Friday, May 1, 2009

May? really All ready

Bad Bad Blogger I know.

Well here it is May. I will turn 27 on May 15th. I have the day off from work and I will be closing on a new Town House :D whoo hoo!! I'll be closer to my scrappy friend and another interstate is close by so I'm not too far from work and my other friends :D

The thing I love about the new place is I will have MY OWN SCRAPPY ROOM!! Yeah :D I will paint it Lavendar :D There's a room in the Lowes or Home Depot Paint book that I'm going to copy. Then it will be a matter of saving money for a new craft table in the middle of the room :D No more Dining room for me!

The sad thing is trying to pack all of this stuff!

I got to meet some scrappy friends during the month of April and had a blast. I loaded up a bunch of scrappy stuff and let them have at it :D then I bought a bunch of stuff too!!! So with that and the new place I'm on a no buying until I use up stash! If I went by how much I spent on my vak that was 96.50 worth of scrappy stuff (well actually more because I went to a clearance place where it was 50% off and we hit a HUGE JA's Sale on the way back LOL so worth more yes) NUT it was stuff I NEEDED!! ROFL ;)

So my no buying LO's 8X8 and bigger count as 1, cards and smaller LO's count as 1/2, alterd items um things over 8 inches count as 1, under that 1/2 or 1/4 if they're itty bitty or I'll figure out something else LOL I'm only allowed to buy more adhesive, albums (trust me I just filled 2 these may be necissary!) and cardstock if I absolutly run out)

Serendipity is having an awesome May Mahem Crop so hopefully after I move I can catch up on all the wonderful challenges or I'll sneak some stuff in, keep a stash to the side that I can still scrap from :D maybe take it to work and pray all the kids fall asleep :p

Here's all the details on the May Mahem Crop
Serendipity Scrapbooks is pleased to announce our first ever month long CROP!

Are you ready for a Hair Raising Event? I know we are. And we have so much in store for you for the month of May. Every Design Team member has 50 points to give away during the month and even some RAKs for you. There will be challenges, loads of games, Deals of the DAY, secret hiding places in the store, and best of all Blue Light Specials available to each and every one of you.

This will be a non stop event starting May 1 - May 31st! So join us every day because you never know when points will be handed out to add to your total which will put you one step closer to being our May Mayhem Queen!

Now the Rules:

- Only newly created layouts will be accepted for the month long crop.

- No combining of challenges.

- Please keep track of your points in the POINTS THREAD! This crop is way to long to add them to your signature so I will have a points thread available for you. Grab your spot and start adding up the points. With each challenge or points that are give out, the DESIGN TEAM will let you know who won. Oh and don't you worry, the Design Team will be keep track of points also because they are going to be throwing them at you all during the month.

- We will not be counting posting in the forum for this crop, UNLESS one of the Design Team members offers it up for the challenge.

- For layout challenges that are posted, you will recieve points from our Design Team. Most of the layout challenges will be worth 10 points but the Design Team will prompt you on how much the challenge is worth. This is why it is so important for you to keep track and name each point in your point thread.

- BLS will not be announced to the public but put in the forum here. They can and will pop up at any time. Please follow the BLS rules when placing your order. No other discounts will be applied other than the normal BLS discount.

- Other than the May Mayhem Queen of the Crop prize, Serendipity Scrapbooks will also be giving away not one, not two, but THREE $10.00 Gift Certificates during the month of May. Your name will be entered into a drawing for completing 10 in 10 challenges, number of orders in May, and Create A Kit (more information will follow for each)

- You can not combine challenges but may do our REGULAR Set Layout challenges more than once for extra points. All of our Regular Set Layout challenges will be worth 10 points each.

- As usual, always ask questions if you need help.

- Huge thank you to our sponsor for this Month long Crop goes to Pink Paislee. They will be providing the Queen of the Crop Prize

Now hold on to your seats and get ready for our Hair Raising Event..............MAY MAYHEM

And isn't this guy too adorable?! He's kinda how I feel among all the scrappy stuff!

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