Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Monday

OK I was going to post a pic of my Parlympic progress but the 3 photos I took with my camera phone are :p
So it will have to wait.  I didn't finish a full page like I did on the Olympics.  With it being online instead of TV I was sitting away from the computer getting distracted by the internet :p
Now I'm switching gears to get Noah's Ark done by Oct.
I have a crown to finish too by Nov but I used up my Krienik and none of the box stores in the area carry that blue.  ARG.
Then it will be on to the Monkey.  I stitch way to many Love Quilt squares! Na I love it.
At my job there will be no stitching time for me anymore.  I'll be helping people in the morning and phone time for 4 hours.  Hoping the boss can talk to the higher ups about letting me work a little bit longer so I can get out earlier on Thurs so I can actually meet my friends for dinner and stitch.  It'll be 10hrs a day 5 days a week, not that much time for stitching but the ot pay will be helpful.

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