Sunday, September 6, 2009

Procrastination Defeated!

I cleaned the ferret cage and the areas of the house they decided was their litter box when it wasn't :p

I cleaned up my room so you can now walk in without getting killed and moved in one of our end tables that was in the corner of the dining room to hold my albums. So the boxes and the luggage are now out of my room :D

I read Shakespeare's Counslor so that's only one book I have to read tomorrow before I have to take my books back on Tuesday. I need to make a new booklist.

I have now updated my blog :D

I have also cleaned the sheets and the comforter and been on my walk and gotten a shower :D


Yoyo said...

So glad nobody told me about Fight Procrastination Day...I do way to much of that to stop now (LOL).

Just wanted to let you know I dropped in, hugs.

Fidget said...

Woops... I had no idea there was a Fight Procrastination Day. Being on vacation a half a continent away is my other excuse. :)