Sunday, June 24, 2012


 I've been working some overtime instead of blogging.   This first pic is my Dad's card that I quickly stitched for him and then sent out late.  Last years was early so this one makes up for that :p
 TUSAL for June.  I cracked the tribble maker but it's still good to go.  Plastic is the way to go people!
 Theme update, working on my dragon still, it's a bit of an animal.  I feel like a typewriter, I go across the top filling in the top square in the first row so I can try to roll down the piece and I keep going back and forth.  Oh and I found another spot I messed up on near where that big blob of blue is and it's part of the dragon face too. :p  I hope it turns out OK if I work around it, I'm not ripping anything out of this!
Close up of the corner where you can see I filled in.

I feel so bad, I haven't been paying attention to other blogs and the Traveling Pattern is with Kay.  It went with her to Italy and she's taken some fun pics of her trip and with the stitching, who ever thought the Traveling Pattern would actually get to Travel!

Milly, has posted that she has received the Olympic Relay Pattern.  No posts yet but she had some gorgeous needle rolls on her blog you should check out. :)  Today at work there was a TV near by and I got to see some of the Olympic Trials in diving and track.

Besides OT I've been trying to put together my craft room which looks like Dorothy Gale came through in her house.  I hope I don't get squashed with my feet sticking out from under the mess. 
How do you store your floss and patterns?  I would like ideas because throwing it all at the shelf won't help. :p  I have the floss sorted in baggies (mostly) and then in a large black bag that I have to dig through and then most of it doesn't end back in the baggies.


Carla said...

That's a cute Father's Day card!

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Lovely card finish! I'm sure your Dad loved it :) I'm in awe of your Dragon - you are braver than I'll ever be, stitching something as complicated as that! He's going to be ferocious when he's finished though ;)

As far as storage goes, I have very unexciting methods - patterns in a Rubbermaid tote, floss on cards in a floss boxes, kept together in a tote bag, for easy transport and sorting.

Probably not much help, I know, but the big advantage I find with floss cards is that I can put all the colours I'm using together on one (or several, if it's a super big project) binder ring - the kind you get in the office supply stores to keep looseleaf together. They come in all sorts of sizes, from tiny to about three inches, and the floss cards thread right on, through the little holes at the top.

I also sometimes thread whole skeins onto the rings, through the top loops of the skein, especially when the floss is metallic or other specialty stuff and I don't want the creases in it that comes from winding the floss around the cards. But I don't find that a problem for regular cotton floss - all the kinks sort of work themselves out :)

Mangogirl said...

Gorgeous stiching. I use floss bOxes then stackthose