Friday, January 8, 2010

Dirty Scraps Challenge #1

My friend Pinky made a new challenge blog called Dirty Scraps.
The first challenge was something you were peeved about and then had to put something good or learned from it. I scrapped about having scrappers block trying to come up with what I wanted to do for this dang LO!
I had chosen to use Thickers today so I used them on the title and the brown ribbonish things on the other side. In picking the paper I went with Cosmo Crickets Cogsmo so I pulled out the coordinated ribbon and blackboard. All of it was actually a gift from Pinky!
The sketch is a Becky Fleck Jan 2010.
Peeved left side
Peeved right side
Journaling reads
Pet Peeve
Having all this stuff, all these pictures and being stuck all day on what to do and how to do it. Having one idea but no pictures for it so you have to print on cardstock. A challenge with requirements you don’t want to use but dang it you want to do the challenge.
Stuff laying around that needs finishing but can’t be at this time.
Looking for the font you want in your computer and realizing that it’s still in the backup hard drive and that the fonts didn’t transfer over. The pictures didn’t keep their folders so it’s one giant messy folder.
Forgetting I have stuff and finding it or knowing I have stuff and don’t know where to find it.
But sometimes the challenges are just right, some days I actually clean up and find the things I want to use. Some days the bucket of photos is inspiring. Sometimes you find just the right font on DaFont and 200 others you think you’ll use :D And if all else fails there’s Zachary Quinto to look at on the computer.

The little square on the left page reads The wheels are turning but the hampster is dead.

Anyone know of anyone giving away a white UniBall Signo pen? ;D


Pinky said...

That's awesome ziggy! :)

Laurajean said...

OMG girl...I have the same peeve, Awesome layout girl...LOVE it ;)

Shannon Marie said...

love it!!

Cher~ said...

LOL. I love this idea. I deal with this ALL the time. Some days you nail it, and other days you just can't get it. I have days where I wake up full of ideas and energy and when I sit down to scrap, I suddenly want to just go take a nap! :-) Thanks for sharing this.

Jenny said...

great job on the challenge! I like the design! It drives me nuts that sometimes I can scrap without difficulty and other times one layout will take a week or end up in the "nevermind" pile :)

Mandee said...

Boy, can I relate! Great layout!

Aeify said...

Your LO made my morning...hilarious to read that it happens to someone else too!!!

ascrappersdream said...

Amen to that!! The creative process can be so frustrating at times yet so rewarding at others! I've decided that my "muse" is the one who trashes my scraproom but I'm grateful for her! :) love the layout!

Ginny said...

Great layout & sounds a bit like me. I cant' even seem to get to the point of a layout though. Very frustrating!

AmesOx said...

Aweosme! I feel the same way sometimes. I will just go into my scraproom and stare at a project for awhile and have to walk away from it because I can't seem to get into the groove of it all.