Friday, September 25, 2009

I need to make a post for September

Some Cross-Stitch I've done recently and what I'm working on now :D

Did this the first 2 weeks in August

I've done all but the casket in this Creepy Crawly set. I haven't taken pictures because the pieces aren't finished just stitch. I figure when I get tortured doing my huge project I will finish them up and they will make me happy and I'll continue stitching. That or just finish them up this weekend and I can use them the whole month of October :D

This is the project I started in FL when Steve and I had been married 2 years. I told him it was his 10th anny present. To which he replied "It's going to take you that long to stitch it?"
10 year anny present

This is it 3 years later after we've moved to a different state and I hadn't touched it. I started watching all the DVD's we own and this is it after the number movies (10 Things I Hate about you, 12 Monkeys, 13 Going on 30 and 50 First Dates)
10 year anny present.
My husband sees it but doesn't know what it is yet. The ladies I stitch with know because they've seen the pattern. So if you don't know what it is what is your best guess? I'll post another picture after I get done with the A's I'm currently on Akira and then after that is Alladin :D

Oh and I know I forgot my TUSAL pic :p I'll get it next month :D


Fidget said...

Coming along nicely! I'm always in awe of stitcher who tackle large projects.

Have you seen the Dolly Mamas contest? Since you like to stitch them (and are good at winning contests) I thought you'd be interested in this link. Good luck!

Ziggyeor said...

Thanks I"ll check that out.

Caryl P said...

I'm excited to see what it becomes, I love to cross stitch and have tackled a few projects but nothing that looks that daunting.
I'm guessing a light house!