Saturday, December 19, 2009

Darn Ferret

One of my ferrets knocked over my glass orts jar this morning and Steve had to clean it up. So I'll need a new container, preferably plastic, for the TUSAL 2010 :p

Hope to get crafty this morning and make somemore Christmas presents and cards.


Fidget said...

Rut-row! Sorry to hear you lost your TUSAL container. Plastic sounds like the way to go with rowdy little ferrets around. Hope you and S and all the four-footers have a great Christmas!

Yoyo said...

Oh my gosh, we can't have that, better be leashing the ferret (LOL). Nahhhhh, leave the babies as they are, plastic works fine.

Yoyo said...

To answer your question.... the Totally Useless Container does not have to be 'completely' clear, it only needs to be 'clear enough' for us to be able to see its contents -- 'cause if it isn't you're gonna have to dump all the contents on the table every month for your picture (LOL).

Happy New Year