Sunday, January 3, 2010

Progress after 2nd CD

Listned to another CD and was semidistracted by the internet and making a list of the stuff I have too much of (which is pretty much everything :p) I'm going to put the list into a randomizer and then have to use that item on something so hopefully I can use up this stuff! Also had to ask around for a yoyo maker because I have a bit of fabric that I know I moved with so it's 3+ years old :p

progress 2nd cd


gluemore girl said...

Looks good Ziggy... hang in there.
Just a little at a time.
I worked for about a 90 min Sunday to try to clean up a bit after the Saturday night "Happy Hour".
It's not done but It's a bit better. Maybe I'll do more this coming weekend.
If I can help you, let me know.
I started by gathering and sorting paper... then went on to stickers/rub ons... then to tools... then to ink pads... so that's how I work when I do it.

Fidget said...

I've got three different sizes of yoyo makers if you'd like to borrow them. Leave me a note at Flossy Lady. They got a good work-out while I was making Christmas gifts. :] Cross your fingers for the weather not going to hell on Thursday otherwise I won't make it to stitching at the Post.