was for Halloween and  is much too short for normal day wear, the velour skirt which is on the snug side of the closet and may be too short and a bit formal, the formal dress I wore for my friends wedding and my wedding dress.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

No Pants Day 10

Aww how cute I looked today as I sit here in my work out clothes.  I go to the gym Mon-Wed I might be able to start going on Sundays.  I think when I first started I worked so late they were closed but now that my schedule is 11-7:30 I know I see cars there.  Can't wear a skirt, I think I've only seen tennis outfits with a skirt and you can't do some of those machines in a skirt :p
Dress by Old Navy that I bought with my b-day money.  I've had the scarf for a while I think it came from Dillards.  I know the tights did I got them last year on clearance.  The jean jacket is a little bit warmer than the turquoise top I bought to go with it.  It was a freebie from a neighbor I traded some other stuff to go in the yard sale they were going to have. 
I did get my Love Quilt Square to the P.O. today and mailed it off.  Since I had time to kill I couldn't resist going to Sonic and getting a .99 large soda :p yeah I worked it off so I guess I balanced it out.  Except we went in for Pizza at work today ;)  Then I sat in my car while I waited for time to go in and stitched on my Dolly Mama piece.  Got the shoes done so I could find the bottom border so I could do the mindless stitching during breaks or if the calls were real slow but they weren't that slow today.  Lets not think of the callers, I got a real doozy.  I'm glad they're not all like that.

Monday, January 9, 2012

No Pants Day 9

 Oh goodness late post.  Ah well.  Today at work was team day.  Some football game was on so we were prompted to wear our favorite team colors so I decked myself out in the Pittsburgh Penguins gear.  Tried to get Ponder to pose with me but he didn't want to.

Better picture.  I layered the tights again with some footless ones to keep warm.  Did my denim skirt so I would have some variation but also because I had all ready worn the long black skirt.  I think I have one black skirt left I'll have to run through the pics and see what I've worn all ready.
How I manage to take pictures of myself in the morning Seasons 1-3 of LOST all the editions we have of LotR and some other L movies thrown in for good measure.
  I did some stitching on break today at work but it was just a little bit of the border since I got it where I don't have to worry about counting.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

No Pants Day 8

 A bit springy in this skirt.  It's the one where I hear Stacey London from What Not To Wear in my head getting me to try on polka dots.  Funny is I do have a polka dot top in my clothes that is really cute but when it was first coming out I didn't really like it.  This had a lot of other stuff going on besides the polka dots so I got it and this top and a blue one to match it.
When I got back in my room I realized I didn't have my scarf on that I found at Walmart for 3 bux.  Probably too graphic and competing with the skirt but I wore it any way.

 I took my stitching to work because Sundays are usually a bit slow.  I just had to do the border of the sign and the big border.  Once the major corners are counted I can just go at it and not have to worry about counting too much.  I might take it with me tomorrow I'm not sure.  Getting lots of complements from the other people I work with :) 
I need to remember tomorrow to renew my books at the library and mail off my Love Quilts Square so it gets there on time.  It's been done for months I just never washed it and got it sent off and now it's almost the last min again.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

No Pants Day 7

Well can't see my tights as well but at least I didn't cut off my head in this one. ;)
Dress made by my friend Pinky No one wanted it so I got it :) She also made yesterday's dress. I found the fabric and commissioned her to make it for me. Perhaps one day I'll get my sewing machine working and I'll make my own? I still have memories of making the rounded duffel bag in 8th grade :p

Today is the full moon so here's my WIPocalypse

Rivalry by Dimensions wow it looks like I lucked out. I went and found the site link figuring that was easier than trying to track down the picture I took of the front, it's no longer made. Considering I've been stitching on it for 2 Christmases now and I got it on clearance? I'm not surprised. Let see I know I bought it in FL when I was down for Christmas and I had finished what I was working on. Oh I think it has been 3 Xmas because last year I was watching Dr. Who Christmas special and remembering that I had bought it the one before :p It will get done one day. I seem to stitch it during hockey season and when Penguins got knocked out of the playoffs I stopped stitching on it.

Next is Dolly Mama Best Stressed

I stitched her arm, sign and hair while in the car today.  We went out to Franklin for the Gun Show and found a grip for my Kahr CW9 so hopefully next time I take it to the range it doesn't give me a callous.   Then we went to Archivers.  Well I went to Archivers my husband and BiL stayed in the car watching TV or playing games on their tablets while I went in and tried not to buy all the Tim Holt's stuff!  I did well there.  I only got black foam dots and a quilling comb. Now I can learn spruer. I think that's what it is called I found this blog if you scroll down and look at the butterfly I think the tool can help with that. I couldn't find a picture of the angel wings I had seen and you can do other stuff with the comb too.   I do too many crafty things, why do I want to sew again?  It'll probably be like when I tried to learn crochet again and decided that was one too many hobbies.

Of course my saving money didn't work when we went to Whole Foods.  I saw a CD on check out and had to get it.  (Darn marketers putting stuff like that up at the registers) But can't blame the marketers I think I would have been mad if I had been told Hugh Laurie put out a CD of New Orleans Blues called Let Them Talk and I didn't have a place to get it.  Of course I just saw it came out in May, I could have had it as a b-day present.  Ah well better late than never.  OH crap I think I see my next B-day present.  I was looking over the website and there's a special edition with 4 more songs and a DVD. ;)

Friday, January 6, 2012

No Pants (sort of) Day 6

I started out the day in blue sweats to take down the xmas stuff.
Then I changed into this to go out and about with Hubs.

