Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Good News, Bad News and ARG!

 Good News I finished my bookmark at work today.  Deciding how I want to finish him so I can give him to the library.  I think I have Xyron sticker maker with sticky to laminate so I could laminate and stick it to card stock.  Or could just stick it to card stock.  I mainly want to protect the back of it, but since it's being given to kids I want it durable.
 Bad News.  When I went was going out to my car I didn't have the pouch my project was in deep in my purse because I brought my umbrella with me.  So I swung the purse getting into the car and it dropped shattering my Ort Ornie.  However the Orts slid right out from under it and the pieces were pretty large so I still have that unlike when my first TUSAL Jar broke.
The ARG is my work mandating OT.  We're supposed to do our week day off but of course this is the 2 weeks where I actually have stuff I planned for Friday.  So I'm working one Sat 9-2 (they agreed to a 5hr rather than an 8hr because it was too short notice for people to work I guess)  Then next week I'll just do 4 10hr days and a regular day on Thurs so I have my weekend plans.
So now to hunt down the Rectangular Rainbow Tribble Maker while I contemplate a different Ort container.  must remember that  plastic travels better :p


milly said...


I love your bookmark it's great!

Shame about your ORT jar but glad you could rescue your ORTS.

happy stitching!

diamondc said...

Naughty ort jar, love your bookmark.

Mouse said...

oooo well done on the book mark ... laminate better ???
and shame about the ort jar ... at least you saved the orts though .. and plastic is much better at bouncing :) love mouse xxxx

dulcinella said...

the bookmark is cute! hope next time all the orts will stay in the place they're supposed to stay:-) Hope you'll have some stitching time and not only work the next days!

Mangogirl said...

gorgeous bookmark! and oh no on your ort jar! I think you need plastic!

Blogger said...

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