Monday, December 31, 2012

Last post of 2012

Again like last year I am hoping to blog more. Will probably see like last year where I did really well the first months and then it bottoms out mid year. Tomorrow I hope to craft once a day. I think this was a goal last year but again tapers off. Nice to set the idea out there though. I need to get stitching on the Monkey so he can be sent out on time. I won't have to go in until 11 so I should have some time in the morning to watch Netflix and stitch before running by a friends to pick something up. OH but I should do a diff crafty project...ah well it will get done eventually :p I checked over my book list from the library. The library saved me 971.25 give or take a few because Sept I trailed off in recording so I think a few Sherlock books are left off. Then I have an audio book on my new nook and about 4 that I checked out. I'm reading one of them. I don't know if it should go on this list or next years. My idea to give 10% didn't come to fruition but I did donate 2 movies for the giving tree. I got the letter from them and now I need to find it again so I can wrap it up for my parents since I donated in their name. Couldn't think of another Christmas present for them since they didn't want us to spend any money on them. Other goals for the new year are to get back into shape. Though I'm pigging out on cookies and probably a Dr. Pepper later. Maybe not I'll be up all night. I'm still wearing dresses/skirts the beginning of the month but its a little cool for some of them. I might take pics of my new skirt since that hasn't been put up yet. I hope everyone has a Happy and Crafty New Year.


Topcho said...

Happy New Year and good luck with your resolutions! I have a similar problem of a good start and then dropping everything in the middle of the year XP

Topcho said...

Thank you for your comment on my place! :) I'm not sure what you call "serial starter" but if my guess is right it's called Why is it? by Cricket creations.
Glad you like my tree! :) I finished the tree, but couldn't finish The great escape - so I need to go check for that pattern too :)