Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Reading Wednesday

Over on the Zachary Quinto Community Page I post what I'm reading every Wednesday.  Going to try to remember to dust off the blog and post here too, so the blog doesn't get so lonely.

So what is everyone reading? I got a nook for Christmas and found some free Isherwood books. I checked out a bunch of books from the library. I have a Graphic Novel by Neil Gaiman Signal to Noise, 3 nonfiction books one on guns and the other two are about nonreligious movement and ones a personal story from a FAiTHeist. I'm reading that one right now. It's not biography but it's about his personal religious journey from growing up with no religion, to wanting to join with a youth group and converting, then his family found a church and once he did find God he realized he was gay and that the God he found wouldn't love him. He did go to college for a Religious degree and on the way became an atheist. I'm just past where he graduated.
So that's what I'm reading how about you?  
I think the library should be starting their Winter Reads soon.  I Hope so anyway.  I'll hopefully craft some bookmarks to give away.  They had some hanging up over Christmas for people to take.  They were nice but not the best things, not sure kids could have helped.  I've stitched some in the past to give and I have two stitched ones waiting to be finished.  I bought a book of patterns to stitch too.
I've crafted some today.  I made a belated b-day card for a friend and found 2 other cards that will work for friends birthdays.  I made one more Christmas Card for the House Mouse Challenge.  I haven't listened to all my Christmas CD's so I think there will be a few more cards.  I'm still not through all my Christmas paper!  With only me and Steve there aren't a lot of pictures.  I still have my friends get together on Saturday where we'll exchange presents so I may have more photos then.  I haven't realized how much I missed paper crafting till I started making all these cards!  I need to find a scrappy/stitchy balance. 
I hope everyone had a Wonderful Wednesday.

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