Monday, May 21, 2012

Ok copied it from my Google +  I need to spend more time figuring that out but I used the google account instead of yahoo so I can't sync the thing over here :p

Besides not figuring that out I can't figure out Row 4 on this thing.  I did the xstitch row and finished and then I did the stitches on row three and did the weaving of the blending filament which gives a tiny bit of sparkle but I didn't want to go too bold with the gold, red or blue that I had.

So someone explain Row 4  Couching: using 6 strands of DMC floss come up from underside of the fabric at the beginning of the row and go back down at the end of the row leaving several inches of floss at each end on the underside of the fabric.  Floss must lay flat on the upper surface.  Then stitch over with 2 strands of DMC floss as sown in diagram below.  To anchor floss tails left on underside of fabric wave them carefully through the over-stitching on the underside of the fabric.

Of course this gave floss numbers but I'm just using the overdye or at least I think I will.  What I think this means is starting from where the left side just under the staggered x's are, I insert the needle and then go all the way across to the other side and poke it back through.  Then make sure that huge line lays flat.  Next I take 2 strands of floss and I'm making a straight line up and down in 2 places and an x (that's what the diagram looks like, the actual grid on the front looks like boxes adn then an x and then three boxes and an x but I'm guessing the top bars are just to show where the thread goes and then you're doing two lines an x three lines x   |  |  x  |  |  | x |  |  | x until I get to the end.)  Then when I get that done I take the endy bits on the back and attach it to the border stitch?  or did the crazy stitching on the top leave something to run it behind?  Some said they had this pattern Help ME! :)


Mouse said...

hi ziggy ... send me the bit with the instructions on for that band and let me figure it out ... as normally couching isn't that ...
and will hopefully sort it out for you :) need to see it to make more sense to me this early in the morning :)
love mouse xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Ziggy

Hope you can get the couching sorted out. This is looking great!

dulcinella said...

Well, it looks already great and since Mouse was so sweet to offer you help, I don't need to worry:-) english only being my third language, I'm always very pleased if I understand my stitching instructions on a paper right in front of me, so trying to help you, would be rather dangerous for