When we got done and home I gravitated to my computer and began playing games even though for a January day it was Gorgeous and in the 60's. Hubs came by and said it'd be a nice day to ride my bike. I had thought about it but I would have had to change. Or would I? After finishing my game I went looking for hubs and couldn't find him and I saw the bike just sitting there in the garage. You know what, they make women's bikes with that V because they had originally needed the clearance for their dresses to stay modest. Also had the mental image of an episode of House Hunters and the lady wanted a house close to work and she was all dressed in her work clothes and pumps that she hooked in the heels into the bike pedals. (no idea how she then got off the bike) So what the heck, I didn't want to ruin my hose though so on came some thermal pants and my regular work out pants.
Me after my ride. Felt good.

Then cleaned up my room a bit and got ready to craft over at Scrapping the Moments Friday Fast Track
So I scrapped a page in an hour an half which is a bit slow for me, I can usually get one in an hour but knowing I had the time I played around with my new Fiskars Interchangeable punches.

I used some Bella Blvd all Inclusive papers I had one last year, Fiskars stamps for the butterflies and Tim Holt's Distress Ink and Embossing powder in Tea Dye. OH and some beige 1/8th inch quilling paper in beige to thread through on the title. The background card stock it Core'dinations. I had cut out the middle of the paper to practice with the punch but I couldn't figure out how to corner with the dang thing.

Still listening to Penguins play hockey and they're losing :( Still one period left to go. So going to file the nail I cut while I was scrapping and stitch a little bit during the last period. Then maybe I'll eat something for dinner.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

No Pants Day 5

I will eventually work out a flattering pose. My brown skirt and blue top for today.
Late in posting because I thought I would take pictures at my stitching gathering but I left the camera in the car.

My craftyness yesterday. I made a card for my MiL who's B-day was today. Hubs finally got stamps and I got it mailed off.

I stitched a tiny bit of the pink ribbon at work during break. I had nice complements from some of my coworkers asking me where I got it and what I'm going to do with it. I told the one most of my stuff ends in a pile of too finish. I think with 6 of these Dolly Mama Christmas patterns that I might make a wall hanging though. I just need to fix my sewing machine. I stitched a bit of the yellow shirt in the middle and everything on the left at Shoney's when I got to see my stitching friends. Next Thurs I asked for about an hour or so off early so maybe I can join them at the beginning and no one will feel obliged to wait for me while I eat.

Tomorrow is the day I might not wear a dress at first so I can get the Christmas lights down and put all the stuff up!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

No Pants Day 4

OK a little awkward on the pose because I was trying to get my hose to show. But much better than the pic I took of myself on the couch! My friend gave me the headband for Christmas and I love the colors but it's also the colors of the company I work for so I decided to go all out today. Yesterday some of my coworkers joked that I looked like I worked for the client. So my headband if from Target, silk shirt is Sag Harbor bought from JCPenny probably, skirt My Michelle so Dillards, plain black hose and layered with yellow fishnet. Not sure they were yellow and fishnet so I grabbed them. Could have been Hot Topic because I think I got it the year I went as a yellow goth girl for Halloween. No I don't think I have a pic of that. My dayglow orange and yellow wig from Target was awesome though!

This was my crafty endeavor yesterday. Made a quick belated b-day card. It will be further belated because we still don't have enough stamps! I'll need to make another one for my MiL too. Her birthday is this month.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

No Pants Day 3

OK I need to get the Christmas stuff cleaned off so I can stack the DVD's and take pics on the stairs again. You can't really see my black skirt in the picture but you can kinda see the texture on the hose.

Last night I did some quick crafting and added the year to my ornament like Mouse
suggested. I think it looks good. I thought of doing TUSAL on it or 2012 but it was just a little too big.
Tonight I'll go to the gym and remember to take my clothes in with me to work so they aren't freezing out in the car :p Hope to get some other little crafty thing done but first I need to clean before getting out to work.

Monday, January 2, 2012

No Pants Day 2

I snapped this picture before work. Amber of No Pants had comment on a picture of this dress when I had worn it with a tan turtleneck that a mustard color would look really good. I finally found this shirt at Target and later found some mustard color stockings in the 5.00 bin. So I layered them with my tan textured tights to be a little warmer today. Worked out fine at work but it was 30 when I left and frackin cold! Tempted to pick up sweater tights when we swung by Target this evening.

Haven't crafted yet and I should get to bed. I'll find something real quick to do before I head off.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Post of 2012

I took pictures yesterday so I have some of Jim and George. Jim is much smaller but in May of this year I took a new job. My hours cut into going stitching on Thursdays and much of my other stitching time.
So here's George and Jim side by side

And my friend had given us little ornaments with her orts. Which I almost thought of doing myself and then I was glad I went with tinsel since she gave us these. I have a big square one though that I think I'll put my orts into rather than make another rectangular rainbow tribble.

Here is a picture of me today. As the first day of the month I follow along with No Pants and wear my skirts and dresses. I put her Veel Liefs blog in my Fun Sites list. I did have hubs take a picture of me but he failed to get my stockings so I took this one on timer function.

It's just now 8 o'clock. Finally caught up on the Dr. Who Christmas Special so now I just have to wait for next season. Still enough time for me to get crafty tonight so dragging out some stitching and watch something else off my Netflix queue.