Friday, August 31, 2012

Conglomoration Post

 oi, if I load the pics first I can't find where to type.  Ok first pic to get my London key chain in the pic.
2nd pic I managed to finish the 1st page and a bit of London during the London 2012 Olympics
3rd, just watched morning session of Athletics for the London 2012 Paralympics.  Hope to get another page done for these games.  Already took 9/9 off to watch the closing and catch up on things.  Haven't watched the Opening Ceremony yet :p
4th TUSAL it finally broke along the crack and I had to use epoxy glue to stick it back together.  What's with all my TUSAL's breaking?
The mound of floss in the back was for a stocking project.  Probably won't start it this year but the floss at JA's is on sale 4 for $1.  Then I checked Love Quilts and forgot I had signed up for another child so I'll have to check if I have all the floss for that one and make another run before Monday :)
I promise September to be a better blogger.  If I don't blog on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday someone come round to facebook and bonk me on the head ;)  or e-mail me


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geeky Heather said...

Oh, good for you for watching the Paralympics...I haven't been able to catch any coverage since they were in Atlanta (we went live then)!! We loved watching Goalball!

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