Saturday, May 5, 2012

WIPoclaypse April

 I finished Merry Catmas!  Now working on Holy Crap now I have to Wrap.  Headless, handless and footless thing she is.

Ferret Friday.  I did a little bit of backstitching.  We went camping and I grabbed him to take a long and got a little bit done.  I realized when trying to stitch the string I somehow added another pearl in there so it's 2 stitches further down :p  Ah well.  Still debating to put the words in there or not.  Above him should say Curiosity killed the cat, but it motivates my ferret.

I did get 2 other book marks done but I don't know where I put the pieces to Book, Book, Book.  I used Read More Books  freebie pattern I got from mr.xstitch's link.  I'll have to locate the link again for ya.

I did do a little bit of Amazon April and stitched one color on my Dragon piece last Saturday at my friend's house.  It's such a little bit here and there though that you can't really tell anything changed.  I will work on it more in May as it's my husband's 10 year anniversary present.  On June 5th I will have 2 more years to get it done!

On the 15th of May it will be my 30th birthday.  I've already made sure I have the day off at work and plan on spending time with my friends.  


Anonymous said...


Congrats on your lovely finish!

Your WIPs are looking good.

Gizzimomo said...

Lovely work!

Mouse said...

ooo well done on getting it finished :) love the pearls with the ferret and hope you have a wonderful birthday (could have given us more warning
love mouse xxxxxx

Cathy said...

I love the ferret!

Carla said...

Nice're making good progress on the ferret!

Topcho said...

Lol Merry Catmas is awesome! I'm so looking forward to seeing more o fHoly Crap too :D And the ferret is adorable of course, and it seems that the backstiching will make a great difference on this project. I love seeing the magic of backstitch in action :D

Irishenchantment said...

looking forward to seeing finishes soon :D

Mangogirl said...

gorgeous stitching :D