Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

Well I made it home thanks to the In-Laws! Had to leave some stuff in FL because it wouldn't all fit in my In-Laws car :( So I don't have my new Fiskars border punches :( But I do have my shelves and desk top! So I'm redoing my scrappy room. Um am I sure I want to do this?

Good thing some bottles of wine are chillin in the fridge I might need it!

Anyone else joining me in redoing their space? You don't have to redo your whole space maybe just the table or a problem area like paper explosion or something :D


Hurricane Crafty 2

Hurricane Crafty 1

behind the door


the desk


Liz "The Doc" Mayo (Co-Founder) & Walter Rodriguez (Co-Founder) said...

our space looks crazy every other day. have fun?

Fidget said...

Happy New Year! Yeah! Good for you on the new shelving and rearranging. I've done some of that and some painting in the bathroom while Mama's been reccooperating. (She's doing great, BTW.) Can't wait to see your new project from FL. Hope to see you soon.

Ziggyeor said...

Glad to hear Mama's doing well!