Thursday, December 27, 2012


Love the gif this year ;) We'll be running away with fun projects. Not quite sure what I'll do for Jan but I do have some word trees that I need to do. They were on my WIP list but didn't get done. My dragon doesn't have any trees and I'm stitching a monkey for a love quilts square. Maybe one of the book mark patterns will work too. Stitched tonight with my friends at Arbys. Our Christmas Party is this Saturday and I'll be making brussel sprouts with maple syrup I hope. At least me, L. Sully and B. will eat them if no one else will :) Had to open up the lap top today the letter c on my regular keyboard doesn't want to work. And the washing machine is damaged and needs a part. :p Was hoping to go shopping at JA's tomorrow for floss but the sale doesn't start till Sunday and by the time I can go it will probably be ran sacked. I had gotten an extra 15% off sale items but it's only good through the 30th :p Also, by now Hobby Lobby is probably out of Christmas Trees but I wanted to get the tall black one. But needing the part for the washing machine will probably limit me even if they do have one at this store. I'm trying to convince myself that I have SABLE in cross-stitch and scrapbooking supplies and I really DO NOT need a loom kit and yarn. I think I need to find a knitter or crocheter I can trade off with. Well geeky knitter that will stitch me a Doctor Who Scarf, Jayne hat and some other geek stuff (darn PINtrest) and I will cross-stitch something or scrapbook in return. Good trade off right? Well since I'm running low on battery life I will stop my rambling and get crafty. I'm floating on Dr. Pepper and probably won't sleep for a bit longer.

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diamondc said...

O.K. I have been satying away from Pintrest, and now I read the word and have to go there it is an addication.
I do wish I knitted or crocheted I would like to help maybe I need to take knitting lessons.
I just put in a large order at Hobby Lobby today for lots of boxes and other things they have such a great sale going on now.
Happy Newyear