Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ok last night I figured out what I think I was supposed to do for row 4 and then I did the Stars.  The next row was the same as 4 so I did that and stopped there.  There are supposed to be beads and the charm goes in the center.  I didn't have my beading needle.  I'm thinking gold beads.  I didn't do gold thread in the weaving but I think I should be going for gold not silver ;)

With the time difference I could watch highlights from the days torch relay but there wasn't a live feed so I searched around the net.  I thought the 30 Olympic Moments was something on NBC but apparently it hasn't aired yet?  But they did have Leno and he interviewed Hugh Laurie and found out that his father was an Olympic Gold medalist.  However it was never mentioned in the house.  He didn't find out his father was a rower until he and his parents were getting into some boat and he asked his Mom if his Dad knew what he was doing.  They got home and his medal was kept in the sock drawer!  Hugh says he has it in a safe now.  It was from 1938 (I think) and they didn't use all gold it's mostly tin and the gold has worn off.  I think I've heard that happening to some other medals too.


diamondc said...

I remember my first attempt at couching I was so stumped, I did what you did and it was right, yours looks lovely, I remember the piece I had to couch way back in 1979 wow many years ago.
Happy Stitching to you.

Ziggyeor said...

I have another piece that calls for it but not like this!

Mangogirl said...

gorgeous stitching!