Sunday, May 27, 2012


If I had stitched at all on Friday it would have been done then too.  Instead just over  a week on the relay.  I was hoping I could get the video of Matt Smith running the relay, thanks You Tube since BBC is slow..  (For those of you that don't know Matt Smith plays the 11th incarnation of Doctor Who)

Ok I know you really just want to see the picture of the finished project. 


I haven't finished, finished it yet because I'm not quite sure how to make a heart shaped ornament.  The model at the store was just framed flat.

So now to relay the pattern.  Not sent with charms or anything so you can pick out your own so if it goes to someone not in the USA they can pick their own charms and colors.  I'll leave this open till next Sunday June 3rd and then pick a winner to mail to.  It will probably be 7:30 or so in the morning Central time when I pick in hopes the person can get their addy to me and I can mail it on Monday.

We'll do this like other traveling patterns, follow the last person who stitched/is stitching it, post your progress, relay it on to the next person in a timely manner.  Lets see how many get this done before A. the relay is over and B. before the Olympics and Paralympics are over.


dulcinella said...

I would love to stitch it! I think it's beautiful! Well done.

Anonymous said...

I told you I'd come for Ewe, and this is a lovely project as well..! I already have so many ideas for different versions!! :D
thank you for having another traveling pattern
about Dr. Who, did you see David Tennant + Jo Brand at the Graham Norton show??! I laughed so badly!!
happy xxx,

Anonymous said...

It's lovely, congrats on your finish.