Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Conglomoration WIPacolypse, TUSAL and sorta Themealious post

Hi, I'm Ziggy and I'm addicted to Pogo.  If you don't know what that is I shouldn't tell you as games are really addicting.I haven't been neglectful of my stitching and did get the Love Quilt Square for Cristobal done and mailed.  I just uploaded pics and didn't realize it was tilted :p
 I had been doing it at work and I brought it around to show.  I told one of the guys that it was going to be a quilt square for a child and he started asking me how much it would cost me to do one.  I was thinking like others he wanted me to stitch something for him.  However, he basically wanted to sponsor me to do a quilt square!  I couldn't justify the price that I normally would have charged so I told him 20 and the cost of stitching and the 3 dollars for the donation.  (Which reminds me I forgot to send 3 bux for the other square.)  I was going to wait till the beginning of Aug when the new children were released but there was a call for stitchers to fill the last 2 quilts.  So I jumped on the chance to do a sports theme but I took the book for my coworker to decide and when I got back home it was too late.  The other square was still open so I jumped on that one and had to run to buy fabric so he owed me 7 more dollars.  The patterns have to be 9X9 and if I had used the fabric I had it was going to be too big so I had to buy smaller count but that's what coupons are for.  So here is the beginning of Noah's Ark.
 I got all the floss wound and it's in the box with my London colors  I was looking at the fabric to see what size to cut when I was going to do Noah's Ark and I realized then the blue fabric was way too small.  But I think the blue fabric only comes in 14 count at that size so I may have to use white after all.  I'll be putting a pause in Ark while the games go on.  I'm a little torn right now because the Opening Ceremonies don't start till Friday but some of the games have all ready started.  I guess I'll find the Olympic Colors in the pattern and stitch on  that.
Here is TUSAL, filling up nicely.  With so much floss in the box I don't have a place for orts so I'll have to bring it to work so it gets filled up with Ark and London.
I don't really have anything to go with the Jolly July Theme but the Noah's Ark is pretty happy. 
Also, did stitch on Computer Dragon on Saturday at my stitch with the girls.  I need to do something on it other than stitch across the top row I feel like a typewriter starting at one end and working my way across the top to the right.  I was saying 'ding' as I started over with a different color. 
I also finished my Ferret Friday over 4th of July weekend when we went up to see my MIL and family.  Her husband had fallen off a ladder and broke his pelvis in 2 places.
A friend suggested I put Pratchett's name on the piece and I think I'll do that so still have a little to do on the ferret that should have been done in June but I didn't stitch on it on Friday's :p
I'll keep better progress of my projects over the Olympics I swear!
Speaking of which does anyone know what happened to Milly?  I sent her my Olympic Relay Pattern and she got it and then when I had been checking blogs she's completely gone?!


geeky Heather said...

LOL at the typewriter stitching. =) I hope your MIL's hubby gets better soon...I think you are right...we do need to wrap these guys in bubble wrap!!

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