Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Start

Still using my phone to take pics.  I cleaned today instead of hermit ing so haven't started yet.  Tonight my friends and I are going to see a play.  One of ours stitcher's is an actress too so we decided tonight will be a goodnight since it's when we usually met to stitch and it's my Birthday weekend ;)  Just remind me to put the sd card back in my phone!  I keep trying to use google plus and forgetting that I made the blog before I had my gmail account and they don't seem to talk to each other.  Either I need to figure out how to sync the e-mails or if I can keep the blog but change the e-mail I use to sign in.

You can kinda sorta see in the picture that its cross-stitch around the edge and a little on the insides.  There's a Herringbone stitch and something to do with weaving that they did with some metallic but with the Weeks Dye that I'm using I'm not sure if I want to do metallic?  If I do I might do Gold. I think when I get to the bottom hearts I may get out the regular dmc so the flags on them will look right.  This came with a Silver USA charm.  Of course if I stitch it I'll not have one to give away when I relay it.  Should I supply another one or let someone pick their own charm?


dulcinella said...

If you like it, use it and let the next person use his own. I am really looking forward to see your progress on this one. I love sweethearts tree projects. So much fun to stitch. Enjoy.

diamondc said...

I have this pattern and am going to start it tomorrow I think following your lead is a great idea on doing some stitching for the Olympic Torch.

blue star stitcher said...

I would say use the charm, I always love looking through the little boxes of charms at my LNS and picking out my own.

Mangogirl said...

use the charm :) looks lovely!